Tuesday, December 16, 2014

More On the BIG Move

I didn't exactly get the house I wanted to begin with, but I sure love the house I ended up with!
It's on five acres, the house is a barn that had been rebuilt from the studs in. The house is cute as a button...cute, cute, cute! The sellers were very dead on with their choice of colors. At first, I thought , "No, I can't do this." But the more I thought about the bright reds, yellows and oranges they used, the more it grew on me.
It's two bedrooms, two baths. Just big enough for my daughter and I. The land is already fenced on three sides, so we only need to take care of the one side. (and luckily that side is a short one, only 332 feet!)
Closing date is mid January, so we will be moving slow up to the north in the dead of winter. Never let anyone tell you I do things by the norm!
Pictures soon!