Monday, December 31, 2007

The Six Hour Vacation

I absolutely cannot believe the difference six little ol' hours will make. Of course it all depends on what you fill that six hours with. One of my bestest friends in the world had to make a trip out here from Nebraska to bring her daughter's car to her. Her son in law is stationed in Monterey for two years. Well, ya know if you drive 1500 miles to get somewhere, another 70 makes no difference. So My friend and her husband called me and said they were going to be up my way to "have lunch". Can we join them? Well, since I had a little money left from what my dad gave me for Christmas, I decided that we could do that. My oldest daughter, her boyfriend and I met them in San Francisco and did the tourist thing with them. We walked around mainly, but we did have honest to goodness crab sandwiches, and went to Ghirardelli Square (which was closed, dammit) and then off to the Red & White Fleets tour of Alcatraz. That is a one hour boat ride to under the Golden Gate bridge and then around Alcatraz and back. We ended our day with Dreyer's Ice Cream cones and headed home. I feel so good now. I am exhausted,but so happy. I haven't seen this girlfriend in seven or so years.

We also encountered "The Bush Man". No, he is not a guy on the street singing the praises of our president. He has random cuttings from bushes that he hides behind and jumps out and scares tourists. This guy is a kick! I talked him into a couple of pictures with my daughter.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

And off she went....

Binks and that mare. Oh my gosh! They became one in an instant. Luckily, we were inside other fences that Binks couldn't undo from the top of the horse, so I just let her go, and kept an eye out for what was going on. They walked around the ranch for about a half an hour and then mosied on back. Both wanted a snack. I just couldn't believe that what had taken me almost thirty years to accomplish, my three year old had figured out in a few weeks, just being around that horse. They were definitely a pair, and inseparable for the next three years. What I didn't know, was that this was to set the stage for my youngest daughter's future. At the end of those three years, I lost my marriage, and was close to the bone with money and food and paying bills so I had to find a new home for Fad. It was heartbreaking. The kids tried to understand, but you know and I know that they really didn't get it.
Every waking moment for years after that, Binks spent figuring out how to get a horse, work around horses, drawing horses, learning every last little minute detail about horses. My other two daughters could either take them or leave them. They liked Barbies and make up, swimming and birthday parties. Binks liked horses. I know what she felt. They give a person the feeling of power and love and freedom.
Her dad made arrangements for her to work on a ranch down the road from us. He got her there and home on the weekends, so she had a chance to hone her skills. She had a knack with the horses. While she was at the ranch they would let her pick which ever one she wanted to work with. She always picked the crazy ones. They soon found that she could calm almost any horse, so they started having her calm the crazy ones they bought, so they could rent them to the public. She had found her niche.
But we moved, and then her dad moved, so there was a time when she didn't have a horse under her again. She found a job with a woman who did pony parties for special occasions. That woman soon found what skills Binks had and worked her to the bone. Binks made some good money with her though, she was almost running the entire business towards the end.

I got a phone call from Binks yesterday at work. She sounded very disconnected. All she wanted to know is if she got any money for Christmas. How does one react to that? I just told her no one got anything for Christmas. I just wanted to scream at her, "What the hell did I do wrong???" But I didn't, I just told her there was an important letter for her at the house, where did she want me to send it. She said she'd pick it up. But I don't know when. Damn, this is really starting to wear on me.

Saturday, December 29, 2007


That's her nickname. She is the last of four children. She came to me sick, on August 1, 1987. She had holes in her heart. I found out she had holes when she was six weeks old. I had spent one night in a panic, because every time she took a bottle, she would choke and vomit it up. I slept with her on my chest so I could hear her breathing, or choking. I took her to Kaiser the next morning, they checked her out, and told me to bring her back Wednesday when the heart specialist was there, saying she has a big heart murmur. I panicked again! You mean I have to try to keep this baby alive for four days by myself?!? Yep, That's what they meant.

