Saturday, November 06, 2010

Oh my!

It's thirty freakin' pages long my friends! Thirty freakin' pages!
My clock...the last post?
See Ya sometime in the future!

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

It's About Time

Fractal 267

Finished size:
14 count: 21.5" x 22.25”
Stitches: 300w x 310h

Sorry about the small-ish picture. I was tickled that I could get anything at all. If you want to see a bigger picture of it google cross stitch fractal #267. It will be under xs-collectibles.

This is about a cross stitch project I have been mooning over for a year. I have plans for it. It will probably take me most of next year to finish it completely. I am going to make it a clock! Yes...can you believe that? A Clock! I just thought it would look cool up over my fireplace. I will have to make some adjustments, like changing the colors where the hands are, so the hands are not there. I am going to have a shadow box frame made so that I can enclose the whole thing behind glass. Then there will be the actually hands I do put on it. They need to be special.

I'm doing it on simple white, 14 count Aida, the image will be 21-1/2" by 22-1/4". I couldn't decide between the 14 and 18 counts, but the store decided for me, they didn't have a big enough piece of 18 count for the project. It'll be easier for me to stitch on the 14 count anyway. Besides it'll be a more substantial piece in my front room with the 14.

I can't wait to get started. I have about a week to go before the charts get here. I picked up all the floss and the Aida yesterday, so I think while I am waiting I will sew a grid on my cloth, to keep the counting more accurate on my part.

I don't think I have been this excited over a project for a while!