Sunday, August 31, 2008

Long week, short post

I just was here and wrote the longest post ever. When I published it, I was embarrassed for myself, so I deleted it. I was rambling.
In short, my week felt like about ten years. I don't know why. You know how when you were little and there was like a b'day party coming up on the weekend or your mom said you could have a sleep over with a friend or something fun like that, the week just never seemed to end? I had no b'day party or sleep over or anything to look forward to, but man, talk about slow as molasses in the dead of winter! Cripes, I thought today would never get here.
But here it is, and I am full of anticipation for tomorrow. I am going to play with my "new" washer...YAY! and then go to the laundry mat to dry the clothes because fog is predicted as our weather for the day. Fog has a tendency to make the clothes more wet, rather than dry them. I also get to play with my newest toy, which is a tiny version of a chainsaw on the end of a pole. I am going to do the Cailfornia style of chainsaw massacre on that tree out on the side of my garage, before the tree lifts the eaves on it! Plus the sooner I can get it down and cut up into smaller pieces, the sooner it will dry out and I can gleen some heat from it during the winter.
I have to wage war on some stupid fleas that came to us with the help of some pretty hot days. I never have had that much of a flea problem. Just keep the dogs bathed, and the cats powdered, and we've been fine. Until the middle of last week. Now it's Flea City. So I am going to go and get some Diatomaceous Earth, and get those little rat bastards. All 50 gazillion of them! I also am going to put bowls of water out at night when the dogs are in my room with me. You put little night lights above the bowls of water and a drop or two of dish soap in the water and the stupid fleas dive right in. The soap makes them sink. And as a last resort I have flea bombs. I hate those things, cause you have to leave your house for four hours and then come back and clean up everything in sight before you or the animals can be at home again. So that is always my last resort.
Okay, I think this is getting longer than the short post I promised. I hope you all have a great whatever you are into and that your week goes faster than mine did, so you can be back on weekend duty! I'm looking forward to seeing you all later!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Yesterday is but a memory

Thank Gawd! I do not want to relive the whole thing, maybe parts of it like when we went through the Mickey D's drive through...and I said Chicken-whatever funny and it made my MD laugh so hard she got me laughing and then I almost peed my pants and then the guy at the window collecting money started laughing cause you know I couldn't stop laughing. I think it was the fact that we had just gone through the stupidest part of our day and it was truely exasperating and we were this close to being hysterical. So laughter ensued...and I am glad for that.
I get it in my head from time to time to do something and I am not going to stop til I get it done. Somehow, yesterday mid morning-ish, I decided to find a washer and dryer because I am just sick and tired of hauling my dirty laundry into public to wash and dry and then when OD and I went Monday evening it was a man fest at the laundry mat and I hate man fests. (Especially when they are doing their own laundry, they are worse than a bunch of old women, I swear)I told MD to look on Craigslist to find me a reasonably priced washer. I don't care what color it is. It's in the garage for cris-sake who gives a hoot?!? She found a few. We called the ones that had phone numbers attached, as opposed to emailing the ones with no phones. (It's a little faster when you are on a mission)
I got one call back from one we left a message at. I got ahold of one live person and we decided to go there. They had a washer and dryer for $100. Older, but working and clean. So we got the information from her and agreed that 3 o'clock was a good time to go look at the pair. We got all ready to go. There was recycling in the back of the truck so we left early to go and sell that. They removed the recycling center sometime in the last coupla weeks! We went to the bank to get money out for the washer/dryer. We went to another recycler on the way, and there was a hella long line, so decided to wait til after we got the appliances and were on our way home. Well, first thing I did wrong was to leave my celly on the desk were I had used it last and not put it in my purse (dummy) The place where the washer was is WAY the frick and gone up a mountain in back of the city where they told me it was. So we get all the way up there and find there is no way to get ahold of the people cause it is a gated community and you have to have a celly or know the people's last name or code to get in. We went back down the mountain to get to a payphone. Do you know those are few and far between now? We had to pay for a parking spot to go and use a payphone. (thank gawd the phone worked) We got the people's code and went back up the mountain and into the gated community. We found the place with no problem and talked to the lady, looked at the washer/dryer, gave her the money and then loaded up the prize.
That was a blast! We had to put them on their sides to get them into my truck. I got a nasty gash on my hand and MD got her fingers squished. Then we tried to get all the recycling back into the back of the truck with the washer/dryer. Hmm. Yeah! Got most of it in there and the rest had to ride up front with MD. (snicker, snicker) We are talking big girl, small truck cab here.
So we leave with all our parts and travel down the mountain, go to the recyclers, with the long line. Park. Start to get out. A lady in line says to us...they're closed, I am the last one in line. Hmmm. Okay, there is one more recycler on the way home. So we head there. He is open. Turns out, he is the one where we used to go by our house. Nice, they want us to recycle, but they want us to use more gas to get there to do it...does this make sense to anyone out there? MD sells her garbage and goes to the grocery store to collect her money.
So off we go towards home to install the new goodies. First we had to move the broken washer, clean up the floor and area around it, put the new one in place. Then for the dryer. I had (and still have) a gas dryer. I bought a electric dryer. No problemo. I have the outlet for the electric in a different place in the garage than the gas dryer. YAY! For me! So we clean up the spot for it, put it in place hook up the vent, plug it in, and turn it on...nothing. Change settings, push the button, nothing. CRAP!!!
I pulled the plug, replugged it back in. Pushed button. Changed settings, pushed button. Rattled dryer, pushed button. NOTHING, DAMMIT! So I got a washer for $100. There was no place to plug in anything to test it out up there. I was going on pure faith. But at least the washer works. I have a friend who fixes appliances. I will have him come out and look at both dryers and fix them. Then, I will have two dryers working and will be able to wash and dry laundry at lightening speeds. Washer takes a half an hour tops, dryers longer. When one load is done washing put it in dryer, start another wash load and when it's done put it in the other waiting, like at the laundry mat, except no quarters!
So yeah. Yesterday is gone. The washer is washing. The dryer is just sitting there. I suppose it would be all green of me to just make everyone hang their laundry in the back yard. When it's not foggy. That would be this week, probably not next week. And winter is quickly approaching. So wash the clothes and hang them out to get rained on? I think not.
Enough of that! Have a good one...

