Tuesday, December 29, 2009

They Pulled It Off

OD and YD pulled Christmas off for me. I had next to nothing to give, not enough money to really do anything with and yet, we all banded together at their urgings and managed to get something for each of us from each of us. It was just fun to see what we came up with.
We had dinner at my dad's house with him and his girlfriend. She is a wonderful woman. She cooks the simplest foods and yet it feels gourmet. I am glad we got to spend that time with them.
Unfortunately, at dinner my dad was asking how everything was going. And how MD is and where she is. (Of course, she was glaringly absent from the table) I don't like lying to him, but telling him the truth about where MD was is not something I want to bring up at Christmas dinner. So I told him she had to work. In actuality, she has moved. It was not a fun move for either of us.
I have hope for the New Year. I hope I get better. I hope MD gets better...really better. I hope she learns about real life and what she needs to do to make it a good life. I hope I can get my house and home back to where it should be.
I know YD and OD will help me pull that off too.
My wish is that all of you have the best New Year possible and that we can continue our Bloggy Internet friendships throughout the year!

Monday, December 07, 2009

Commercials I Love

I know I need a life...maybe I watch too much TV...every single time the TV is on and this commercial starts up, EVERYTHING stops and I sit and watch it. I can't tell you how much pleasure I get from this commercial. Now it's on my blog and I will probably watch it many, many more times. (BTW, I have Geico insurance, I've never been attacked by a pothole)

Here's another one: It's older, but still cracks me up when I see it, "Sorry, Roger, You Tiger now!"