We went back, the heart specialist said, "We have to admit her immediately, she is not in good shape." Well, in my rough way, I blurted out, "No sh*t Shamus." They admitted her, then stabilized her. Kept her from me for four days. Which is where God stepped in, in his mysterious way and let the rest of the family come down with a horrible flu. I was so grateful that she wasn't around in her weakened state to catch it from the rest of us. (I can always find that silver lining)
For two years, she was on medications for her heart. They never saw fit to do surgery, so I figured that she'd be fine. The last thing any heart type doctor said to me back then was, that the holes had healed and she has one small hole where the larger of the two had been. She'd be fine enough to live a normal life.
She certainly was a charmer. Her dad is an alcoholic. (recovering now) Back then he was in and out of AA meetings and made lots of friends that would come by the house to chat or have coffee, anything to not drink. Soon, some were coming by just to hold Binks. I thought it was strange. They would come in and ask immediately where she was. I'd call her from her bedroom, and she would run to them and laugh and jump up in their laps. It was these guys who did well in the AA rooms. I was told many times by them that they just felt a calm when she was sitting with them, pulling their beards or mustaches. She was a big help to them when they felt an urge to fall off their wagons. It made me proud.
When she was three, my grandmother passed away and left my mother's portion of her will to my sisters and I. I paid all my bills off and went in search of a horse for my girls and I to play with. I didn't want the girls to sit in front of the TV and wanted them to understand responsibility and play really hard outside. I found an eighteen year old mare, who was as gentle as a kitten and bought her. We set out every day to clean her and brush her. Take care of her stall and paddock. All of us would do something to make that mare comfortable, and then we would all ride her for a while. Binks took to this life like a fish to a pond. She loved it and seemed to have a knack for all things horsey. Occasionally, she and I would go to the horse when her sisters were in school. One day in particular, I was raking out the stall and I heard her talking to Fad (the mare). So I stopped what I was doing and watched her from behind the stall door. She would push the horse's rump toward the fence and then go to her front legs and push again. Then back to her rump. Soon, she had the mare right up against the fence, leaning on it. Then, she went under the mare's belly and climbed up the fence. She scooted over by the gate and unlooped the rope that held the gate closed. I was starting to get a little nervous, but I wanted to see what she would do, and more so what the mare would do. Then she scooted back to the mare's mid section and pulled herself up. Now mind you, there's only a halter on this mare. No bridle, no reins, no lead rope. Just a halter. She told the mare to back up, and she did! The gate swung open and out they went. I just stood there with my mouth open in amazement.
More tomorrow. I'm pooped.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Tomorrow may be the day

I may start talking about my youngest daughter. People at work have seen her around town. I don't live in the same town I work in, but we are all from there. So I know she is alive, I know she hates me right now, and I don't even really know why. But I need to get this out of my system. I may start from her beginnings, she has a great history, I just hope her future is as exciting! I'm gonna try, it's going to be painful, but if I spill my guts, maybe I will feel just a tad better about the new year coming up and all that I have to accomplish. Until tomorrow, sweet dreams

Thursday, December 27, 2007

New Year's Eve

So my middle daughter in all her wisdom makes this great suggestion. "Hey Mom, how would you like to spend a nice quiet New Year's Eve in a hotel room? All nice and relaxing and all. You could watch movies and eat all kinds of food...." Me: "No Becca, you may not have a party here New Year's Eve." Her: "Fine then I'm having a party in my room." Eh...NOT!
Now they have decided that instead of renting a room for me, they could rent one for themselves. What a genius! I would have suggested that to her, but it would have been my idea, and therefore no good.
Every single time I leave for more than a day, that girl has a party. She wants to be liked and in order to be liked these days, I guess you have to put on a raging party. I wouldn't mind so much, but even though she is 21 and MOST of her friends are, she has no clue as to how to weed out the idiots that invariably show up and screw everything up for everyone else. (Which could include me, and I ain't going for it.)
So, I get to have a nice peaceful evening, eat lots of good food and watch movies, without spending a dime. Well, except for the food. I may ring in the new year in a bubble bath. Awww, that would be nice, and mounds of chocolate, and all kinds of good eats.
So what are your plans to ring in the new year?

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Another Day Closer

I finally made it to work today. It was exhausting. I forget I am as old as I am, especially at times like these. When I was twenty, I would have been out partying even though I knew I was sick. I always figured drinking would cure all ills. All it did was make me forget I was sick! Now, this thing had me down for the count, and I am not bouncing back like I used to. I asked my boss if I could work tomorrow. It's usually a day off for me, but I need to make up the time. She says she has no problem with that and she is going to be short some people. Teenagers mostly, so what the heck! It's a short day anyway, I go in at 9 get out at 2. Besides, I still have to pick up the garage door opener for my dad's girlfriend to give him for Christmas. I was supposed to order that weeks ago. Goes to show you what's been on my mind! Nothing, no brains cells, no thoughts, nothing, not even water on the brain!
I picked out some color samples from work for the room. I got turquoisey, agua, green blue colors. I think I am going to take some before pictures. Of course that may disgust some of you at the shape of the room now. Of course it is 100% better than it was just after my daughter left. But I'd like some shots for myself so I can see my progress too. I am going with some fairly tropical colors. I thought that would be cheery. It is a room that I plan on spending a lot of time in, so I want a vacationy feel.
Every time I feel I have an extra $25 I'm going to buy myself a Best Buy gift card. When I have enough, I am going to buy myself a nice stereo system for that room too. It's the only way I will be able to save up for something like that. If it's on a card, I can't spend it on something practical like say, food, or something obnoxious like that!
Well, got to go get ready for bed! Night all!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Sunshine in My Backyard...