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Just found this goofing around...

I was looking at blogs being updated and happened across one with this in it. I only agree with half of it..the part that says "You are forceful and agressive, and While you make your presence known, your message is a bit fuzzy and You are not the easiest person to understand, and you're not one for details."
Just give me the bullets points, ya know?

You Are Impact
You are very unique and quite striking. You are forceful and aggressive.
You never go unnoticed, and people recognize your power instantly.

While you make your presence known, your message is a bit fuzzy.
You are not the easiest person to understand, and you're not one for details.">What Font Are You?

Have you accepted Cheez-its into your life?

That's what I thought a woman in a restaurant asked me yesterday. I told her I had.
(I'm thinking to myself...I think there is a box in my cupboard. Can I get a Hallelujah Sister?)
Sorry please forgive me, I meant no harm, it's just what I heard.

I'm bad, sometimes these things come into my head and then go straight out my mouth.

When my grand nephew was being chistened, the preist dipped his finger into the holy water and then made a cross on the baby's forehead. This made the baby cry. I turned to my daughter and said, "Oh, he made the baby cross". Sorry.

Do I need to be excorcised?

My evil twin has surfaced.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Purse

I made it! (the purse) But there's a small hitch. I didn't like the handles for it on the pattern after I had cut it out and all, so I am changing that part of it. It's gonna have to wait til next weekend, cause I need the 6 or so bucks it'll cost for the handles that I want. I was thinking it would look cute with those "bamboo" handles. This means I am going to have to tear out some of what I have already done and re-figure how to get those handles on securely. Nothing more embarrassing than walking down the street with a really cute set of handles and no purse! Ya know what I mean?
Then I started another project. I found a bag with some yarn and a mile a minute afghan pattern book in it, in my truck. You know I am always losing things, and I never know where I will find them. When I was doing my laundry this morning, I decided to clean out the truck while I was waiting for stuff to dry and there was this bag. So, I looked through the book and found one I liked and started it. I have no clue if I have enough yarn for this pattern, but I was thinking I could do all the bases of the strips and then do a second color of yarn for the outside borders of each strip. That seems to be a workable thing to do. The yarn I started with is a light beige with flecks of brown, gray and black in it, so I could go with any of those colors for the borders. Just one more thing to have to do while I am waiting for someone or something. I have lots of fidgety little things set up to do while I wait. (I'm not a still or silent waiter)
I just gave my little dog a bath. You'd think I was pulling her hair out bunch by bunch the way she carries on when I bathe her. And it's not like she doesn't like water. Whenever we go to the lake, I open the door to the truck to let them out and they (little and big dog) make a bee line for the water. Then I don't see them for hours. Usually someone had to go down and get her and make her come up to the cabin for a rest.
I worked out on my Wii for another half an hour this morning after I got back from doing my laundry. Hopefully I can make myself get up early enough in the morning to do some more damage on it before I have to get ready for work. I was thinking about my schedule and working out every day, (except one day) and the only way I can do that at a consistant time every day is to do it at night. Maybe I would sleep better too. I don't know...any suggestions?
Tomorrow is my late day at work. So I will go ahead and do the workout in the morning. That's the only thing I worry about is that I will be too tired to do any kind of excercise after work.
That's it for now. Have a wonderful.....

