Monday, September 13, 2010

My Public Service Announcement

SAN BRUNO, Calif. — An ominous theme has emerged from the wreckage of a deadly pipeline explosion in California: There are thousands of pipes just like it nationwide.

SAN BRUNO, CA - SEPTEMBER 09: Flames and a smoke plume rise from a massive fire in a residential neighborhood September 9, 2010 in San Bruno, California. A huge explosion rocked a neighborhood near San Francisco International Airport. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)


Don't let this happen to you. This explosion happened just ten miles from me. Just on the other side of the hill. I pass by this neighborhood at least once a week. Between four and seven people died. Several people were hurt, some extremely. 57 or so houses were totally destroyed, others were damaged to one extent or another. All the people in this neighborhood, their friends and families lives have been irrivocably changed. Forever. I know it affected me. I have no ties here, I just pass by.

This was caused (allegedly) by our major gas company's inability to take care of aging pipelines. They were told in the weeks leading up to this horrific event that there was a gas leak, because plenty of the people in this neighborhood smelled gas. They didn't do enough.
We are not protected like we think we are.
Write to your utility copmpanies and demand they take care to inspect and if need be repair their aging equipment. I do not want to hear that some of my blogger friends have met with a tragic event such as this.

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

My Countdown Begins Again

I finally stepped foot back into the room at WeightWatchers. I had to. HAD to. I'm getting ridiculous. Really. I gained nine pounds since January. That is one pound per month! Damn! I can't do that. If I continued to gain a pound a month by the time I am 60 (in two years and eight months) I'd be another 32 pounds heavier and that much closer to my grave. My feet have started bothering me again, my hips hurt at night when I just want to sleep. I just want to sit around, I don't want to move, I don't even like having to get up to get myself food anymore! (That's bad.)
My psychologist told me the last time I talked to her that she was going to start monitoring me and my weight. I talked to her on the 26th last month and she told me to get to WW that week. I put it off til today. Of course.
I didn't really want to even go today. I put it off until I absolutely had just enough time to get there. I just hate leaving the house. My whole weekend was cut short because Of some errands I had to do, which meant I had to leave the house. I need to get past this mindset. I am too comfortable just laying or sitting around here. The fact that I have no energy is a big factor in not getting up and doing or going anywhere.
So. I will try again. The meeting leader told me not to beat up on myself. Just remember I am human. And keep. coming. back.
So I am going back to being whole on the disappearing act over there to the right. Come back next week and see if I did any good!

Sunday, September 05, 2010

A little project I've been doing.

I found the pattern for this somewhere. It's all over the internet, so am I. I browse at work when I'm not supposed to. I fell in love with all the possibilities of the color combinations a quilt could be made with. I just started grabbing fat quarters off my material shelves and matching up the colors to see what I liked. I don't know how many I will make before I put them together and make an actual quilt, but I can wait! The next one will be maybe blues and seagreens, and the one after that may be all black and white, because I reall, really like the look of the black and white one.
Anyway, now you know I haven't fallen off the earth some where. I've just been in my craft room...
Have a great week you all!