Monday, March 29, 2010


It's been a while hasn't it??? Sorry. I was here all the time, I just wasn't present. The past month has been a roller coaster ride of sorts and I have finally gotten myself off the ride...for the most part.

What set me on the roller coaster ride in the first place was a move I HAD to make but was afraid to put into motion. I had to ask my middle daughter to move out. Several people encouraged me to do it. Police, my medical doctor and my psychologist...yes I now have a psychologist, are amongst the encouragers. What I had to do was so hard, but she was not trying to grow up and out of here, she was just partying in her little house in the back and bringing all sort of mankind around. Some of them less than what I would call good citizens. So for my safety and the safety of others who live here, it had to be done.

Of course, taking this step plunged me into a depression, hence the psychologist. She and I have been working together bi-weekly since January actually. I have meds, which is really helping me be level mooded. (is that a real thing?)

I am happy to say that I am happy! For a change. I am feeling as though there is something I can do here at home and out there in the world. I do not have a brain full of chaos. The house is no longer chaotic as well. OD and I will be the only residents for now. We will be able to plan out our schedules of cooking and cleaning and paying bills and buying food and going out and coming in. It will be nice to know what to expect!

This morning I got up and did the usual cup o' java and the computer. I got tired of sitting so went into my craft room and decided on some fabric to make a little cover for my Kindle. The prices for the ones from Amazon are fair, I just don't want to pay those prices. I am making one from materials and things I have around here, so it is kind of "free". I just had to spend some imagination.

I took pictures, and tried to put them on the computer, but the computer and camera apparently had a falling out and aren't speaking. Literally. There is NO communication between the two of them. Awkward! Imagine being the third party in a situation like this...

As soon as I can get the two of them to reconcile I will send along pictures of my creation. I like it. It's really cute.

Hope you are all having a wonderful week!