Makes me happy. It is sunny here today. I am sorry to all of you who have clouds, rain, snow, freezey weather going on. And I am sorry to those of you who have had sunshine, but want/need rain. We really want/need more. I am not feeling good, and the warmth that the sun sends through my big window in the back of the front room feels so good. I wish I were a kitty so I could curl up comfortably on the floor in the sun and soak it in! It is still cold outside, just sunny and warm inside.

We did get the infamous truck fixed this morning. I had picked up and yet another alternator at the parts place and it fit. I was going to put it on last night, so I could relax today at work, but it was hard for one person to finagle and it was cold, I was tired, etc., etc. so I gave it up. I was going to go to work this morning, but the crud had other plans for me and I ended up calling in sick again. My daughter asked if I could give her a ride to work after she and her boyfriend went surfing at 10. I said well, why don't you get your boyfriend over here and we'll finish the alternator install and you can drive yourself. She offered that we maybe could just do it ourselves. So we did! I am happy, she is happier, and away she went. Surfing, then off to work. YAY! I am free again.

I am still hacking away at this crud, but I am restless when I stay home so many days. I figured I would do some lightweight work. I went in and put all the boxes of my youngest daughter's stuff that I had packed away for her, in the closet. I then proceeded to take all the billions of pictures off the walls that she taped up there so carefully. (With about a hundred miles of tape) I put those in a box for safe keeping. I labeled everything I packed, and made it all safe. God forbid that something would happen after I touch her stuff. One more thing for her to place blame on me. I looked around at the room to see what I can do to it to make it mine. It is going to be my new sewing room again. I had originally planned on doing that before she came home the last time, about a year ago. My sewing room went on hold. I have to put new glass in a window that she broke and fix the crank on the window. Then, I will scrape all the wax off the window sill that melted there, because somebody doesn't know about not putting candles in the window where the sun shines in. Ahem...

When I am feeling better I will take down the bookshelves that I built in the dining room and rebuild them to fit in that room. Before I do that, I will need to paint. Which means I have to get on a ladder and pull down all the stars that the girls put on the ceiling years ago. That should prove to be fun. I love ladders! (NOT) Oh man, this is making a can of worms open up here. I am thinking about all the befores I have to do before...geez! I guess I had better go and brain storm a list of things to do in the room. Ya know? And everyone always wonders why I never get everything done.

Thanks for stopping by. And if I haven't told you all, already, Merry, merry Christmas and Happy New Year. But I'll see you before it all takes place I am sure. I'll be back!

Thursday, December 20, 2007


That's her nickname. She is the last of four children. She came to me sick, on August 1, 1987. She had holes in her heart. I found out she had holes when she was six weeks old. I had spent one night in a panic, because every time she took a bottle, she would choke and vomit it up. I slept with her on my chest so I could hear her breathing, or choking. I took her to Kaiser the next morning, they checked her out, and told me to bring her back Wednesday when the heart specialist was there, saying she has a big heart murmur. I panicked again! You mean I have to try to keep this baby alive for four days by myself?!? Yep, That's what they meant.
We went back, the heart specialist said, "We have to admit her immediately, she is not in good shape." Well, in my rough way, I blurted out, "No sh*t Shamus." They admitted her, then stabilized her. Kept her from me for four days. Which is where God stepped in, in his mysterious way and let the rest of the family come down with a horrible flu. I was so grateful that she wasn't around in her weakened state to catch it from the rest of us. (I can always find that silver lining)
For two years, she was on medications for her heart. They never saw fit to do surgery, so I figured that she'd be fine. The last thing any heart type doctor said to me back then was, that the holes had healed and she has one small hole where the larger of the two had been. She'd be fine enough to live a normal life.
She certainly was a charmer. Her dad is an alcoholic. (recovering now) Back then he was in and out of AA meetings and made lots of friends that would come by the house to chat or have coffee, anything to not drink. Soon, some were coming by just to hold Binks. I thought it was strange. They would come in and ask immediately where she was. I'd call her from her bedroom, and she would run to them and laugh and jump up in their laps. It was these guys who did well in the AA rooms. I was told many times by them that they just felt a calm when she was sitting with them, pulling their beards or mustaches. She was a big help to them when they felt an urge to fall off their wagons. It made me proud.
When she was three, my grandmother passed away and left my mother's portion of her will to my sisters and I. I paid all my bills off and went in search of a horse for my girls and I to play with. I didn't want the girls to sit in front of the TV and wanted them to understand responsibility and play really hard outside. I found an eighteen year old mare, who was as gentle as a kitten and bought her. We set out every day to clean her and brush her. Take care of her stall and paddock. All of us would do something to make that mare comfortable, and then we would all ride her for a while. Binks took to this life like a fish to a pond. She loved it and seemed to have a knack for all things horsey. Occasionally, she and I would go to the horse when her sisters were in school. One day in particular, I was raking out the stall and I heard her talking to Fad (the mare). So I stopped what I was doing and watched her from behind the stall door. She would push the horse's rump toward the fence and then go to her front legs and push again. Then back to her rump. Soon, she had the mare right up against the fence, leaning on it. Then, she went under the mare's belly and climbed up the fence. She scooted over by the gate and unlooped the rope that held the gate closed. I was starting to get a little nervous, but I wanted to see what she would do, and more so what the mare would do. Then she scooted back to the mare's mid section and pulled herself up. Now mind you, there's only a halter on this mare. No bridle, no reins, no lead rope. Just a halter. She told the mare to back up, and she did! The gate swung open and out they went. I just stood there with my mouth open in amazement.
More tomorrow. I'm pooped.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The Beat Goes On...