Monday, August 18, 2008 is Monday.

I got up fairly early for my day off. It was a nice little sleep in, but not headache producing cause I slept too much. I still got up and had my coffee for a little too long at the computer, but hey! It's my day off!
I swept the front room and got out my Wii and the Fit and exercised for 30 minutes, then went onto Wii Sports and did a little work out with the bowling ball. I think I played that thing for an hour today. Making up for lost time...I missed it for three days in a row. I don't like that it happened, but my schedule at work and the little goodies I have to do in between kind of got in the way of my Wii time. I am going to have to figure out a schedule of sorts so I can get on it at least six days a week.
I started making a purse today. My old one is breaking, the snaps are coming off of it. Normally, I would run down to our local Ross Store and stand there for two hours trying to pick something out that would suit me, but I have no money for a purse and I do have a couple of patterns and material to do it with, so I am making my own.
I have been reading Down to Earth and trying to follow some of her suggestions to living a simpler life. Believe me, this could take me a while, but I won't learn a thing if I dive in with both feet. Baby steps, baby steps. So here I have all the stuff I need to make the purse. I am saving gas, time and money! That's a great baby step to me!
I am also making a "salted"* attempt to make bread again today. *See August 12th's post. I'll be sure and let you know how this batch turns out. (I have regular salt today...)
I also need to work on that light I started a few weeks back. I had to stop working on it, because I need a place to hang it from so I can attach the material to the top ring. That is going to require me to place a hook in the ceiling in my front room, because that is where I have the most room to move around it freely. I suppose I should have thought about that while I was planning out the lamp itself! But that's the way I roll...
My new keyboard is working just fine. I am not making new words up anymore and there are spaces in between the legitimate words I type. It's amazing how much pleasure can be gotten from a simple thing like a keyboard that works. It still cost me too much, but oh well...I'm saving money on a purse.
Hope you all have a great week. I'll update the purse and bread situation sometime later this week!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Nice and quiet here

It's been a nice quiet week here at the old homestead. MD has worked a couple of days passing out Burt's Bees samples at "events". Loud raucous concerts, she can have it. I guess she is right in her element at these "events".
My girlfriend scored tickets for her and I to go to a Heart, Journey, Cheap Trip concert at the end of September. That will be fun. I am going to need the time out. Her grandma passed away Tuesday and had been failing the week before, so she has been into the family getting together all the last week or so, so we didn't go to our usual free concert on Friday. It's okay, we still have time. She and her family put together a beautiful memorial for the grandma.
I'm on my way to work. It's Super saturday, so it should go by quickly.
College starts up for OD in a few weeks, so she is spazing out trying to get everything together for that. Her financial stuff comes in three to four weeks after school starts, so there is always ranting and raving to be heard while she scrambles to get her books and whatnots bought for her classes. You would think she'd learn after so many years of doing the same thing over and over. She cracks me up!
I have done nothing special or spectacular this week. I love absolutely normal life for me here!
Y'all have a wonderful weekend!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I made bread!

Yes, I did! I finally had a few minutes (hours) to concentrate on it...which doesn't take much for concentration. Um, but we didn't have enough real salt and I used unreal salt and not enough of it, so the bread turned out yucky. NO really YUCKY!
Do any of you have any suggestions for unsalted bread? Besides throwing it out for the birds.....

