Thursday, August 27, 2009

This makes me happy/sad

New Details About Abducted GirlKidnapped at age 11, Jaycee Lee Dugard was kept in a shed for 18 years by a convicted sex offender.
Captor Fathered 2 Kids

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Y'All Are Probably Going to Get Tired Of This

I just paid for Monthly Pass on over at Weight Watchers. I have to do something about this rather large pile of fat sitting at my computer morning, noon and night. It's getting in the way of my life and happiness.
I am going to my first (8,434,914th) meeting tonight. I will be there at 6:30 to get all the literature, weigh-in, and talk to my new leader. I have started and stopped meetings more than some of you have _____________ fill in the blank. (make it something you do quite often)
I had a little trouble getting all the eyes dotted and the tees crossed and during this (supposedly painless) process, I was thinking, "Oh, here I go again...I am trying to sabotage myself before I even get in the truck to go to the damned meeting!"
I have to lose the weight. It's getting hard to breath properly. My other foot is giving me fits, My knees, hips, yada, yada, yada. You have heard all the complaints from me.
I bought a nice little leather type journal the other day, just because I liked it. As I was signing up for the Monthly Pass, I started thinking I could use that little journal for keeping track of eveything weight-wise. It'll do well for notes from the meetings too. Instead of using their trackers, or journals, or whatevers.
With the Monthly Pass I have access to WeightWatchers Online as well, so I can look up everything I need to know. I can carry all the literature around with me so when I have a moment, I can look it over and memorize what I need to know.
I'll have more information after the meeting. For now I need to go and get something to eat before I go, because I know if I don't, afterward I will be starving. I know better than to let myself get to that. I will have sabotaged my first day before it was even a whole day! (Did that makes any sense at all???)

Monday, August 24, 2009

New Week, New Attitude

And it's not a good attitude.
After all that work I got accomplished last week, this week...NOTHING!
I got up late this morning, and there was no energy present. At all. I rarely sleep in past 6:30. 6:30 is the latest, otherwise I feel as though I wasted an entire day. I was up at the crack of 9:30 this morning. I hate that. HATE. IT! As the day has progressed, it's just gotten worse.
I had to forcibly drag myself from the house to go buy some much needed T-shirts for work. The ones I had were very holey and becoming pretty ris-kay. (I don't know how to spell that correctly) I also needed shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, shower gel, that kind of stuff which I always buy all at once at the Target closest to my house, it's less expensive there. I bought a few other goodies that I didn't have to have, but saw and wanted. I need new pants too, but those I will drag myself out to get tomorrow at Ross. I get the discount there on Tuesdays.
The back yard re-do sits as it was last Monday, there are still three cans and three bags of weeds in the back of my truck to be taken to the recyclers.
I have come to the conclusion that if I work full time, that is it. I do nothing else. If I work part time, I may be able to have some semblance of a life...without money though.
I'm just sick of this.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sunday Progress

Some more progress! Actually, as I look back over the previous progress pictures I can't believe how much we got done! We're talking one crippled up old lady and one kid at a time. We all have such different hours that getting all of us at once would not happen.
Monday, MD and I hauled off three garbage cans and three bags of weeds. It didn't take any time at all to get rid of it. Since the recycle yard takes it for free. From the looks of that place, everyone in town was pulling weeds! We did take three more of the cans and bags to the recycler, but we got there just as they were locking up the gates.
The piles of gravel that are left on the patio have to wait until I get the yard in back cleared out. That is where the gravel came from. It ws moved there by OD's boyfriend for some unknown reason years ago. I think I will by some weed block cloth and put that down after we pull all those weeds and before I put the gravel back.
Today, was going to be some light clean up. There is a huge cabinet in that part of the yard that MD threw out of her room. We started in on that yesterday, but didn't get too far into it. I am going to put that wood to use, by making MD a set of stair covers for her door. The wood that is on the stairs now keeps chipping away and they are getting kind of dangerous. I guess I will have to try to do that after work this week.
OD and I are on a mission today that we hadn't planned on. My Dad has to have surgery on a hernia. My sisters both have to work and since I am off we all decided that I would take him. He had told everyone that he and his girlfriend could manage. But after some thought and talking behind their backs, couldn't let them do that. She shouldn't be driving and he isn't going to be in any shape to drive. We feel lucky that he even shared any of the information about the surgery at all. Usually he tells us afterwards!
So all in all, I am extrememly pleased with what I got done this four day weekend. I only wish that I had more time every week to devote to taking care of the property. Since my feet are feeling better I may be able to do little bits after work on some days. I'm going to take it one day at a time, cause I never know what my body is going to allow me to do. I'm not even all that sore right now!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Saturday Night, 9 O'Clock

