Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Why do people always say, "Why did you get a dog?" "Who named you?" (to the dog) "You gotta watch these dogs, they are big." Oh duh, she's a German Shepherd. Have you ever seen a mini german shepherd?

I haven't and probably if I did I would have to have one, or ten. And would you question someone's choice for a name for their human baby? Really? Would you? (Well, okay, there are a few I question, Blanket, Apple, Rocket Jet Fuel or what ever that one is, but if those were dogs names, no one would question them.) Except my neighbor.

We'll call her Ms. KnowItAll, Ms. K. for short. I'm sure you all have one or two in your lives. This one is related to me too, (shirt tail type relative)

I try to be nice. If I feel I can't be nice, I make excuses for getting away quickly. Like, I need to go finish up dinner for Dad, or Dad's on his way to bed I need to make sure he is safely tucked in...all legitimate excuses. My poor Dad. He doesn't know how many times I have dropped his name.

The woman is nice enough. As long as you are talking about...lets say, the fact that my car is blue. She can't dispute it. She knows she can't change it. She knows that when I bought the car, it was not for the color alone. So there is no arguing or telling me how much better I could have done, or that I shouldn't have gone with the blue truck at all.

I came home from a walk with my daughter, because she is all understanding why I got this dog. She knows I have lots of experience with them, that I love these dogs above all others (except Tootsie), and I know, know how to train them.

Ms. KnowItAll just happened to be in the front yard messing with her dead truck. It just died. She came over to say hi and I told her dog Butch that I had a surprise for him to meet. Well the stupid, not well thought out, mean questions started.

Ms. K:"Why did you get a dog?"

Me: I wanted one. I wanted a German Shepherd.

Ms. K.: "What's her name?"

Me: "Willow"

Ms. K.: to the dog, in front of me, "Who named you?"

Me: "Me"

Ms. K.: "You gotta watch these dogs....(see first paragraph)

Me: getting a little annoyed, "I have trained three dogs before this. Two German Shepherds, and one Belgium Malinois. I suggest you look up the Belgium Malinois, because those are the dogs you have to watch...Oh hey, I need to go and check dinner, Dad's probably getting hungry."

We had been gathering each evening for walks. Her daughter, who is my nephews wife, my nephew, Ms. K. and I would take their three dogs and my Dad's two dogs and mine. I think I will not be joining them all for walks in the evenings. I will handle the four dogs on my own. I don't think I can be nice that long any more.

Why am I so defensive? Why are there so many of these people around me that feel they have to save me from myself. I am thinking that could be a tad late anyway, I am, after all 60 years old. I can and do think for myself.

I'm just feeling pushed upon for some reason. I took some cuter pictures of my new baby WILLOW...snicker, snicker.



This is what three walks in one day does to a puppy.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

She's home!

That is Tootsie on the left and my new baby, Willow on the right. I have waited a few weeks for this dog! I looked for a shepherd for months and finally found Willow close to where I live. My dream come true.
Now I just have a few months of nightmares to go through before she is comfortable and not crying for her mama and littermates. It will be worth it. Now if we can just not make my dad mad, we will be fine!