Sunday, August 10, 2008


Guess what I got? I know, you don't have a clue...I got my WiiFit today!!!! YAY! for me! I am so excited, but you know what, I am so sore already! Oh my goodness this thing does give a good workout, and it is fun. Well, at least the few minutes I have done stuff on it. It gave my weight as about 18 pounds less than the last time I was at my doctor, which is possible, cause peeps have been telling me I look like I have lost weight. And it told me my Fit Age is two years younger than I actually am! Nice, very nice!
I had to go over the hill after work today and I knew I had enough money to buy the Fit. (I knew this last night) so I had done a little research online. It said that Toys R Us had some, but it was too late to call. So when I got over there this evening, I called them first thing and they said for some reason, they had three in stock. I guess the market may have been filled. So, I went right over and picked it up! I was so excited. I couldn't wait to get home and play, I mean work out.
So, tomorrow, I will begin for reals and start my fitness program. I will do progress pictures. Ew, wait, if I do that I probably should do a before. UGH! I'll see whatI can come up with...I'll put it on Morbid Monday, to go along with Hally's gross stuff.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Remote is home!

I don't know, I think I may have to calm my life down a bit. There is just too much excitement going on, on a daily basis.
The remote apparently took a side trip to the back house. Out there it doesn't have to work. I guess what happened is that "someone" set the remote on her pile of stuff to go out to her room and then took it there. Once out there, she just kind of tossed the pile of stuff and the remote landed in the middle. She finally cleaned her room yesterday and there was the remote just having a fine time not using up it's batteries.
Now I have to hook up the cable again, cause I couldn't change channels with it hooked up so I had disconnected it. YAY! Lazy TV watching again!
In other news, I haven't seen the stalker bitch lately. You know the one who decided to take over my daughter's horse. I haven't seen her car at the ranch either. One of the ranch hands honked at waved at me the other day as I went by him. They have never done that before. Maybe I have solved some other problems by being so bitchy myself. Glad I could help!
I cut my finger the other night. I was chopping off the tips of some green beans I was going to steam up for dinner, and one of them rolled, letting the knife come down on my finger. Oh freakin' OUCH! I cut it pretty deep. No one was home. My neighbors weren't home...I wondered what I should do. Cause I was getting woozy. I wrapped it up in a clean dish towel (the only thing really handy) and held it over my head while I played Pogo games until it stopped bleeding. It took awhile. I finally got brave enough to check out the damage I had done. I cut off a little of my fingernail along with it. I made myself a bandage out of rolled gauze and some of that tape they use for boo-boos and left it alone for another little while. It'll be okay, but it's gonna leave a scar. It hurts like hell still, I guess I cut some nerves. Hey! If your gonna do something, do it right I say! Now I can't wash dishes for a couple of days. Oh darn!
I'm off to get ready for work. It's gonna be a long one I am thinking. Saturday, everybody in town is back from whatever vacations they took and all are getting ready for school now. I like it busy, but then some days I don't want to be bothered by customers. (Nice attitude isn't it?) I'll make the best of it. You know there are some days I think I should be in Hollywood with all the great acting I have to do!
Hope you all have a great day!

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Laundry Day

Got the laundry done. As usual. I worked on an afghan while I was waiting for my clothes to dry. I got a row done. It seems slow, but then I am crocheting the length of the afghan and not the width. I am making this for my sister's late birthday present. It's not bad late..only a couple of months!
When I got home to put the laundry away, I started putting things in order in my room. It is almost completely organized. Which is weird, cause I usually have to make a path through to get to anything. I vacuumed and I can actually see my rug. Amazing!
I didn't work on my lamp at all yesterday. I am going to have to put a hook up on the ceiling in my room, so I can work on it while it is hanging. I am thinking that will be the easist way to do that. So I will get on that next weekend.
I'm off Thursday, but I will probably be over the hill all day. I have an appointment there and some keys to return for YD, that is at a place I haven't been to before, so that will take me a while. I'm doing that Thursday, since I am over there. I don't want to make a special trip for one or the other. Well, the apointment I have to, cause well, it is all set and all. I will think of a few other things that can be done there on Thursday as well, so I don't waste the gas for just one thing.
I wish there was some way to save on the gas. I don't leave the house unless I have several things to do on one trip. Except for work, and my hours and days are so screwy that it keeps me from taking the bus, cause I would do that if I could. I would rather spend the $40 or so it would cost to take the bus, monthly than to spend the $150 or so it is costing me now. Even if I could do that one day a week it would help, but no...and I can't shange my hours at work either.
I am off to start my week. I hope you all have a great one!