Remember that song? Sonny and Cher. Anyway, that's random, not what I came on for.

My oldest daughter came home yesterday with the drive belt to her truck in her hand and said, "Look what happened Mom!" Geez! I'm very sorry to say that I never taught my oldest about anything mechanical. She heard a noise in her engine, the day before yesterday and then decided yesterday that she would maybe need oil in it. Two minutes before the belt blew off. Umm, yeah, oil. She had called me from her cell phone and asked me if we had oil. Well, not being the mechanical daughter, I'm thinking cooking oil. So, I went and looked in the cupboard and sure enough, we had oil. I told her we have a little olive oil left, but if she was doing something big, she might want to pick up some more. She just laughed at me. (What are mothers for anyway?) Then explained which oil she really wanted. Two, three minutes later, is when she walked in with the belt. So, I had her call the local parts people, and they had the belt we needed. We ran up and got one. Came home and between the daughter, her boyfriend and I managed to change that sucker out. BUT, we couldn't get the tensioner to work right. So, I went to work this morning, did what absolutely had to be done and then went to buy a new tensioner for it. That was not an easy thing to get put on with the belt in the right place. So, the boyfriend calls his dad, and the dad comes over, can't make it work, so he calls another friend who KNOWS what he's doing and we get the belt back on. YAY!!!! We started that baby up and OMG! what a racket it made. Something else isn't right. We studied it for a while (a long while). Turns out that the bearing had gone out in her alternator, making the belt do some funny stuff and in turn snapping, and breaking the tensioner. (The tensioner is a fragile part), So maybe tomorrow, I will pick up an alternator, and get her back on the road. I took her to work tonight, and will pick her up, but she has school in the morning for finals. I told her she'd have to get on the phone and make some arrangements or take the bus, because I can't afford another day off work!

I said the beat goes on, because, EVERY Christmas one of our cars breaks down. EVERY Christmas. So, we're on schedule people! It is the Holiday Season, and I have not been left out, nope not at all. It's all good. We have the money to fix it. Thanks to being gifted money from my dad. My daughter feels bad about that, but I said what the hay! You need your car, we have the money...It's all good! My resolution for next year is going to be...I am joining a Christmas Club at my bank, so when a car breaks down we have something other than Christmas gift money to fix it. I had plans for the money. The plan will still go into effect, it will just take longer. Who cares? I have way more time than money.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

A little time...

As it gets closer to Christmas, I wonder how things will play out with my daughter. I have had so much wonderful support from you all. It sure makes things better. My sister came by my work yesterday with a birthday gift for that her. (Her birthday was back in August) I had to tell her that she had left. She told me to keep it for her, and she would call her and let her know it was here. So maybe I'll see her in the next few days. (My sister always gives a little token gift and money) That little dangling carrot may get her here and I can talk to her. Maybe, just maybe, because she is my daughter and as stubborn as me.

I visited my dad Friday and secretly checked out his garage door opener. His girlfriend wants me to order one for him for Christmas, cause his is broken. At 85 y/o, the door is a little hard for him to put up. (and here it is Sunday, I have not checked out the new garage door opener.)
I heard news about my daughter from one of my younger co-workers. My daughter is used to hanging out with the ranch hands in town, well, because she has always worked with them. They all go to each others' families Quintineras. (It's a party for the kids when they turn 15) My co-worker told me she had seen my daughter at a Quintinera the other night. But then she kinda scrunched her nose and said, "I thought you said she was smart!" I had said that, because I thought she was. "Yeeaahh, I did say that, why?" Then she tells me, "Well, she's hanging out with all the gansters!" Geeerrrate! Little Sh*t! I had a hard time saving her from a boyfriend last year who was a wanna be gangster, and she swore she wasn't going to get involved with all that again, and here she is. I wish I could say, that's it, I'm finished with her and all that, but I know better. She is beyond saving for the time being. I will probably get her back after something very hurtful (at best) has happened, and she needs help. The only thing that really bothers me, is that after all, she isn't very street smart, as far as when to keep her mouth shut, and I have a feeling that she will be opening it at the wrong time and wrong place. All, I can say at this point is please God, be with her, cause I can't be.