Can't see much in the top right picture, because I took it as an after thought after YD came and did her thing. You can kind of see that there isn't as much weedy stuff going on.
YD just left with her "new" boyfriend. They came by after she got off work and pitched in a, a lot on the backyard project. She got out her machete and whacked away on the thistles and rose stems along the fence. I hadn't even thought about getting to that side yet. Now all I have to do over there is rake and pull the smaller stuff.
I got quite a bit done today. All along the wall of the house is basically cleaned up. There's just a few more little weeds under a Camelia bush that is huge in gerth. It's a little hard for me to get under there, but tomorrow I will tackle that first thing, before I start feeling sore. I managed to fill up two garbage cans and one big constuction trash bag. (Donated by the boyfriend) Then there is a half of a smaller yard garbage sized bag, that wasn't tough enough at all.
I got my two surviving tomato bushes caged up with some welded fencing that I had gotten from work. I have to staple that down so the plants don't grow and knock them over. Hopefully I will get a tomato that I can actually eat from the plants now. Up 'til now, the tomatoes have just been homegrown balls for the little dog to play with, or at least that is what she thought!

Friday, August 14, 2009

The Agenda

Today when I get home, I am doing some things that I would normally do over the course of my regular weekend. That involves the deeper cleaning of the front room and kitchen. I will probably throw in my laundry since that pretty much does itself anyway.
I bought two pairs of gloves yesterday. I have gloves, has anybody seen them lately? Thay are probably out under some bushes in the backyard. Which means bugs live in them now. Two pairs, just in case someone wants to help out. (MD? Do You hear me?) I also have all my tools at the ready.
I'm putting the speakers from my stereo out the bedroom window, so I can rock on while cleaning up and I am making a gigantic jar of iced tea so I have some refreshments ready when I need them.
I am hoping that a little fog is in the forecast for the weekend. That would make it so much easier to stay out there and dig in. I'm ready, I'm even a little excited. I may see my patio by Monday!!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Please, will y'all hold me accountable?

I am thinking that if I tell you guys that I am going to do something and show you before pictures maybe I will do some. thing.
I have the 15th, 16th, 17th and 18th off this week. YAY! for me!
I do not want to waste all that wonderful time off. So I am thinking that I will get out in the yard and work. I should be able to get at least a little done, after all, I am only going to be at work three days, my feet should be able to hold up another two to three days, Tuesday I will rest. Probably with my feet in a vat of ice.
Now, when I show you the pictures, don't judge. I have not been physically able to do much in the way of yard work, so the yard looks more like a jungle. I am hoping that I can get the patio portion of the yard cleared. I have three empty garbage cans to put green waste in, that the scavenger company will pick up for free on Monday. I KNOW I can fill those up in a small amount of time. I can also take green garbage to the recyclers for free. Plus, they will take wood and furniture free as well. This should only cost me a couple of gallons of gas.

Looks like I need another Magical Mexican!
Wish me luck!
Get on my Ass if I don't do it.
Don't back down...I am sick and tired of finding reasons and excuses why I cannot take care of this yard!
Oh yeah. That's not my kayak, that is one my daughter is trying out. Um yeah...trying out.

