Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My Big Brave Dog, Trey

I know, that for about the first three years of a shepherd's life, that they are not the bravest of creatures. The ones that the police have are trained while they are young, to go into dangerous situations and to not react adversely when they hear loud bangs and such.
Well, my dog is a sheherd. He has not been trained. Much. He sits and lays down. He drops things things he is not supposed to have on command. He's getting good. But brave? I can't teach him brave. He will have to grow into that.
Last night, some of my "favorite" neighbors decided to celebrate the 4th of July again. For about an hour, we would hear the loud popping of firecrackers and the shrill whistles of Piccolo Pete. I hate it. Apparently, so does Trey. The other two dogs barked to ward off the big bad noise. But Trey? He disappeared. I didn't see where he disappeared to for a while. But then...I spotted him.
(Please don't judge the mess in these pictures. I have animals...they make messes. And kids, who don't believe in cleaning.

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Ok. wha...?

This afternoon when I left work, I got up the road about a half a mile when the traffic started backing up. Then I noticed no cars coming in the other direction. Which can only mean one thing.
So I grabbed my patience cap out of the glove compartment,(does anyone keep actual gloves in those?)and wished I could get up to the next stand of trees and sit to wait this out in the shade.
The accident happened in the south bound lane, I was going north. It looked as though someone wasn't paying attention to the red light and really clobbered the car in front of her/him. Sucks. What sucks worse is that when the medics opened, or rather pryed, the door open on the car doing the hitting, a dog escaped and ran out into the (thank God) stopped traffic.
Being the animal lover I am, I joined two other people in the lets get the dog campaign. It took a half an hour and two leashes. I just happened to grab my dog's leash out of the truck just in case. The dog ran north away from the accident for about 1/4 mile. This is where I joined in. I pulled off the road, locked up my truck and started herding the dog back to the site of the accident. One lady stopped to help. She shut off her car and the dog acted as if it wanted to get in her car, but she had her baby in the car and was reluctant. (can't say as I blame her) The dog ended up crawling under her car and we were able to get the leashes on her, and pull her out.
She was slightly hurt, and scared to death. She wanted to bite us.
Another woman drove by us and slowed down to tell us that there was a blue truck up the road with a dog in it going crazy. I said,"Oh thanks, that would be my crazy dog. He hates me being out of his sight. He is safe, this dog is not."
Then I got to wondering...how would she know to stop and tell us about the blue truck/dog? And then why would she tell us about the blue truck/dog? I suppose she thought we were just out saving dogs today.
I took that as my cue to leave, before the humane society decided I was abusing my dog. (Believe me, he was not suffering) Since the dog from the accident was in good hands (one of my customers was there with her and going to take her to the vet) I left and got me and my dog home.
If I ever find out what happened with this dog I will let you all know. Hopefully, everything will be okay for all involved. BTW...the dog's name was Breezy. One of the cops asked the owner as they were getting them out of their car. I am hoping they let them know that Breezy was being taken care of. One less thing for them to worry about.

*I found out today that the dog and her owner are fine...shaken badly, but not injured. I guess rear ending someone in a Mercedes is a good thing! (yeah...sure) I was just happy to hear that all involved are good.