That "under the weather" I had last week finally kicked in. I knew that something was going to happen worse than what went on last week. Today, I felt my throat getting kinda itchy, scratchy. The headachy feeling is back, and I had NO patience whatsoever. I was good with the customers, but my co-workers kept sitting on my last nerve. I even had a little fun with most of the customers. I could not wait until 5PM when we closed the store. I'm not surprised by this at all. I mean my life has been one big stress after another lately, then the holidays. Oh Heavens, I sound like such a whiner right now. I am sorry. I had to get all this off my chest.

Plese say a prayer for my daughter.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Santa Baby

Merry Christmas! Santa's here! Santa's here!
My oldest daughter and I went to my company's Christmas dinner last night. We went early, and left early, cause I have to be at work today. Plus I have been under the weather the last few days.
I just thought this little Santa candy box thing was so cute. I had to share him. He moves around my front room as though he has legs. But I don't see any! I have a Christmas card and this little guy for decorations this year. None of us are home much, leaving little time to get the decorations out, let alone put them up. I am not really in the mood much anyway. So, I have him...and the card.
Well, I had better get on my way to work. I have really missed it this go 'round. 3.5 days off makes the heart grow fonder!
Hope you all are well, and warm! It's cold here, but nothing to complain about compared to the mid-section of these here states.
OH! Thank you all for your warm wishes and comments. You all are keeping my spirits up. I appreciate it!

Monday, December 10, 2007

It's been a week

I am feeling a little better today. The initial shock of the happenings from last week have become a tad smoother at the edges, so they don't feel so sharp. That daughter came by today to pick up her other truck. I guess it's getting a little expensive to drive the big ol' cool truck to work and back. There's one step in a good direction. I told her she would have to get her own insurance, as I was not going to be helping her with that anymore. She actually paid for the insurance, but the companies always want their money directly out of a checking account, so they were taking her payments out of my account. As in, I am really no longer responsible for her actions. I hope she learns something before the lessons get too harsh. Okay, enough, this is getting to me.
I have had so much support from all of you out there. I really, really appreciate your love and hugs.
I dove back into the mega quilt yesterday and today. I (luckily) remembered through my funkyfog, that it is easy to get out of those feelings by doing for someone else. So, I went in my room, cleared off my sewing machine table and got to sewing on the quilt of the century. When I got done with some of the squares, I started checking out books for a quilt pattern to make a baby quilt for one of my bosses, whose wife will be delivering their first child in February. I found some cute ones. I also got out some 18 ct aida to check out the possibility for making a gift for a friend. I will post pictures of the quilt(s) when I have enough progress to show. The gift, not until the friend has the gift, as I know she reads my blog.
So, thank you all again.
I was gonna send a picture of this cute little Santa thing my friend from work gave me, but the cord to my camera is somewhere in my bedroom. This is not a good thing, cause it may take me weeks or even months to find it...AAARRRGGGHHH!!!

Friday, December 07, 2007

Can't Blog

I don't know what to say. No stitching, no quilting, no fun, no nothing. Life has changed in my household, and I don't like it. I will get used to the change, but I know it will take time. I want to talk about it, but it's a little personal, and it involves my youngest daughter. She has moved out, at my request.
I feel horrible about having to do that, but it WAS necessary. I just hope she can see the path she is on is not the right one.
I need a hug.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Lots O' Water Under the Bridge

It's been a while. I've been reading blogs and commenting from time to time. Just not stitching and therefore there's nothing to really write about. I do have my bedroom almost completely organized for stitching, sewing, painting, etc. Oh, I did leave room for sleeping in there too. I have a new extra large project coming up now. A friend is getting married in June next year, and I want to make a quilt for her wedding present. I had her neighbor (also a friend) do some detective work for me to find out what size bed she has.'s an Eastern King! So, that would make it an extra, extra large project! I will not be quilting this myself, so I am not worried about that at all, and since I believe that when something is the right something, the money will come, I am not worried about that. What I am worried about is the lack of flat surface to completely pull this off cleanly! The floor is the largest flat surface I have and there is also four dogs, three cats and a myriad of people tromping through here. AND, winter's on it's way! (Think mud, lots of mud) I don't even have a wall that is devoid of something ie: windows, fireplace, doors, you know the essential stuff for a house. Ceiling space??? Hmmm, now there's a thought.
Work has been great! I brought in a line of picture frames to sell. Twelve went out the door in the first 48 hours. In order to find room to display my frames, I moved "furniture". I took all of my acrylic paints out of the cases they were displayed in and moved them to directly on pegboard. I dumped the cases. That had three positive effects. One was the space I gained, by not having the cases decide their space and second was letting in the light. The paints are not shadowed by the cases. They are displayed in pure florescent (Yuck) goodness. The best result of all my moving and removing, was that the owner of the store came by and told me he liked what I had done! Now that felt good! Of course all this left me exhausted and sore. My hips and feet are not very happy with me and this tends to lead to sleepless night, cause I can't easily turn over in bed without an amount of pain. (Which wakes me up, I'll get to the doctor about it sometime)
I am off to start picking out some materials for the quilt of the century. My friend and her intended are into all things Jamaican, Bob Marley, etc. The colors will be red, green yellow, with hints of black. I'm thinking batik type colors would be fun. Wish me luck!