Monday, August 10, 2009

About the craft room

I was looking through some old posts and came across the first one I posted about painting the room. Ya know...I still haven't finished it. I got one and a half walls painted, which is the norm for me. I rarely ever do anything straight down to the finish line. I think it is because my dad told me once in my formative years that I never finish anything, either that or he was just right. I always start out planning to finish, but I get so excited to use whatever it is that I am working on that I just start using it and it doesn't get finished. Or I find something else that I want to do and can't wait to get started. So I start and the first project goes by the wayside. And this is why my house looks like it does. An old joke in my family is that everything is permanently temporary.
So yeah. The craft room. I couldn't wait to use it. So I started moving furniture in and placing bookshelves and tables and dressers where I wanted them. Then I just found my chair so I could sit and do my hand work, that got brought in, with it's cute not so small ottoman. Now the room has this little path from the door to the TV, that branches off to the sewing table. I can either head right to the TV or left to the sewing table. I actually go left and then grab the remotes and turn on the TV.
The room is so packed with stuff that it seems like it would be impossible to get anything done in there. On the other hand it is really, really cozy and homey feeling. It's like being in a cocoon. Safe and comfy. The room? It's great to go off and close myself up in. If the girls are being verbal and loud at each other, I wander off in there, close the curtain (there's no door) and grab a book or some stitching and just be in peace (relative peace, I can still hear muffled arguements going on).
I just need to get in there and finish some projects! New habits are hard to form, but since I love being in there, it shouldn't be too hard to start.
Hope your week is a great one!

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Yada, yada, yada

I'm just checking in.
I have tried to write two posts but they didn't set well with me when I got part of the way through them.
So they got deleted.
The two girls of mine who still live here are both out tonight.
It's quiet in the house. But not in the hood. Someone just set off a M-80...or bigger. I don't know, it was just loud. And now my big dog is pacing and slobbering.
Why do they feel the need to do that? I think they need attention.
My YD is getting ansy. Her goal in life is to have her own training center. She and I had planned to get some property and start one. But the economy got in the way and she had a little set back last year. That set us back three years. She and a friend were talking the other day. (that can get dangerous) YD called me and asked me to ask a friend of mine what he is doing with his property. She wants to lease it and start her training center. My friend is a very private person...I think he will not go for that, but I told her I would ask, so I will. (Me thinks he will say no thank you)
Work sucks.
While I was off Sunday one of the girls started one of those post office games...or is it telephone? Anyway, she said something to someone else (about a co-worker)and it went around the store. (Like I don't get enough drama at home, I have to work around it too) By the time it got through everyone who was there, it did some major damage. And caused some major drama that got quite loud. I'm so pleased I missed the whole damned thing. Of course, I had to hear it from two different people today when I got back. Yay! I am so happy they think they need to keep me up to date. The idiot who started the whole thing knew full well, that when I got wind of it I would take her out to the back and tell her to keep her trap shut. I didn't; but only because when she came to work she got into her little corner of the world and avoided me all day long. Yes! Silence is golden! I'm not a boss or a manager or anything. The manager doesn't like to get into stuff like this (until it affects the workings of the store or the customers) So to avoid letting it get to that point and since I could care less if some of them at work like me or not, I tell the young ones when enough is enough. In so many words, with an attitude. I just don't like working with pissy little girls. (some of the guys are pretty bad at times too) Tomorrow, a friend of mine will be back at work after her weekend and since she was involved in all this, and she is OLDER...I am going to have a talk with her. What she does and says there can directly affect me, because I recommended her for the job. Tomorrow, I tell her to just do her job and leave the crap at the door. Better yet, leave it at home, in the closet, in a little box in the back that has a lock on it...lose the key. She is just too old to be joining in on these shenanigans.
Do I sound like a bitch? Yeah, probably. I don't like work that much anyway, I certainly don't like going in to stuff like this.
Okay, I have stepped off my soap box.
DAMN! Speaking of soap. I want to make my own. I have been gathering the ingredients. I went to Safeway tonight on my way home and forgot to check if they have the last ingredient I need. Ah well...tomorrow's another day.
I'm going to go read a while before I go to sleep. I finished my friend's book. He said the next one is coming out in a few months. I can't wait. I forget what he said it is titled. The one I just finished is called "Bootlegger's Cove" It is a true to life work of fiction. It was good. I liked it because I used to fish commercially about the same time he was fishing and the book is partially about that. I could relate to some of it.
Now I am reading "House Rules". I'll be done with it in about a week. Another book I can't set down.
Okay, I have rambled on enough. See you all later! Have a good one!

Saturday, August 01, 2009

My YD's Birthday today!

"The Binks" is 22 today! Happy Birthday Sweetie!
Twenty two years of laughter, tears, frustration, fear, triumph, and lots of love!
What can I say about my baby except that it has all been wonderful and I am looking forward to what life has to offer her and what she does with it. I am proud of her and what she has done so far...even the hard to love parts!