Sunday, April 27, 2008

So it's Sunday and nothing has changed

On the allergy front, yes there has been change. The Flonase is working, and like the doctor said, it's not a miracle, but will take a couple of weeks. I am still coughing, but not half as much as I had been. My sore throat is no longer, but I still have no energy. I think that has to do with other things going on.

In regards to my middle daughter, nothing has changed. I won't go into detail, because it is just a lot of whining and pissing and moaning. At least I can say that I got two out of three right, the middle daughter I will blame on my ex. Don't get me wrong. I love her. I just don't like who she turned out to be. I wish I could slap some sense into her, but she's 22 and she knows more than all of us put together. Every time I have a discussion (and I mean an adult conversation, explaining my thoughts on her world) she tells me I am just stupid, my older daughter the nursing student is just stupid, her dad is just stupid...well, wait he is...

She is in a spiraling downward trend. A life shattering when you hit the bottom trend. A when you screw up the next time it could be the most devastating thing this family has ever experienced trend. And I cannot stop her. Cause well, I am just stupid.

I never see her. She sleeps all day, parties all night. The only reason I know she still exists is that I see her car gone and then I see her car here. I see food disappearing, I see dirty clothes on the bathroom floor. I get phone calls at work asking for money, I get messages on my cell phone telling me how she will just never get a job, because I won't help her, cause well, I am just stupid.
I know this is a trend...The terrible twenties. (and you all thought terrible twos were bad!)

I get little hints about what is going on with her. Of course she is not the one telling me what she is up to. My older daughters boyfriend tells her, then she tells me, my younger daughter tells me what she has heard and then there are these letters from Dept. of Motor Vehicles with notices of licence suspension because you didn't tell us about the accident stuff. And the phone calls from Toyota saying we really want the payments you owe us for the car. The OOPS, you don't have insurance on said car notices, and on and on.

I will most likely be faced with her today. I am off. She is in her little room, sleeping, or passed out, whatever you want to call it. I have nothing more to say to her. Cause well, I am just stupid. Her dad, came down from Washington state, to help out his motorcycle club at an event we had here on the coast yesterday. He has known about his daughter's spiraling downward for months now. I kept him up to date, when I asked him for help. Our house was his first stop when he got down here. But she wasn't here. He said he would come by the next day, told her to be here when I got home from work, then bailed on us when the "CLUB" asked him to stand by, cause they had visitors from out of town coming in. He did manage to stir up the pot over the phone with her before I got home from work. But she wasn't here either when I got home. (she had partying to do that he was holding up, she wasn't about to wait for me)

I know for a fact, that she is drinking...A LOT, that she has taken some drugs and that she's a freakin' idiot and is driving under these conditions to some extent or another. I have to stop her. HAVE TO!!! I don't want her hurting herself or God forbid someone's child or grandma or grandpa, or just some bum on the street at the wrong time. Please pray that I can find some help somewhere. I have tried everything.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Allergy Update

So the doctor told me that it would take about two weeks for the Flonase to kick in. Just Peachy. I am two days into it, 12 to go. I am not coughing as much as I was, so there's a little light at the beginning of my tunnel. I am still doing spastic coughing at times, but it is better.

I am hoping that by my weekend, I will be even better, which given the amount of energy it takes for me to do these coughing fits, I may have some energy left over to do something, anything around the house.

I still have the quilt of the century to finish and I have a cazillion cross stich projects that are feeling left out of my life. And I need to start and finish a couple of clay projects to get done so I can take advantage of the kilns at school. I want to gift a co-worker with a vase, since she almost peed her pants when I showed her the picture of the vase I did (am doing). She loves suns and moons, so I thought I would make two smaller vases with a sun on one and the moon on the other. I have a couple of cute patterns that would work for those, but I have to move fast, the end of the semester is closing in on us. Plus there are some assigned projects that need to be done. It's not like I am worried about getting a good grade for the class, I am not using it for my degree or anything, but I like to do my best when I have joined something, so I don't want to slack now. Then the new semester starts June 16th. I will be going through withdrawals between the end of this semester and the start of the next. But I can do stuff at home during that time too.

I picked up some ingredients at the store yesterday to try a recipe I saw on Confessions of a Pioneer Woman's blog yesterday. I am hoping to do that this weekend too. It's called Dump Cake and is just like it sounds. You dump the ingredients in a baking dish and bake it. I like easy and this is all that and hopefully more. I still have to pick up some stuff to make Grandmthers Bread that I found on another blog; Chickens in the Road. The bread sounds delicious. I used to make bread years ago all the time, I haven't for a while. I need to get back to some basics here.

That's it so far this morning. It's my late evening at work, I am hoping the day goes by quickly. It's cold and windy, we won't get many customers in this weather. Everyone will be home where I want to be. Hope your day is all you want it to be!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Just for you Hallie...