Got my fabric start...I didn't go with the batik, cause I didn't like the color choices, but I got two yards of each yellow small flower print, red small flower print, green leafy print and black with gray swirly print. That's not all I will get, it is just the be continued...

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Peace and Quiet

Maybe that's what they mean by Mind your P's and Q's. Mind your Peaces and Quiets.

This is my Clearlake, CA. Just before the sun peeked it's (hot) little head over the hills across the lake from our cabin. I love this time of day there...around 6 - 6:30. (a.m. of course) This picture is from the deck of my father's cabin.

I spent Labor Day weekend there, recharging my batteries. It was too hot, so my batteries were more discharged than recharged. Oh well, I still got to get away from it all.

Remind me to never buy anything from Target again. I purchased all those Gilmore Girls DVD sets from them, and found in the second season, that I was blessed with two disc ones and no disc two. I took it back to Target, and since it has been awhile since I purchased the DVD's and I didn't have my receipt, they won't honor the fact that they sold me a defective set. They seem to not be able to find my purchase in their system even though I purchased it with my ATM/Credit card. Hmmm, sounds to me like they don't want to be bothered with it. They very politely told me to get in touch with the manufacturer to straighten out the problem, "since it was not Targets fault" quotes the manager. To which I replied, "Well, I guess I can't be bothered to shop here anymore, since I DID buy the (expletive) DVD here and it shouldn't matter whose fault it is... I bought the (expletive) DVD HERE. He said he was sorry to hear that. So much for customer service. I came home and looked on WB's website. I sent them an email explaining what was wrong with the DVD set. They will let me return it to them, and send me a new set. It is just going to take 4 - 6 weeks after they receive it to me me a new set. I didn't want to wait, I want to watch it! I guess before I send it I had better open up all the other sets and make sure they are intact, or else I'll be doing this again.

That is why I posted the Peace and Quiet first...I need to mind my P's and Q's!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

A Finish!

So here is my Celtic Knot Heart "Anything Bag" for my friend. I was hoping to finish it before last week was up, but that was not in the stars for me. Aw well...tomorrow I can give it to her. I did the entire finish this afternoon. I always have an idea in my head, but never really know how it's going to come out til it's done. Plus, I have to fudge what I am doing a lot, cause I don't know how it's going to go together. I like it, I hope she does! I want to do more of these Celtic Knot Hearts in different colors. They aren't bad to stitch. I think the stitching itself took me about 12 - 15 hours. I am SLOW!!!!!

Here's Purrcy doing what kitties do best...hanging in the backyard in the sun. I got a great laugh because of him today. I looked out in the back just in time to see him carrying around a little stuffed animal that one of the dogs had taken out there. He looked so proud that he had hunted down this prey and caught it. I wish I had my camera at that time. He is going to be a great hunter though I think. He's big and seems to have the hunter attitude in him. Chili is just going to hang out and be purty.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Small Stitch...hey, it's something!

I am stitching this for a friend. It's a thank you for a kindness. I won't say which friend, just in case she is reading this blog. Sorry about the blurry picture.
It's called Celtic Knotwork Heart by Alodi Wolfsong at FeildAnForset. I was searching for the most appropriate stitch to do and came across this, it's a freebie. I love it. The original colors were yellow outlined with black. I had this fat quarter of material next to it, in mind when I was looking for the design. My daughter helped me decide which of my threads would go best. I am making it into a small "anything" bag, with a drawstring. I have to go get the cord today, I am hoping to find a silk cork in the darker color. This stitch is easy and fun...a little challenging at times to make sure I had the stitches in the right places. I should be finished with it today or at the latest tomorrow night. I'll post it when it's finished.

Here's a past picture of the babies, and you can see Purrcy and Chili are getting quite big. This was actually a few weeks back.

This is the two of them pretending to surf! (I think they got it upside down though) They are quite adventurous and fun. They are almost always together, they eat and sleep together. And they tear up the house together. They knocked that ship off the shelf in the top picture and broke it. I had to quit blaming the dogs for messes in the house when I get home from work, because 90% of the time it's Purrcy and Chili. Purrcy is the cuddly one Chili is very independent. They are four months old now.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Really! I have been working on my stuff!

