Friday, February 24, 2017

Second Month...Where did the Time Go?

February is almost done! I guess I don't need to tell you all that. You know what day it is!

I did a few more blocks in the color of the month and I am all ready for a new color. I was looking back through my blocks and was getting pretty bored with the same ol' scraps showing up in block after block, But better in blocks that will be turned into quilts eventually than to waste away in a plastic container in the back of my closet!

Since it's a short month, it felt like it went by faster. I kept thinking I've got to hurry up with my blocks, there aren't as many days! Here are the last of my blocks for the month. I got quite a few Tula Pink blocks done from her book "City Sampler 100 Modern Quilt Blocks". I had more planned, but was running out of the variety of scraps needed to do them any justice, so I relegated the others I chose to the month when we do greens. I got my three boots blocks in this months colors, two Wonky Log Cabins and three QAYG strip blocks. By the end of the year I will have a boatload of quilts to finish! That should get me through next winter just fine!

Without further ado:

The last two Tula Pink blocks for this month.

Two more cute Boot Blocks!
I still love the boot blocks to pieces. I am still struggling with the foundation piecing. I haven't fully absorbed the technique. Each time I do them I bring up a video that shows in great detail how to do the piecing. The video I found to be the best for me is Teresa DownUnder on YouTube.

I can't wait to see what everyone has done this week, and then, I can't wait to see what the next color is! See you all at Angela's place!

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Better Late is still Saturday after all

I got a lot done this week, but not a lot to show for it. My main goal was to get to my WeightWatchers meeting on Thursday, which I did. I'm down 23.8 pounds!!! I'm so happy...only a lot to go! It's okay. I'm hanging in there, and not feeling deprived, unless you are talking about mashed potatoes!

I actually woke up fairly early one morning by mistake. I let the dogs out and noticed this pretty reflection on my truck, so I went out to see just what it was...
I think this is only the second time in two years I have seen the sunrise colors!

I started a class I signed up for a while back at Academy of Quilting. It's Celtic Knots. I choose some pale yellow background and a deep red for the knots. There isn't much to show for what I have done on it so far. The teacher did say, this is slow going, so thank goodness it's an on demand class and not one that stops after a certain amount of time! I know I am going to love doing this, but my learning curve has been, shall we I have arthritis in both of my thumbs, so I can only take so much hand sewing and the Celtic Knots are all hand sewing! Still, I am liking what I am doing. I will send along a picture after I have turned a few more corners.

So for my sea green, teal, blue not blue, green not green this week, I have only two blocks to share. I plan on doing a bunch more today. I'm getting there, just slow going because of other commitments.
My second wonky log cabin. (I'm doing two of these a month.)

The first of three boot blocks. I was feeling bad because I really wanted to get these done, since I am so enamored of them. One evening I decided to go for it while I was cooking dinner. Big mistake. I wasn't concentrating on either very well. Dinner was fine, but the poor block got ripped apart a few times because I wasn't paying attention. Today I will attempt the other two and pay closer mind to them. Plus I want to get out my ten inch string blocks. Wasn't it me that said I didn't have much in this months colors?

Yesterday, I needed to go get chicken food. I stopped by JoAnn's on accident. Well, geez! I had a coupon that was burning a hole in my pocket! I came home with yarn! YARN!!! I'm going to make my oldest daughter one of those "lapghans" that are the shape of mermaids' bottoms. She keeps telling me I need to make one for her and her birthday is coming up, quick. I don't know if I will get it done in time, but I am sending her flowers, and then when she comes up here for my birthday I will give her the mermaid blanket. I'd rather see her face when she opens it. She will be totally surprised. I did get a few other things at JoAnn's, but just little trinket things, stuff I can I don't have enough stuff already!

And because I don't think I have shared my boys much, here's the poor stressed out kitties, Dusty and Levi:
I couldn't make my bed because these two had taken over. I really wish that the two of them would relax!

Saturday, February 11, 2017

A Little Afternoon Posting

I'm slow today. Slow to get up, slow to feed my outside critters (and boy did I get told about that!), slow to just about everything today. For some stupid reason, I couldn't sleep last night, so my brain is really fogged in.

I did get some Tula Pink blocks made today, I made some last night and I think the day before. I also found some blocks I made in 2013, that matched up with what I'm up to in the RSC, so I pulled those out and added them to my pile! Seeing as there are something like 29 Tula Pink blocks I chose for the sea green, turquoise, not green or blue color for February. I think my colors are way off the mark, but hey! I'm using up scraps!

These were fun, until I got to the one on the lower right. I had to recut some of the blocks, because I didn't get a measurement right or sewing right or something...the strip sewn to the next strip was off a good 1/4". Now I have extra block components to make into something else.

These were all straight forward and easy.

These are the blocks from 2013.

