Friday, April 26, 2019

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Tuesday, April 02, 2019

So Much Water Under The Bridge!

This is an embarrassing post! I really do not know how I transitioned out of my blog visiting. I have added a few new Internet BFF's and then didn't bother to come back and read about how EVERYONE is doing. I am ashamed of myself and I apologize to all of those Besties I had set aside.

So much has changed here. My place has a name now. I always feel that property, homesteads or even a small backyard in the midst of the city needs a name. Just a quirk I have. Maybe it stems from the place my parents had at a lake in California with three other families; they called it Noisey Acres and in it's heyday, it was definitely noisey! Parties abound every weekend!. Since my dad passed almost five years ago, my sisters own half of the's not noisey anymore. Boy that took me away from home! Anyway...I have named my place "Funny Farm". It seems that there is something to chuckle about daily. Mostly the antics of the critters who live here. 

Speaking of critters. We have had lots of comings and goings with all but the dogs, cats and fowl. The horses and goats ebb and flow. My daughter has taken in so many neglected horses mostly handed to her when she goes to do her farrier work. Seems so many people here take on animals of size not realizing what kind of work needs to go into them to keep them happy and healthy. She just got done rehabbing an adorable little donkey called Rosita. We called her Eeyorita while she was here because she had this "thanks for noticing" attitude. Her feet were atrocious! Rosita went home yesterday after being here for two months. (she was not neglected by her mom, her mom got her to get her back up to health) She was walking so much better and had a slightly better outlook on life and the people around her. Still as stubborn as they come. Luckily she is smallish and not too hard to push, pull, coax into the trailer. Other horses have dropped in on their way to new homes. We still have an old lady mare and a very young one here passing through. As soon as they are rehomed, my daughter is taking a break from horses for a while. 

This was our winter. We normally get from 0 to 4 inches of snow. There was 19 inches on the Funny Farm for longer than I care to remember! My daughter's boss was kind enough to drive the six or so miles from her ranch to our farm on her tractor to dig us out. We could not leave the property for about five days, it was getting boring! 

So here we are at Spring. I have to get my camera out and start taking pictures, so my posts are not so mundane. I am back, with so much to share. I am going to do it a little bit at a time. I'm not into writing a full novel here. I will be visiting everyone a little at a time to catch up. I really have missed you all!

Sunday, December 31, 2017

The Newest Year

Happy New Year everyone! My hope is that each and everyone of you has the best year ever!

I'm looking forward to this new year, with anticipation of clearing out my head and my sewing space and diving in full force to my sewing, embroidery and macrame. I have several things started and several other things in my mind to do. I'm going to spend time tomorrow listing what I have started, what I want to do and what I need to finish.

I need to let go of 2017 with all of it's roller coaster rides emotionally. I'm hoping that 2018 will be a little boring so that I can color my world with fabric and threads.

I hope you all had a wonderful and safe New Year's Eve...mine was spend recuperating from a wild party night on Saturday! I won't be doing that again too soon! See you all next year!

Sadie a few months back.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

What the heck is going on???

Smokey morning. The smoke has since left town. Thank the powers that be!

New baby. This is Sadie.
This is Sadie a few weeks later. I need to take some more recent pictures. She's a LOT bigger now. Nineteen pounds at 12 weeks!

My grandson...first day of kindergarten. He's an old pro at it now and ready for college. Oh wait! That's me and my wishful thinking! He's a terror, but damn I love this kid!!!

I have been soooo absent! Life has literally gotten in the way of my life! My daughter, her boyfriend and his son have moved in with me. We are trying to purchase a manufactured home for the other piece of my property for them to live in. They will be leasing with an option to buy from me. That's security for me in a number of ways. My daughter is finishing up farrier school this week. She has gotten good reviews from her teacher and is looking forward to a career of hard work but something she loves. She added to our horse population by two last week. She found a family with about eight kids and two horses that they could no longer take care of and bought the horses from them. So now my grandson has his own horse!

After losing my two dogs in May, I went through a pretty deep depression. My friend breeds German shepherds and I bought one from her. Sadie is a mixed blessing...One of pure bliss from puppy kisses and cuteness, the other from pure exasperation from cleaning up mistakes in the house to vet bills removing embedded foxtails! She is a smart quick to learn and please me pup, with some stubbornness and 'dogged' determination in there as well. She loves her older siblings, but the feeling is not mutual. They all look at me with that..."MOM! She is a pest" look!

Sewing happened for a second. I did try to get back into it the other day, but since I had a party for my daughter's birthday and cleaned house for it to the point of everything not party related being put away away, all my sewing stuff is tucked in. It's so hard to get it out as I am sewing. I give up when I can't find stuff. UGH! Soon my friends, soon! I feel the itch coming back.

More soon, I hope, I will try, I promise!