And you probably don't want to hear it anymore. I have the worst allergy stuff going on. What is even more crappy is that it just started when I was getting over the crud so I wasn't sure if this was allergy or more illness.
I have not felt good since before Easter Sunday! I have no freakin' energy, no desire to eat, no desire to do anything but sleep, sleep. sleep. Which is because I can't sleep at night. Can you say post nasal drip? Cough, cough, cough...I am not even going to class tonight. Didn't go to work today, cause yesterday I was driving everyone nuts with the coughing, and myself over night with the coughing. I was going to go to the doctor today, but they gave me a phone consultation instead, telling me it was the allergies, then prescribed Flonase, and some other over the counter stuff that I can take with my blood pressure issues. (they said don't expect miracles, it takes a couple of weeks to start helping!)
We'll see. Wish me luck!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Not Fair!

I just spent three days at work in the heat! It was up to 75 degrees here at one point. (But that is according to one of the receiving guys, they may exaggerate a bit too) It was too hot for working. Especially when you have to wear close toed shoes and a vest or cobbler's apron or whatever, but extra clothing. We got through it, just the same.
What is unfair is the fact that now that it is my day off and I can be home enjoying the 75 degree weather, it is foggy, drippy, cold, cold, cold. Yesterday I was happily thinking about projects I could do and things I was going to accomplish, because sunshine always makes me more energetic. And now, YUCK! I may as well, just go back to bed and watch mindless TV. Or read a book, or something, but IN BED, not out and about.
I do have stuff I need to do. Like tear my front room apart and deep clean it. The dog hair is lurking in nooks and crannies. I know this, because it is visible now. I haven't really swept this room up thoroughly since I started being sick. (I still have the crud, but not as bad)
I got this urge to make a fountain yesterday. It may have been that I spent time in the front of the store helping out the cashiers and there are fountains all over the place, so now I crave the sound of running water. It may be that it reminds me of babbling brooks and I want to be by one right now, I don't know, but I formulated a fountain in my mind, using stuff I have around here already.
I really think that the workweek needs to be backwards. On two days, off five. I just can't accomplish everything I want to do in two days. Five would do it for me. Of course I would want the paycheck to be the same amount it is as if I worked five days...I know...dream on. I do know that I have to do laundry, I have to get my bedding changed and I really should have to get my room cleaned. I wish I had Hallisicle's energy, cause I would love to clean, clean, clean like she just did this weekend. I want Godwill to think of me as their best friend like they think of Hallisicle. (Lessons please Hallie???)
I hope your work week, or weekend or what ever you are experiencing right now is good!

Friday, April 11, 2008


Just sometimes a nice customer comes in and it is so easy to do anything for them. I have one (well more, but this story is about one in particular)such customer. He is the nicest man, always pleasant, always has nice things to say and is ALWAYS smiling. He's a contractor. The contractors get jobs, come in and buy everything they think they will need for a job. When they are finished with those jobs, at times there are things left over that just don't get used. So they bring them back. We have a very open policy about returns. This very nice customer has just realized that he has tons of returns. When ever anyone at the store sees him coming they leave the service counter. I don't. He apologizes about the boxes of returns, to which I reply, "Hey! It's all in the same eight hours!" I don't care what I do for eight hours, as long as I do...something, anything! So, I go through his returns one at a time pick through, make sure they are all right and priced appropriately and give his account the money back. No biggy. Now, he saves his returns for me, which I gladly do time after time. I don't know what the big deal is. Today, he told me I should get a prize for my patience. I told him I already got a prize. The prize is that he comes in with a smile and I take that as a compliment, I don't make him angry or impatient or anything like that. Well, he brought me a prize this afternoon...a $15 gift card to Peet's Coffee. (Do you have those back there?) They are sorta kinda like Starbuck's only much stronger coffee! He handed it to me and asked if I drank the stuff, and I told him that is why he sees me awake every morning! Needs caffeine! It was so nice to receive that card.
Since it got extremely hot here today and it is my early day off, I went right over to Peet's and got myself and iced Jasmine tea. What a refreshing ride home I had today. Just what the doctor ordered. (Well, if doctors were into ordering super caffeinated teas for their patients) I love me some Jasmine Tea. In fact, I just took my last sip of it. mmmmm good! I'm going to tell my contractor what a pleasant ride home I had because of him.
I think I will take the camper shell of my truck this weekend and get started on getting my brother in law help me make racks for it, so I can put the kayak on the truck. The weather is beautiful here today (which won't last) It is a sign that I need to get my arse in gear if I am ever going to enjoy kayaking this summer and fall. If I have the kayak on the truck I can stop off at the harbor for an hour or so when it is nice and go out and get some fresh air and excercise. After all that is why I bought the kayak in the first place. It is the best tranquilizer around!
I got a little bit more glazing done on my vase in class lastnight. It looks as though I will only get one color done a night. I am taking it slow and easy, so it looks good when I am done. I will show you a picture when it's finished.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Time flies

