Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Slowly but Surely

I have been making some progress. I feel so slow on this thing! I worked on it most of yesterday and part of the day before. I want to do some stitching every night when I get home from work, but a lot of nights I am so tired I can't see straight. Tonight we had a meeting after the store closed (at 6 PM) I got home at 7:30 or so and figured I would just vege out instead of stitching. We had to do some training at work for the meeting. Stuff I thought I would never want to do, because it seemed so complicated. I think the hardest thing is cutting and threading pipe, and now I want to learn it better. The best thing is, that the more we learn, the higher our wages can become. (Of course, I know that is the same for most companies) I now know how to cut shades, blinds will be next, I learned how to cut glass, and of course the pipe stuff. Can't wait for my training to be signed off, so I can see how much more valuable I am to them.

I applied for a Merchandise Sales Rep position. They sent me, via email, some quick questions to see if I further fit into what they are looking for. The position is going to take a little more commuting than I like, but they have flexible scheduling four days a week and I can go in before all the traffic starts, so the commute would be only about 45 minutes. I asked for a lot more money than I am making now. I figure since this new position requires some traveling overnight, it should pay more. We'll see. It's not like I don't have any income now and have a desparation going on...if I get it, it's a plus, if not, I'll try somewhere else. It's totally out of my comfort zone, but something I can do. We'll see...

Monday, February 12, 2007

Oh yea...

I'm looking for another job, cause I cannot live on what I am making...the bills are seriously behind and there's no catch up in sight. I used to do the ebb and flow thing throughout the year depending on what season it was...winter costs more cause of the heating bill, summer costs a little more cause of the watering thing, spring and fall are level, but this is getting SCARY!!!

Then I feel bad becasue of...well, read the next post.

Vegas Bay-bay

This is strange. After the lecture on how much is spent for me to staighten out a department the owners don't like, they are sending me to Las Vegas to the Ace Show (as in Ace Hardware). Perhaps they are trying to get me into a more "hardware" frame of mind. Hey! I love hardware, I know hardware, I live and breathe hardware...I tease and tell everyone my dad raised me in the garage...I understand hardware. They are sending a bunch of us to Vegas. Cool. They never really said anything to me; a co-worker handed me a sheet of paper that said what flight and what time I am leaving and coming back. I love the communication at this place. I suppose they will say something at our next meeting (Feb. 21) This is going to be a very busy month for me. I have that aforementioned meeting, then March 1st (maybe) jury duty (YAY), March 10th grandson's first birthday, in Sacramento, then off to Vegas the 16th and 17th of March...I swear, I go along for months on end with nothing special jumping out at me, and then all of a sudden one months time I do more than I do all year! We'll see how this one plays out. I'm kind of excited, but also kind of wondering how I will do. I hate flying...this will only be the third time in my life I have flown. (and I am not young) I'll have to get some of that anti-anxiety medication my neice told me about the last time I flew. It worked. More later, maybe a post tomorrow with pictures.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Oh yea...

As a kind of funny add on to the post before tonight's first post...(okay that was a weird description)

I have a LOT of sketch books in various sizes (from 24" x 30" on down to 9" x 12") all laying on their shelves for display. I don't like that because the more expensive big ones are laying along the bottom shelf getting dusty and bumped and ruined by people walking by. So I started moving them all yesterday. I stood them all up and starting at the top of my area, placed the biggest ones, working my way down to the smallest. I freed up about 3/4 of the space these sketch books took up. The icing on the cake? (snicker, snicker) A customer came through with her dad and literally exclaimed..."Oh wow, I didn't know you had sketch books, Dad we don't have to go to Michael's anymore!!!" Okay boss man, I just earned that $50 an hour you are supposedly wasting on me.

Some progress

It ain't much, but I have been doing a little every night, or almost every night. I just realized last night that instead of using DMC color #3354, I am using DMC color #3854! It's the light pink in the carnations. I'm hoping that it won't be a problem down the line, cause I have come a little too far to frog it now! This just makes this stitch that much more "mine". I have no clue why this is taking me so long to get across. I have spent hours some nights and it just doesn't seem like I am getting anywhere. I do change out the colors a lot. I am afraid to do all one color at a time(the borders would be okay), 'cause I know that I will miss count and have to frog a lot, so I wouldn't make that much more progress anyway. Oh well, I will just plug's not like there's a deadline or anything. I am enjoying this very much, I still like working with the linen, and I will probably do a lot more projects with linen. Sorry about the quality of the picture, it's a little fuzzy. I think I just noticed a stitch I missed in the top biggy, I will just have to add it in...

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Where to from here...?

Okay, I have to do it...I am really, really, really upset! So, I am going to complain. I will apologize now, cause I know I will need to.

After giving me the Art department in the store I work in to clean up and organize, I have been told that I spend way too much time there, cleaning and organizing. I was told that it is costing the owner $50 an hour to have me working in a departmant that doesn't bring in that much money. Okay...1) given that the department has been neglected for ten years, I think the time I spend fixing it, divided over the ten years is not costing him $50 an hour...if I were to divide that, maybe, just maybe, I am spending ten minutes a day. 2) I am not making that much I don't think with "all" my benefits and taxes, etc. that it's costing him $50 an hour to have me around. Plus, the fact that I am making the department so much more presentable, he'll be making more from it and since it is organized, he won't be spending as much to stock it.

I owe the freakin' federal gov't $537 dollars for last year. I was unemployed for 6 months of it. DAMN! And I know there are those who make hundreds of thousands of dollars a year that aren't paying anything, or close to nothing.

My tooth is absessed and I have no dental insurance and no money for a dentist...!

My daughter just came in, after she punched my front door and broke a panel in it, because she was so angry at her girlfriend for doing a really stupid thing. I won't go into that...believe me it was very stupid!

Okay, I'm done ranting. Sorry again!

I need a cup of tea. Ew..I think I started brewing a cup just before I started this rant.

Sorry again!