Friday, May 18, 2007

And then there were two...!

First I would like to thank you for the sweet comments. That last post is too true, I could never say no...except well, if I was getting just a tad too many babies to take care of. This first picture is not the most glamorous, but it is a cute shot of Purrcy's face. I had just washed his poor little eyes. He is already getting better and fattening up. The second picture shows Purrcy with his new brother. That would be Chili. Chili is maybe a week or so older than Purrcy, but came from the same ranch. We got Chili, because my daughter's friend is a puppy/kitty rescue person and foster mom to all creatures who can't speak for themselves, and she went to the ranch and cleaned up the sick/abandoned kitty population. She had one too many to foster, so we got him. I have already found homes for those kittens she got. They will go to their new homes as soon as they reach an age where they can be moved again. Amanda has already set up the vet care for all of the kittens. What energy that kid has! I am glad we got Chili too, because Purrcy seems a lot calmer and they already play. Chili also has decided he is the bath giver and cleans up his new brother. I'm not sleeping much. And I think I got my other daughter's cold! Just what I needed! Oh well, this too shall pass.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

I could never say NO

Little baby! Here's how this started:
Youngest Daughter: "Mom, I saw kittens at the ranch yesterday!"
Me: "Aw! Are there any orange ones?"
YD: "No, there's a white one with gray striped spots, and a black one with a little white under it's chin, and a gray striped one"
Me: "Oh good, I really don't need a new baby in the house anyway." (I love orange kitties)

We went on about our business of the day. She had her appointment, which so far is good signs of a healthy non-cancerous cervix. We went to PetCo and bought the pumps for my aquarium. Then to Dairy Queen for some DQ goodness, then off to Michael's for some odds and ends I wanted. Came home around 4PM, she got a call from her girlfriend about having to go excercise someone's horses and needing some help with one of them. So off my YD goes to help (she can't say no to riding difficult horses). She came home around 6:30 - 7PM, looking slightly up to something. She gave me this look. And I knew. It turns out that she went by her ranch (where she works) to check on the horses being properly fed, etc. and heard a kitten just screaming it's little lungs out. She said it startled her because the aforementioned kittens were so little, she didn't think they would make that kind of racket. So she went to investigate and there was this little orange kitty sitting on top of a bag of grain all by itself!

This little kitty was abandoned by it's momma. It is slightly older than the litter my daughter told me about in the morning. He definitely needs some TLC. She picked up a bottle and some kitten formula on her way home. We got him all settled in and fed him...he was so hungry! And cold. So, I now have my new baby. (Whether I thought I needed him or not) We're taking him to my vet today to see what all he is going to need, besides my putting in a few sleepless nights of feedings, and changing the household schedules to make sure he has the feedings he needs throughout the day. My other cat is an abandoned kitten from the same ranch, two years or more ago. I told my daughter that we are going to trap all the cats and take them in for spay/neutering. They do need the cats there, or else the rodent population gets crazy with all the hay and grain around.

Monday, May 14, 2007

This is the chest I got from work a few weeks ago. I got it because a few of my fellow blogger/stitchers suggested I get a trunk, chest or some type of lidded box to put my stitching in, so that it could be kept safe in my front room where I want to do my stitching. I still am very appreciative of all the good suggestions! This is the chest, has a few boo-boos, minor ones, and I want to line it. My girlfriend at work gave me the tapestry material to line it with. I think that will work out just perfectly. I also purchased some green grosgrain ribbon to tack along the edges to finish the lining. (and I am using some decorative furniture tacks to hold the grosgrain on. The wicker is coming off on the lower front of the chest, so today while I am out and about, I will get some small quarter round, that I will stain to match. I'll use that to re-attach the front. I think there may be a lot of hot glue and brads in use for that. The whole process is in my head in the planning stages. I am hoping to start working on the chest this afternoon or evening. I am really not quite sure of how to go about this project, and will be working it all out as I go along...we'll see how it turns out! I will take progress picture as I go and share with you. Soon, I will be stitching again *in my front room* where I am most comfortable for stitching. Wish me luck!

I hope you all had a great Mother's Day. In reading your blogs this morning it looks like it was a nice day for all. My daughters and one of the boyfriends surprised me, by taking me out to my favorite Mexican restaurant for dinner. The boyfriend paid for it all! (Yes, he's a keeper) I did panic when I thought he hadn't spent time with his own mother...but he assured me that she had a wonderful brunch, provided by him...WHEW! I couldn't stand it if I thought she was left out. (She is a sweetie, although I think he has a hard time being around her.)

I had better get going on my day. My youngest daughter has an appointment with Planned Parenthood to get a follow up check up for her from last year for her cervical cancer. Hopefully, that has stayed gone! (Please Lord let this be a thing of the past) I am going with her for support. After the appointment, we are going to Michael's to do some Mommy spending; I am in the mood to let go of some of my money, even though I probably shouldn't.

See you all in a bit!