I have put in a couple of weekends on the garage project. It's just that I have forgotten that I am not 10 years younger and the things that I used to do, got ten years heavier! I had to wait til I had a kid at home to help. Well, yeah, some of the stuff I could do; like the ever so exciting pile of laundry that seems to grow all by itself. It's the wash that belongs to no one, and no one seemed to have used it, and no one put it out there, but there it is, getting bigger and bigger and bigger. It's down to one load. YAY! When I had three girls over here on one of my days off, I had them all help me move the behemoth rack that I built for my kayak and dtrs' surfboards. I organized a dresser, which was behind the behemoth, and hadn't seen in a coons' age. I got rid of another truckload of dump run material. We did that today.
I was motivated by my oldest daughter who really needed to seal a surfboard of hers that had some cracks in the surface and was taking on water. She sure can be pushy at times. I told her that I hadn't made that mess all by myself over the past ten years and I certainly wasn't going to get it cleaned up all by myself in a weekend. She pitched in. So, it is getting there, slowly but surely.
I need to talk to my doctor about a problem I am having with sleeping. I could conceivably sleep at any given time, and I do on my days off. If I sit for a minute mid day to have lunch, I no sooner take my last bite of lunch, than I am fast asleep. I have had all the blood tests, and I am healthy. I sleep at night. In fact, the fact that I will at times sleep 2 - 3 hours during a day off, and then sleep all night floors me. I may need some mega vitamins. Maybe I will try that before I pester the doc about it. Stitching hasn't happened. Simply because when I sit, I sleep. I put in a couple of stitches a few days ago and that was it, I fell asleep. I can fall asleep at the computer. WITH MY HAND ON THE MOUSE!!! Something ain't right!
That's it for now. Thank you for all your kind comments and encouragements! You guys are the best!

Friday, July 27, 2007

Blogaversary Time!

Thanks to Cathy at "It'll Be Funny Tomorrow" I just realized that yesterday was my one year blogaversary! I wasn't keeping track (obviously). She was talking about how she has been in her new house for a year and it got me to thinking...I checked, and sure enough, I've been here one year.

I would like to thank you all for inspiration, shoulders to cry on and letting me vent over the past year. I know I haven't quite stuck to any one thing in particular, such as stitching, but that is the way I am...over over the planet...with everything. Thanks for your patience in that!

I have learned a lot of things from all you ladies...and some gents as well. That is a good thing, I need to continue learning!

So here's to another year with all of you! I can't wait to see what the next year brings!

Monday, July 23, 2007

Work Related

As some of you may know, I head the art department at the hardware store where I work. (Play)I had a review of my job a few weeks back, and they are very satisfied with what I am doing. (YES!) I got got one piece of constructive criticism, and that was that I need to fill in a few empty spots in my area. The spots were empty because I was waiting for stryofoam foams to come in. Those are something the general manager was hoping to get in the store for literally years, and could only find to purchase if we ordered $2000 minimum. I finally cornered my sales rep and let him have it about the fact that they don't supply these forms and I was having a hard time tracking them down and if he had any information at all on acquiring them, he should come forward now or else! (I don't know or else what, but it worked!) He gave me the name of their competitor, begging me not to order anything from them that I could get from him. I promised to stay faithful and got my forms! This other company is so dreamy as far as buying wholesale items. I go to their website daily to check out what all they do have and it looks like I am going to be in trouble. I can get so much stuff for myself here at home (through my company of course) There's a stitching frame for $65 that outshines the one I have here. I can get quality quilt batting, Blue Moon Beads in a billion different "flavors". OMG! I am so in trouble with this. As I purchase items for myself I will certainly be sure to show them off. Anyone know a good contractor? I'm gonna need an add-on to my house!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

What Tarot Card Am I?

Borrowed from Little Cats Blog.

You are The Empress

Beauty, happiness, pleasure, success, luxury, dissipation.

The Empress is associated with Venus, the feminine planet, so it represents,
beauty, charm, pleasure, luxury, and delight. You may be good at home
decorating, art or anything to do with making things beautiful.

The Empress is a creator, be it creation of life, of romance, of art or business. While the Magician is the primal spark, the idea made real, and the High Priestess is the one who gives the idea a form, the Empress is the womb where it gestates and grows till it is ready to be born. This is why her symbol is Venus, goddess of beautiful things as well as love. Even so, the Empress is more Demeter, goddess of abundance, then sensual Venus. She is the giver of Earthly gifts, yet at the same time, she can, in anger withhold, as Demeter did when her daughter, Persephone, was kidnapped. In fury and grief, she kept the Earth barren till her child was returned to her.

What Tarot Card are You?
Take the Test to Find Out.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

My mission....again.

