Thursday, March 30, 2017

Sun, Sand and Sea BOM 2017

March's block(s).
YAY! I finally got it done. Well, it was done a couple of days ago and then life took over. GAH!
I couldn't figure out how I wanted to finish it, then it got down to the wire and I had to do something. I did  a little hand stitching, and a lot of machine stitching. It's not my best, but I learned from it. One thing I learned was that I needed to throw out all of my Steam-A-Seam and get some new stuff. Then don't wait so long to use it! I had to iron, then re-iron the pieces, they wouldn't stick! So everything is sew down in one way or another!

I think I will put this up in my bedroom or bathroom to remind me of the sunny beaches I used to live by. It may help me get through these long, dark, PNW winters!!!

Saturday, March 25, 2017

The Last...


I was getting pretty panicked that I wouldn't get through my goals for our red month in RSC 2017. Red seems to have wanted to be my nemesis for some reason. I think I used up a half a spool of thread ripping stuff apart! Meh!

It finally all came together and the last few days I have been crocheting like a mad woman, trying to get a project finished up for my oldest daughter's visit at the end of April. This is the pile of what I have done so far. It's one of those Mermaid afghans. Last year she had sent me a picture and told me since I have all this time on my hands I should make her one. I snickered, and said something like, "Oh sure, I'll get right on it." (In a snarky tone. So she isn't expecting it.)

She called me yesterday to let me know that even though she is miserable at her job (just because of the way some administrators do their jobs) she is working solely for the fun. As in, every time she can take extra days off, she is going to do it. That being said, she has extended her stay here with me for a whole extra four days!!! YAY!

Of course, she made me promise a day in Seattle, She loves Pike's Place. I'm going to check on the construction that is going on. Last time we visited, it was a total pain. (My back, feet, head) No place to park...yeah, that's typical, but then we had to cross the street to avoid construction, then cross back over for more, then back again. I know it's necessary, but really?

So in between sewing blocks, frantically crocheting and feeding critters outside, the room mate and I started really going to town on the garden. It's roughly a 35' by 35' plot. He borrowed a rototiller for the tractor and tilled some under, then I got a "potato Fork" and started picking up rocks. We have's rock city here, and I'm not talking be-bopping type music here! I pulled two wheel barrows full of rocks. There are still small ones that wouldn't stay on the fork, so I have to go out and sit on my garden seat to get those. UGH! (I really wanted raised boxes, but that gets expensive. For next year, I am going to start making the raised boxes a little at a time.)

It was good exercise, and I slept good that night. The dogs did too, cause even though the little ones were in the dog yard, they could see us, and the two big guys were allowed out with us. I keep the little ones enclosed, because it's amazing how fast an eagle or hawk can swoop in and pick one of them up. No way do I want to do that!!! (They already took a cat of mine! :( )

So here are the last blocks of my Rainbow Scrap Challenge for March's red...

This was my first pain in the @$$. (Sorry!) I think it isn't quite square, and it's definitely under the measurements of the other QAYG stripey blocks, but I will just adjust everything down to the smallest one when all is said and done.

My boots in red. I'm still loving the boots, but my least favorite part of ALL of the blocks I am doing is the foundation piecing for the heel and foot part of the boot. I am just not getting it and it is a whole new learn it again session when I do the three boots for the month. But, hey! What else do I have to do???

I'm off to see what the rest of you lovely people have done this week. Join me over at Angela's blog, for the party! See ya there!

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Seeing Red!

As we all are this month at the RSC 2017.

Well. I've been in the sidelines. I have sewn, a lot! I got so many red scraps taken care of. I still have a ton. And three more planned blocks...the boots. I may get to them this evening. I have been sewing all afternoon. I sewed on and off all week. A lot of off though, too much to do outside of sewing.

I'm going to finish up the boot blocks and then take my machine in for it's spa day, or week, what ever it takes. The poor thing is in desperate need of a tune up. I have put more mileage on it this year than all the other time I have owned it.

So without further ado... the RED...

This one was one I did years ago, 2013 I think. I decided to throw it in, instead of throwing it away. I'm not in love with it, but when you take blocks like this and add them in with others they turn out okay.

These are my contribution of Tula Pink's blocks from my 100 Modern Quilt Blocks book.

 Then my Wonky Log Cabins.

And two of my three quilt as you go strip blocks. I don't know where the first of the three went. It's probably in the RSC 2017 storage bin. I'll find it and get it listed next Saturday with the boot blocks.

Now I'm off to see everyone else's pretties!