Thursday, November 20, 2014

A BIG Move!

I haven't been here. I've been absent. I look, I visit the blogs I follow, and enjoy them, but as for writing. Eh. How can I share what is going on here in my life when there is really nothing going on...worth blogging about. there is. I am moving far, far away. To a whole other state! I have never lived more than fifty miles away from where I was born and raised. Now I am moving two states away!

I am buying a 6 and a half acre farm in Washington state. I'm excited. My daughter can take her horses up there and have them right outside her bedroom window again, I can get more chickens. I can weave, quilt, cross stitch, nap, drink coffee, watch TV, what ever my little ol' heart desires. I may get a couple of tiny little goats too. And a pig, maybe a pig!

I have essentially sold this house. The first week of next month my daughter and I are going to do a walk through, and get all the inspections we need on the house in Washington and then offer up some money and see what happens. Have I said that I'm excited??? Rain? No worries...I love rain, Snow? Where we are going gets a dusting occasionally and doesn't stay long. Although, I think that would be a great excuse to build a fire, make some hot chocolate and quilt, or crochet, or weave! Can't leave the house...oh well!

Come Springtime, I will be setting up a garden and start growing my veges. I made my daughter pack what canning stuff I have, even though according to her, I could buy more when we get there. I don't think it is right to give away what you have only to buy more. I am going to learn how to be more self sufficient, not learn how to spend more! Except that I will invest in a freezer, so I can store meat and vegetables that I don't can. She'll see, she'll learn, I plan on teaching her.

I keep looking at pictures of the house we want. I want to make the curtains for it already, but I don't know how big the windows are! I want to weave some throw rugs for the dogs to sleep on, instead of the carpeting but my looms are all packed up and ready to go. I want to fence in the dog yard...oh my goodness all the plans that are going through my head! WOW! I haven't been this excited in a long, long time.

New beginnings. Leaving the old behind. Starting over. Making new friends. Hey! I even scoped out a quilt shop and guild! They are one and the same and only about three miles from the house I want to buy! YeeHaw! New friends! My old friends have been instructed to take road trips and come stay with us. I will have the room! I can cook nice big meals with lots of comfort foods and feed them. I can let them milk my goats and collect  eggs for their breakfast! Oh! And pick their veges out of my garden!

Pinching myself...yep! I'm not dreaming! It's real!