Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Okay, so I really need some practice!

My first attempt left me feeling inept. (Is that the word I want?)
Obviously, I don't have the control over my hands and machine and feet and fingers that I thought I had. That's why they say practice makes perfect.
I need those gloves that Leah has, I need that silicone thingy that lays on the bed of the machine so I have more control. Gosh...Friday is payday. Guess what I am ordering???
Hey! I sewed! I'm happy. It's what I was striving to do.
More later...

Monday, March 25, 2013


I got sixty or so...(really I forgot to count them) 6-1/2" squares cut out of my white fabric today! YAY me!!!
Tomorrow morning I plan on cutting some batting to go along with those squares. And then...I move my laptop into the living room on the table next to my sewing machine, tune into Leah Day at http://freemotionquilting.blogspot.com/, and learn from her great methods of Free Motion Quilting.

It has been MONTHS since I was able to sit down and do any type of sewing at all. I thought I was all ready to go and then realized that I had left all my rulers behind at the other house, so went and picked those up so I could continue on my journey.

My Dad said the most wonderful thing to me today. He said after breakfast, "What are you going to do for yourself today?" NO ONE has ever asked me that. It has just made my day so, so happy! I didn't do much for myself to day. I did clean my room, which, yes, was for myself, but it was just something I couldn't put off anymore. It didn't look messy, but it took me a while to get it tidied up. I did cut my squares. Then I went and got some groceries for Dad and I, picked up some 4 X 4's, and some post hole cement, so my BIL can start building Dad's fence. It wasn't for me, but if my Dad is happy then I am happy.

I will try to remember to get pictures as I go along with my FMQ "lessons". I want to keep track of my progress, and here is the best way I know how to do that. Then when I get enough squares done I can follow along with someone's tutorials on putting quilt as you go squares together.

I'm on an adventure!!!

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

A New Machine!!!

I got my income tax return a month or so ago. I splurged and bought myself some new glasses and am having new lenses put in the old frames.

I bet you thought I was going to say I bought something fun...didn't you? Don't lie...you really thought I splurged.

Well, I DID buy something fun! I bought a Brother 450Q. Q standing for QUILT! A machine that will make it easier for me to quilt with! I'm not rich so I went with a model that was affordable, but has some good amenities.

I picked the machine up yesterday. I had given the guy a check for $500 to hold the machine. Then went back to pay him the balance. He mistakenly charged me the full amount, then immediately reversed the transaction. Too late, damage done. I have no money for a while, until this debacle gets straightened out. I went and talked to my banker today, she assured me that they would be waving all overdraft fees if any come up, because of the mistake. Way to ruin a perfectly good prize!

Oh well. Now, if I can find a good place to set up my machine here at Dad's, I will be happily making quilted squares until I get the hang of it. Then I can put them all together until I have a nice sized quilted as I went quilt. What fun! I can't wait!

Isn't she cute? Of course, it's sitting on my bed, in my messy bedroom. But it's mine, and I am happy!