Monday, August 04, 2008

This idea of mine

So, before I create anything, I have this vision of whatever it is I am going to create running around in my mind. Sometimes for a couple of days, sometimes for months, in this case it has been a year. Let's just say that I don't like jumping into anything with both feet all at once. I have to "see" it from all angles before I make it.
In this case, I have been "watching" this ambiance lamp in my head. It has changed forms several times, and today I started it. It is totally not the first lamp I saw when I first decided to make one. I also had the placement of it long before the lamp was started. Now though, I have to change where it will live, because it has grown in size.
What I have done with it so far is to take a big ring, about 18" across and attached it with jewelery wire at four points to a smaller ring. The rings are horizontal, and parallel to each other. Then I attached the smaller ring to a keysized ring at four points. The keysized ring is vertical and will be what the whole lamp hangs from.
I will be sewing this white gauzy material that I had for curtains for a while. I am going to sew that in four sections around the medium sized middle ring and let it drap over the bigger bottom ring. Where I sew it on the middle ring, I will sew some of my beads into the seam line. When all the sewing is done I will somehow afix the string of small blue Christmas lights that I have had forever. I don't know that this lamp will be the prettiest, but I wanted to check out my idea and see how it turns out.
Now, where should I hang it???

I Blew Up at Work

This is Utah and my daughter.

Remember people I hate? It should have just said person I hate. This woman is dangerous. She's been in my store three times in one week. My antennas are up. This woman needs to take a chill pill or something is gonna happen! Maybe I fixed it yesterday, I hope I didn't make it worse! She came in first thing yesterday morning. Let me preface this by saying Saturday afternoon she came in and bought some chain and stuffys for the ranch, to keep people out of "her" area. While I was ringing her purchases up she is making idle conversation in which she so happily tells me that her 15 year old daughter had taken Utah (YD's horse) out twice. brain is thinking WTF! So I calmly (as calmly as I could) say why? What would she be taking him out for? Oh, she says, just to give him a bath and walk him around for excercise. Um, um...NO, she doesn't need to take him out. He is a dangerous horse to the uninformed on the Utah's of the world. He is my daughter's horse, which means, he is dangerous. My daughter buys horses that no one else can handle and tames them. Nobody, but nobody has any business whatsoever taking that horse N.E.WHERE! Because of her boldness in just taking over everything that has to do with my daughter, I stammered and studdered and said I will talk to YD about this. You shouldn't be taking him out.
Luckily, I was going to see YD that evening, and when I told her, she freaked out! I felt bad, cause right now, she has no control over what is going on and can't do anything in person about the situation at the ranch and only has me to intercept anything for her. So I told her I would "fix" it. She asked me to go to the woman who runs that particular part of the ranch. So I am going to talk to her today.
Well, yesterday, she came in the store first thing in the morning. (joy, joy, just how I wanted to start my day) She ambled up to the service counter, all cutsey and stuff. I just looked at her and capital letters...under no circumstances are you, or anyone around you to touch that horse again! Period, don't argue with me! She comes back with, we were just trying to help, he needed a bath. (well, no he didn't) and it was after the ranch closed so he was safe. (um, no, he wasn't, you weren't, the cars on the highway next to the ranch weren't) I just lit into her. What if he had gone crazy and done his little I'm going to stomp you to death dance? What if he got loose and went through the fence (it's happened) ran across the highway caused and accident and someone died? No one would be suing you, no one would be suing the ranch, someone would be suing my daughter! And if he hurt your daughter, I am so absolutely positive that you would find a way to make my daughter pay for damages. So leave the horse in the pasture, where he is happiest and where he can cause no harm to anyone. The ranch hands don't even mess with him, he is not a little girls horse!
Soon after I blasted her, she disappeared. I think I won't be seeing her much unless I go to the ranch, which is where I wil be in an hour or so. Wish me luck, I don't really want to blow up again.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

So I wasn't alone...

when the internet went kerplunk, or whatever that was it did. I thought it was me.

Still no remote.

I'm so confused. I haven't known what day it is for two days now. Yesterday I thought it was Saturday, today I didn't even attempt a guess. When someone at work tells me to have a nice weekend I will know not to come back for a couple of days. That is the only clue I have. It might be fun if I didn't have certain things to do on certain days. Ack, I'll just wing it for awhile.

Friday, August 01, 2008

Grrrrr Blogger...or internet or something...

For some reason, I cannot see a few of my favorite bloggers today. It says that internet explorer cannot read them or open them or some such stupid thing. And though I would love to read what you have posted today, I cannot. So, the three I know for sure I can't get into are...Pioneer Women, my Kim D, and Debbie over at Gettin It Outta My Head...I guess I am on restriction! GRRRRR!!!

UPDATE: Internet is working properly again.
Still no remote. I guess I will have to buy another from Comcast. Damn!