Thursday, March 29, 2007

A Little Sunshine

I haven't quite finished my sun yet. It was supposed to be a quick stitch and has turned into a major project. Oh well, what else do I have to do? I did a little work on my garage cleaning project. I need to get a car out of there that I just realized has been in there since 1998! I have been talking about doing that since...probably 1998. It's my dad's car and getting him to let go of it has been like pulling teeth. It's not like it's a trophy car or anything like that. It's a '79 VW Rabbit that has been broken down since I parked it there. I found someone who wants it and got my dad to okay the exchange, and now, I just have to un-bury it. It's been a great shelf and cupboard. LOL

Hopefully, my next weekend I can get it out of there and then I only have two more dead cars to get rid of. The guy who is taking the VW said he'd give me the card of the guy who picks up junkers for nothing. YAY! I'll have a driveway and a garage.

That means, I can hook up my kiln and set up the countertop that I have had for years and start my ceramics again. I have plans. Plus with all the festivals we have that come up around here, I could start making money to add to my retirement fund!

It also means I can get back into my glass mosaics and stained glass. I just met a gentleman today who does gorgeous stained glass pieces for a living. He told me I could pick his brain any time for suggestions and tips. Another YAY!

I'm tired, I had a doctor's appointment today, so there was much more driving than I usually do and it wore me out. I'm gonna go put my little feetsies up and stitching, no cooking (my late St. Paddy's Day dinner is in the crock pot already) Til next time...

Sunday, March 04, 2007

I've calmed down now...

So sorry for that last post. I was so angry!

But it's my Friday and life is back to normal, whatever that may mean. I'm home from work. I did inventory all day. There were enough employees to take care of the needs of our customers that I was able to concentrate on my department. I had a few questions from customers, but that was okay too. I enjoy helping them find what they need and solve any problems there may be.

Tonight I may (or may not) start back up on my stitching. I am still a little stress tired from Friday's drama in the courtroom. But it is over and that's that! Oh yea...the judge excused me from jury duty, I forgot to say that. The second day I was in court for jury selection, two women were excused for the same reason I gave the judge. I couldn't state my anger to the judge, and when I can't express myself, I I cried the courtroom. Couldn't stop myself. Well, after a little secretive coaching from someone in the know, I wrote a note to the judge and gave it to the baliff after lunch. The judge finally understood that I could not afford a stint with the trial at this time, so he let me go. I could not get out of there fast enough! I hope the defendant gets what he deserves, what ever that may be. Only he and God knows what really happened.

Life is good again here in my little world!

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Anybody got any cheese to go with my whine?!?

I am at the end of my rope! I got jury duty! YAY! I went in for my first day today at jury duty. Usually that means I spend a day doing nothing special for no reason at all, cause I get cancelled before the day is all done. Well, no, not today. I am in the jury box. The judge doesn't care that I WILL NOT be able to meet my financial responsibilities at the end of this two week trial, because I will have NO income except the pittance the court gives you for doing your civil duty. I will be bankrupt again...Second time in two years. Except that I can't go bankrupt for another eight years. I have a black cloud hanging over my head. I lost a three and a half year job, in 2003, because of the boss's indiscretions. Lucky for him, the business was saved by his wife and the previous business owner. So they still have a cushy income. Then, the next job I got I lost after two years because the company did cut backs, leaving me and my boss to do the work of five people, only my boss was doing his work behind closed doors leaving me to look like the stupid idiot who couldn't get any work done...they decided to go e-commerce...letting me go...thank God, I really hated that job. Now, I have a job that is good, but like I said in a previous post, I am not able to make ends meet. I was in the process of finding more lucrative employment. (I took this job at the zero hour, just before my unemployment ran out) I am making $3.50 less than the first job I lost and $2.25 less than the last one. I am seeing a pattern here. Soon I will be making the same amount I was making at my very first job! ($2.75 an hour!)

I know, I know...there are a lot of people in dire straights right now. Ladies...I cried over the price of ORANGES today!!!!! $1.49 per pound for the cheapest ones.

Can someone stop the planet, cause I want to get off! Sorry, I'm just a little butt hurt right now.