Not really. I have been busy. Schedule changes at work, hate it. I worked the late shift tonight and it sucks. The only reason I did not fall asleep on my feet while at work tonight is because my order was in and it was a big one. So I did that until 7pm and then went and stood at the service counter and looked at for an hour. Next Wednesday I will have no order to put up, so it'll be a stretch to keep me awake, there's justnot enough business to keep me interested.
Since Sunday? I dunno what I have been doing. Well, wait I do. I wanted to get over this crud once and for all, so I did a little bit of nothing then continued on with a lot of nothing. I did knit all day Monday. I don't know how to fix mistakes when I knit, so when I find a mistake, I pull everything out and start all over. Did that a dozen times. Tuesday, more of the same. I have to pull out all the knitting I have done so far on my wash cloth and start over again. I don't even know what I did wrong, I just know that I ended up with about 8 extra stitches somewhere along the line. Practice, practice, practice.
My dad continues to be well. I haven't had much chance to talk to him, but I hear through the family grapevine that he is good.
Middle daughter has a job again. Hopefully, she will get back on track paying for her new car, that is being repaired after three accidents. (I have no clue how she plans to pay for that.) She has courts costs to pay, drug school to pay for and NA meetings to attend. She has a lot of stuff ahead of her, yet still thinks that all is well with the world. I sure wish I had me a pair of rose colored glasses like that. The main thing is it means that she will not be sitting around the house like a hungry bump on a log eating me out of house and home, cause she's bored. (I have one of her "real" friends to thank for her getting the job. Let's hope she doesn't mess that up)
My ceramics classes are still my saving grace. A little bit of paradise to visit a couple of times a week.
Got to get myself to bed. This night at work done wore me out!

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Had to Share

This just cracked me up, thought I'd pass along the funny. Click on link turn up the volume, so you can hear it all.

To Catch a Thief

I missed my calling. I should have been a cop or detective or something like that.
But this time I missed my thief by seconds. I hate people who steal, so I make it my personal vendetta to "get" them at a later date, when they return to the scene of the crime, and they do, eventually. I was waiting to get in the ladies room at work yesterday and this biatch was taking too long, which always makes me suspicious anyway. Then when she finally came out, she was a little too startled to see me there waiting. While I was waiting I was straightening up the hangers and products that were tussled. She made a kind of big to-do over me having to wait so long while she was "primping" she called it. (I have always called it just plain ol' hiding the goods) I just kept saying no worries, when I really just wanted to get in there and pee, before I soaked my britches.
When I got in the restroom, I noticed immediately that there were tags off of clothing sitting right on top of the garbage can. She didn't even have the brains enough to bury the tags. (Maybe she has a phobia of bathroom germs or something.)
So, I went and scanned the tags which told me there was supposed to be three hats on the hook. I went and counted...well, hmmm...there were only two hats. I told my boss, and she said to check the video, but I had to wait until the other boss was there today to check it. Sure enough it was the woman I had encountered. She not only took the hat, but about four other products. Well, don't cha know that the next time the biatch comes in my store I am going to be on her like flies on s**t. I kill the thieves with kindness, pester the crap out of them til they get that they are not ever going to be able to thieve from us again. What a fun day! I love stuff like this. Justice, it does a body good!

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Funny memories

Want to hear some funny stuff? I was trying to think of things that make me giggle and this is what I thought of...
When my ex had been in a pretty terrific accident three days after we separated, he ended up coming back to my house because his mother didn't want him in her house. (okay, well, that's not the funny) He couldn't leave the bed, his jaws were wired shut and he needed everything done for him. He would ring a bell, because he couldn't talk loud and when he needed something he would just ring the bell. (Now the girls thought that was funny, he couldn't yell at them) My oldest daughter would help me out by going in most of the time to help him. At some point during his recovery, we were all in there talking to him and my youngest was standing down by the foot of the bed. He was telling my oldest daughter how good she was doing and said, "Since you are the oldest, you are the head nurse." The youngest one was kind of shuffling her feet and making faces, he asked her what was wrong. She said, "Nothing, but since she's the oldest and she's the head nurse, does that make me the foot nurse?"

At another point and time in our lives, the girls were playing and running in and out of the house. Just typical. My middle daughter asked for something to eat, so I gave her a banana. She ate part of it and then set it down on the coffee table in the living room, and went about her playing. About five minutes later she came in the back door and asked me for something to eat. I said, "No, that banana is just sitting there waiting for you to eat it." She went in and looked at it and said, "No Mommy, it's laying down."

