Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Looking Forward to 2021!

As I am sure we all are.

Yes, this year has been crap, to put it bluntly, but some things were downright fantastic. I now have a grandson! He's 7-1/2 months old now, three teeth coming in, crawling backward, has the tantrums of a two year old and loves the TV remote and anyone's cell phone he thinks he can get a hold of. I didn't realize what love looked like until I saw this blonde haired, blue eyed boy! It's a whole different kind of love!

Our property was finally fenced securely. My daughter did the whole thing mostly by herself; that was after we went and bought a brand new tractor and auger, so she could dig the holes. The other guy we had come out was a fantastic fence builder...in his own mind. She had to re-do most of what he put in. Like they say, if you want something done right, do it yourself. 

We have put kennels in the barn instead of stalls. We will be raising GSD's for search and rescue, police work, and whatever else someone might need a high drive dog for. My daughter is taking a class on training them, because her trainer has decided he wants to retire I guess. He couldn't do anything with that dreaded virus running around, so everyone was left to their own devices. (See the above comment about getting stuff done right) And by the way...I say "we" like I'm doing the work with her! I watch my grandson for her while she does the hard stuff!

I put a reserve on a Rat Terrier. He will be flown up to me from Texas at the end of next month. I will be raising those, there's too many rat's around here, and no one at all raises Rat Terriers here. I am going to try to fill the void. I can't handle the big dogs. The Rat Terrier is more my ability!

Here's a picture of the property without the snow.

So hopefully, I can get on my computer to do more of this and less of the games that I have been playing. Anything to keep my mind occupied and away from the news of the daily stuff going on out there.

I will see you all in the near future...fingers crossed!👀

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Scrapatches said...

Nice to see you posting, Claudia. Sounds like you have been very busy. Congratulations to your family on the birth of your adorable grandson. Caring for a growing boy is a full time endeavor and you have added much more. I admire your energy and your do it yourself homesteading attitude. Best wishes in the new year and hope you find a few minutes to stitch and write in your blog, too. May you and yours be well and happy in the new year ... :) Pat