I went out yesterday and picked up a few things. One was a package at the Post Office. I hate going there. There is always a long line, the people don't hear half of what you say. I think that while you are talking to them they are planning what they are going to do on their lunch break! I had gotten an email that stated a package I was expecting had an attempted delivery. (The mail carrier can't go through my's all mud at the bottom of the driveway anyway and I would be pulling them out of it) The email also said that I could pick up my package at the office as stated on the slip the carrier left for me. When I went up to the mailbox to get the slip, it wasn't there. I went into town anyway and the clerk told me, oh no it won't be here. Those emails are deceiving. I asked her to go look anyway, she did, the package was there. Okay, done with that!

That package was a light for the sewing machine that I read about over at Debbie was saying how great this light is and I have a lot of trouble seeing past all the shadows on my machine. I ordered it and put it on last night before working on some blocks. WOW! What a difference this little light made! It was easy to install, although had I thought it out a little better it would look less like spaghetti at the machine! But I love it and I think that is what counts!!!

I also picked up a new file cabinet. I'm trying really hard to get organized, so I am not swearing every time I go to look for paperwork I need or something that is equally as important to me. This is a cool cabinet. It's the regular old metal type but it has a smaller drawer on top that I can lock. I can keep special stuff there! Now, I just have to make myself go through all my paperwork and start filing! YAY! (not)

Back to RSC...sorry. Here is my Wonky Log Cabin. I have only made one so far. I will make another on of these days.

I joined a group on Facebook, "Sew Incredibly Crazy and Friends Block Of the Month". I figured what the heck? I wanted to sew, so I shall sew! This is only one block a month and I will learn new techniques. I thought the first block was so cute. I haven't done applique before and I had never done any Dresden Plate type stuff either, so there I go! I loved it!

And because I think I haven't bored you all quite to tears yet...the before and after of my very first snowman!
It's okay, he was kind of evil looking anyway!

See you all over at Angela's!

Friday, January 27, 2017

The Last Saturday of January Purple!

Joining the Rainbow Scrap Challenge hosted by is the best thing I have done since moving to Washington! I am having such a fun time, and I am getting so much sewing done...AND...I have also conjured up enough energy to start really going at my reorganization of my sewing room. As I have been sewing, I have formulated in my mind what would work more efficiently for me. Friday I worked on it and got some furniture moved around so my room mate could fix my old (really) shabby chic cabinet to the wall so it's good and sturdy. Then I will have lots more space to stash my goodies.

This month flew by in one way and in another it didn't. I love purple, love it so much everything I buy for the critters outside (buckets, pooper scoopers, lead ropes, etc.) are purple. Always have loved it and always will. BUT...I think I have had my fill of purple for now!

I can't wait to see what our next color will be in the Rainbow Scrap Challenge!

I have to say again how much I am enjoying this process. I am learning a lot of stuff! About me, about my machine and about new ways to do things. Can I say thank you big enough to Angela for facilitating this challenge? It has gotten me in touch with my machine and my fabrics, and I needed this gentle shove in the right direction.

What have I learned? Well, I believe the most important lesson is to take a deep breath and think about what it is I am about to do. I broke a needle and bent one and thought I had broken my machine, because I was just in too much of a hurry.

I went through my machine feet to see if I could find the right 1/4" foot. Yep, I did say the right one. I thought I had it, but my blocks were not very accurate at all. The foot I ended up with was indeed the actual 1/4" foot I should have had to begin with. That one came with the "no time to be in a hurry" lesson. I have to make sure that my needle is in the center position in order to save my needles. Twice...twice I forget to put the needle in the proper position when I turned on my machine. I now have a note as big as life under the presser foot to remind me that I need to change the settings.

Another lesson was the "shrug my shoulders and say oh well" a lot, or get out the seam ripper and think about what I am doing, while I'm ripping out the same seam over and over. GAH!!! Oh yeah, and have fun!!!

The magazine where I found the boot quilt came in handy. I did start on the boot blocks in purple. I was saying eek a lot when I was making this. I loved how they turned out, they are so dang cute! There is some foundation piecing that goes along with this block and that is something I have never done before. In fact, I never knew what foundation piecing was going in. So another lesson learned and another technique learned. I have a lot of practicing to do with that to be honest. I've done okay with it, but boy does my brain get turned around a lot in the process! Egads! I'm sure after watching a few more videos and some snipping and ripping I will get it down. This is where Smitty over at CatPatch is a good teacher...Smitty says, "Furrst, you should read over all of the instructions before beginning."  I made a few tries before I actually found the instructions I thought were missing. Can you say Frustration?

So, I have gone on long are the blocks I made this week:

These are the rest of the purple blocks I did from Tula Pink's book. Lots and lots of the same fabrics, but those were the scraps I had. I used half a shoe box sized tote full of scraps. I'm really pleased with how they turned out for the most part, but like I said earlier, the blocks are definitely not accurately sewn, I will have to do some finagling to get them sewn together with future blocks. Oh well, I am looking at this as a learning thing.

These are my first blocks from the boot pattern in the magazine I am so smitten with. I just love how these turned out. I can't wait to get all the blocks done and set together and into a quilt sammich! I may gift this to my horsey daughter...or I may keep it myself, we'll see at the end of this journey.

Thanks for reading this far. I know I can go on and on sometimes, but it's generally when I am super excited about something.