And on another day, the middle daughter's friend got a bike for her birthday. They were all outside taking turns riding it. Becs came in all excited and asked if she could have a bike for her birthday. I told her if she played her cards right, that just might happen. She got all teary eyed and her chin started quivering. I knelt down and said, "Honey, what's wrong?" She tells me through the tears, "I don't know how to play that game!"

I wish things were all that funny now.

Friday, April 04, 2008

Update on the Dad side!

Sorry (Kim-D) I wasn't in the best of conditions myself yesterday. I came home sick AGAIN!!! Then my oldest nurse-gonna-be-type-daughter convinced me that I am having a nervous break down (well, stress related stuff) and needed to go to class regardless of my stomach issues. Okay, I am stressed out cause of a certain middle daughter who is drama central right now. Well, not just right now...she has amped it up a bit the last two or so months. Anyway, that would be another blog, I really don't want to get into.
So, sometime yesterday afternoon, my sister called and said, "Everything went great, oh here talk to Dad." OMG! He sounded 200% better already! He was chipper and talking faster than he has been in awhile and willing to talk! I guess when your heart is pumping oxygen around to all your body parts, you tend to feel much better. (His heart rate at the last doctor appointment was, at times down to 20 and stopped a couple of times for five seconds)
So we got our real Dad back. Now we just need to find out what it will take to keep him from wearing himself out again. We would like to have him around a lot longer. It was REALLY great to talk to him!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

I must be feeling better

WOW! I amazed myself yesterday.
I got up a little later than usual, but still did the day off morning routine. Sat at the computer for more than a few hours looking, reading, responding, playing a couple of games. I figure it is all okay, cause well for one, it's my day off and two, I get up (even after sleeping in a little) way before the birds do. If I wasn't sitting here, I'd be staring at the TV.
Then I was off and running. I got so much little piddley stuff done it was pathetic. I did all my laundry, folded and put away. That included washing the blankets and sheets I use to cover the couch and loveseat. Then cleaned the couch thoroughly and recovered it. (I didn't quite get to the loveseat) I mowed my lawn! (Ask any of my neighbors...I rarely do that) I changed the window crank in the bathroom. The gear had stripped and the bathroom window HAS to open in this house or the bathroom will just rot away. With four showers a day going on and sometimes up to six, there's a lot of steam going on. I cleaned out and scrubbed the bird's cage and the rat's cage.
I went to my dad's house. I had called him to tell him that my sister ratted him out about his impending pacemaker installation. His response to me was, "Geez! Gossip travels fast in these parts!" He and my brother in law were trying to repair his lawn mower. He needed to mow his lawn before Thursday and the mower conked out on him. I told him I would be right down with my mower and that I had some information on pacemakers for him to read, and that he could read that while the brother in law mowed his lawn. He laughed. So I printed out the information, loaded my lawn mower in the back of my truck (heaven forbid) and headed down.
When I got there, my brother in law was coming out of the garage. I thought he was coming over to help unload the mower, but he was actually headed for home. They had gotten the mower started and Dad was out there doing his thing!
I went in the house and visited with my Dad's girlfriend while he was finishing up the lawn. I must tell you, at this point, that when my dad is doing something, we just don't argue with him about NOT doing it, cause we always lose the arguement! He finished up and came inside and we got to visit for a little while. I gave him the papers I had printed out. If they don't answer all his questions they will bring up questions he can ask his doctor. No one at the doctors office explained anything to him, so at least this information I found will give him a little something to go on.
Today I have a dentist appointment. YAY! I have not ever had the best of dental care. So I did some research on dental plans last year and found a place called Western Dental. For $93 a year, they do a full mouth set of xrays and then do a complete look see and check out everything that needs to be done. After they know the damages they need to repair, they set you up with this great plan. I got the damage report which came to around $6500 dollars! (That would be a "real" dentist's price.) This place takes 40% off that price and then sets you up with a payment plan. I got all that information and then got to work. They did all the initial stuff, pulling, filling and cleaning. Then let me rest for a long while while I pay off that debt. I start over again, probably in October, when I pay my $93 again and go over all the x-raying and look seeing. (I will still owe them my payments from this year's go round, unless a miracle happens and the debt disappears!) For some silly reason, they left one tooth that was a problem, not a big problem, but a problem all the same. And of course, it has worsened. Yesterday, I got a phone call from them saying that I was behind in my payments. Well, unless time has somehow morphed itself well into the future, I am not behind. So I called and asked why they called. They couldn't figure it out, and told me not to worry about it. I decided since I was on the phone with them that they could just make an appointment for me to go get this one tooth taken care of.
My gosh am I ever wordy today! (nerves, I am sure, I hate going to the dentist) I am going to go try and get a few more things done, before I head to my apointment. Hopefully I will still be in a mood to do more when I get home. Or not. Maybe I will just take a nap!