Saturday, July 11, 2015

Long Time No...Nothing...

I was looking back through what posts I started and maybe something I could finish to post and found the above title. There was literally nothing in the post. So I figured, what the heck, I'll put something.

We did finally finish the fences. At least 98% of the fences, but the 2% not finish will remain not finished, because it would involve being in the midst of 12 foot high blackberry bushes. And no...not doing that. The horses have been free to roam five acres for a while now and apparently, they love it. Cause, that's what horses do, right?

I added a new member to our family. The guy I hired to come out to dig posts holes for us, offered me his mini-horse. She has been all by herself in his backyard since his kids left for college, and they sold the regular sized horses. Since he saw we had plenty of companion animals for her to be around, well, it just seemed like the right thing to do. Of course, I could never have turned him down. Who wouldn't want a mini version of what we already had? The top wire on that fence is 47". That is just how mini "Mini" is!
She had to stay with the goats for a couple of days so I knew she'd be safe with our horses. I needn't have worried at all. She dove right into being a "big" horse as soon as I turned her loose! She's a little spit fire, that one! She came complete with attitude!

And...August 11th, we are getting one more full sized horse and two more mini's! A friend of my daughter's is moving up here with her boyfriend to our farm, and she is bringing the herd with her! She will be renting the mobile that is absolutely and completely torn apart at this moment. Of course, we started digging in when we found out that we would have a tenant, and the more we dug, the worse it got. I went today and bought three sheets of flooring plywood, because the bathroom and part of the kitchen floors were pretty much gone. I had to buy enough wood to reframe some walls. Ack! Isn't that always the way it is? Darn Murphy and his laws anyway! I have to buy a bathtub, and a water heater as well. Then we are tearing out all the old insulation and I am putting all new in. Luckily the guy half of my new tenants is in construction and I am offering them free rent to finish the place once they get up here. In the meantime, we want to get a bedroom and bathroom going for them, they can have their meals here with us until we get their house done. I don't think I have any pictures of the mobile except on my phone. Since I am not tech savvy, I will have to wait for a lesson to post those.

My sister and niece and her three young-un's are coming to visit at the end of the month. Which means I had to get myself in gear and start getting some stuff done in the house. I did make some headway putting sewing room items where they need to be. I actually saw my sewing table! It's not complete yet, but I will be back on that full force tomorrow, so I can move more items in and make room in the living room. They were going to drive up in an RV, but decided against that. I have room for them to sleep here. Most of them are under eight, you can pretty much put kids anywhere; right? My sister and niece can sleep on the sofa bed. I don't think it's too bad...I'm getting a big fat blow up mattress just in case. I can't wait for them to get here!

That's it for now. I promise to work on keeping up here. Have a wonderful whatever you are up to!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Distracted, In A Good Way

By this girl...on the right.
She and her two sisters conspired together (first time ever I think) and she came up from California for a surprise visit. That is my oldest daughter on the right and my youngest on the left. My middle daughter didn't join us for this expedition. I knew nothing until I pulled in my driveway and saw her. Well, of course, I cried. I was surprised and very happy and so pleased that they would do such a nice thing. I am still weepy...while I am writing about it!
So from the fifteenth until yesterday, all we did was the basic care of farm and animals. She jumped in and helped. So she could play with the goats, chickens and geese babies. She also went horse back riding for about a second. She's not one for heights and heaven forbid she should be six feet in the air on top of my horse! Her sister's boyfriend who has never been on or around horses rode around the farm a couple of times with her and seemed fairly at ease with it all.

When we weren't playing farmer, we went exploring. We went all the way to the most northern part of the contiguous United States. Beautiful! The water is just crazy colored. Something I would have expected from tropical places.
It's not the best shot, but I didn't want to slip off and FEEL the water! Or the bumps all the way down.

This is the other side of the trail...which was mostly...
It was fun. I ran out of breath several times on the way back, because it was all uphill, and I am way of shape for hiking. The drive home was fun/long. We stopped at a little restaurant called Pat's Place. It's on an Indian Reservation for the Makah Indians. We had seen a sign for the restaurant driving out to where we hiked, that said Fry Bread. Well, none of us wanted to pass that up. We had Indian Tacos, which were to die for. and made friends with the cook to boot. He was a very nice man with a fabulous sense of humor, which is good for us, because we are usually cutting up about one thing or another and we can get a little boisterous when we are together. He had as much fun as we did I think! Then the next day when we were back home, who did we run into, but the cook and the restaurant owner, Pat! (This is something, because our little drive was about three hours out there!) They had come into town for provisions for the restaurant. So we stopped and chatted with them for a few minutes. It's fun making new friends.

Back on the farm all is quiet. Yesterday, I took my girl to the airport, to return to San Francisco. Boo! I missed her as soon as I dropped her off. Then drove the long way home (2-1/4 hours) wishing we had just one more day. Today she called me and told me she got this job she had been hoping for, so she won't be back in July. Good news/Bad news kind of thing...I love that she got her job. She's been workng per diem for a long while now. She can breath a little easier and we will see her in September when we go down there.

So, that was my weekend! Nothing got done, but I'm happy about it this time! 
Wishing you a great week!

Monday, May 11, 2015

Fencing, not fencing.

Here we are...fence building, not fence building. I guess I am too impatient. I just want my animals out...where they belong! Not cooped up in The goats are still rooming with the chickens, the horses are literally in a garage. Albeit, the garage floor is not cement, it's not a barn, and the horses have little room to move about. I bought five acres, I would like to use it!

Part of the problem here is the ROCKS! Can I now say that I hate rocks! I think I shared before, that we are on an old river bed. We have River Rocks. If there is a market for those, I would like to tap into it, because I would be a rich woman right now. Of course, then I would not have five beautiful acres of green pasture. 

There are two young men that I have hired pulling the rocks out of the holes I had bored out last week for my fence posts. The holes were holes in every sense of the word except for there wasn't an opening, the rocks just spill back into the hole because the auger can't pull them out like it does the dirt. 

My daughter did get the wood posts and all the T-Posts in along the back of the property and the posts around "Goat Island". We haven't got the fencing itself up. We ran out of time. My daughter works full time, and then on her weekends she works here trying to help get the animals situated. 

In the meantime, one of my goals moving up here and "retiring" was to enjoy all the local events. It is Irrigation Time. They turned on the irrigation water April 15th. That calls for a parade! Yes! And fireworks! Yes! And big muscled logger type guys competing for our enjoyment! Yes!


I got a ton of videos for the parade before my camera was full, so sorry, I didn't get any pictures of the logging guys!

The weather couldn't have been more perfect. In fact, it was a little too warm...I moved here because it is cooler than where I lived in California, not this weekend! It was fun, I got to see how the small town does it's celebrating and I like it! I also got an idea of what I need to do for next year. I will be making quilty type things to sell at these events. That was also one of my work hard during the winter to get my "wares" in order and then spend the summer sharing them with everyone and meeting the locals and having fun.

So, I'm off to go do my errands in town, back to finish up my chores around here, which includes making a master list of everything that needs to get done, so we can start striking things off the list. Oy, there's a lot to do...until next time my well!

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Adventures in Puddles

Maybe almost a pond.
I had a guy come out today to drill holes for fence posts. I know some of you are thinking, post hole digger, do it yourselves, save some money. Or maybe you aren't thinking that, but anyway...we have what they call Dungeness Potatoes here.
The river (the Dungeness River) used to run all through here. It is now about 1/2 mile west of me. In its heyday, it dropped tons, and tons of river rock all through this little valley. I now live on this rock.
And when I need to dig a hole...a substantial hole, I have to call in a guy. With equipment to dig holes, cause I'm not getting past the rock.
My daughter and I mapped out where we wanted the holes dug yesterday and spray painted the spots for him. He was chugging right along until he came down to my lower land where there is still rock, but there is also dirt. Yay! Dirt. He dug one hole, then two holes, he said it was like cutting softened butter. He got about a foot into the third hole and water came out! He came over to the house and told me he had struck water, where is it coming from? I don't know, the previous owner never said anything about water over there where we dug.  I got on the phone and called him, then called again, and again. He called right back. After three calls, wouldn't you? I told him what had happened, he came right over. Conveniently, he lives right across the street.
He went straight back to the complete opposite corner of the property and shut off a valve. That stopped the water! He had shut the valve off for the irrigation for the neighbor where the water was leaking. Then he came and told me that there wasn't supposed to be anything there, and he called the neighbor who's fence is right there. That neighbor came right over. (Good thing this is an extremely friendly place)
I let the men talk. I listened. It turns out that there is a pipe there for irrigation that no one had talked about or drawn on paper or anything. By the time they had determined where the water was from, my hole digger guy cleared out some dirt and they got down to where this pipe is and found it was just  a small plastic pipe with a rubber coupler on it. The neighbor who's pipe it is told me he would fix it even though this should fall on me, I asked for the hole to be dug...but I won't argue...
I was thinking for a while there that this could be the best place for that pond I wanted! I'm not quite prepared for the pond just yet. That will be in a few months, but now I know how I can fill it!
The spot where I almost had a pond is right up against the darker fence line to the right, behind the trees.
Isn't it beautiful here? The picture below is in the western part of my property. It will be the backyard of whoever rents my mobile home. The luckys!
Well, I'm worn out. Are you? More to come...have a wonderful...