What I want to do on my weekend: (which for me is Mon., Tues.)
1) Finish pile of odds and ends laundry in the garage. (This can be done while doing other things)
2) Move kayak/surfboard rack to other side of garage. (temporary move)
3) Get Grandpa's couch off the work bench. (Turns out it wasn't in the rafters after all.)
4) Clear off work bench, go through stuff, throw, give or find a suitable storage place for stuff.
5) Empty out dresser with small tools, make an inventory list of what is in there.
6) Clear out under workbench,
7) Make a plan for building a rack for drawers under the bench. (I can't throw anything away, and I have had these old dresser drawers from a broken down dresser hanging out waiting to be put to use for storing)
8) Get some stitching in!!!!!
I will probably edit some of my list depending on length of time for some tasks, ability to focus on other tasks, my age, amount of chocolate available to keep me going (chuckle).

I'm going to try to stick to this and I will refer back to the list often. Which means I will be on the computer from time to time and a game may grab my attention, slowing the organization process! But eh! It is my weekend!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

A little more progress

I cleaned up my yard some, on the side of the driveway where one of the dead cars was. Got a whole barrel of trash, leaves, trimmings out of one small area. It looks better. I did all that Monday. Lots of yard work. While at work on Sunday, I mentioned to my girlfriend that I needed to get a tool to remove the spark plug from my lawn mower, cause the thing just would not start. She told me not to bother, because she had two and needed to get rid of one. I went to her place after work and picked it up. Heck, she's only used it twice! The thing is BRAND freakin' NEW! Monday that was one of the things I got to play with. It started after one pull!!!!
So, Tuesday I had an appointment to get the tires on my truck. I went and got that done, came home, called AAA and had them come and get the VW out of my garage and down to the mechanic I had promised the car to. He's happy, he's got a parts car, I'm happy, I have a garage...well, a half a garage. I swept out the garage, just a start. I am so burnt out. I have not been able to do that much work in a while. My foot isn't bothering me, and there's nothing in my way to do some major cleaning. My daughter even asked me what got into me!
Gotta go...look see if our local Italian Restaurant has a menu online...mmmm lasanga! (sp just doesn't look right)

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Space...the final frontier

I have the front of my house! I have to re-acquaint myself with my's so cool! It took all day, but the guy finally came and took my dead cars, leaving behind a check for $200. I'm so tempted to go cash it and run off to Joann's. I can't though, that and some other of my money is ear marked for tires and brakes on my truck. The money couldn't have come at a better time. But the space! OMG! I haven't seen that driveway for, I think four or five years. (How embarrassing!) Monday, hopefully the little green monster inside the garage will be moving on down the road and I can completely renovate the garage to be craft central. I should say HEAVY craft central. In there, I will be working on my glass mosaics and the ceramics. I have to get an electrician friend to come in and replace my 220V plug so it is rated for my kiln. I can't believe that soon I will be able to fire that baby up. Good bye decent electric bills! (Naw, probably will only fire it up one day a month at the most.)
Now, I could even conceivably get my grandpa's hand made couch down from the rafters and rebuild it. It needs tightening in the joints, re-spring the seats and then make some awesome cushions for it. Although, with all the critters in the house, I don't want to put it in the front room. Maybe I'll leave it in the "crafting room" for my rest and relaxation in between crafting. Oh! Then I can also start the whirlygig for my chimney...if I get it done sometime before the end of time I'll post a's a cool idea, just have to make it and show you, cause I can't explain it. Gosh, there are so many possibilities now...I'm gonna be busy now, really busy. I'm so stoked!
It's just going to be weird to walk around in the garage instead of creeping along sideways to get to the mailbox or the tools. I'll be dreaming about all the stuff that I could do...I could have an actual GARAGE sale! WOW!
Okay, back to earth again...First, I need to clean up the mess that the cars left behind. It's amazing how much stuff you don't even know that the wind will blow under cars, and things, just show up...dirt, leaves, the sweater your daughter thought her friend borrowed and kept. HMMM, wonder how that got there? Monday morning bright and early, I start the major cleaning of the driveway. It's evening, and freezing out there now, or else I'd start it today, I have work tomorrow. Monday, driveway cleaning and get the green monster on a trailer to take to my mechanic friend.
I gotta go, I know I am boring you guys, I'm just thinking "out loud". Thanks for being there. Dang! I am STOKED!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Gotta love those BILs!

That's the man of the hour there, dancing with my sister. I have been trying for a couple of years to get rid of a couple of dead cars in my driveway. The wrecking yards want $250 - $300 to come and get them for you. I can't afford that, that's potentially $600, of which I don't own. Yesterday my sister and BIL came by to pick up a couple of things that I had and he needed. We got to talking about what I was going to do with the cars. I whined about not being able to get them anywhere, so he gave me a phone number to call. I called this morning. Next Saturday, the place I called is coming to picked them both up and they are bringing me a check for $200 to boot!!!!! It's a pick UR parts place. I have always known about these places, but never knew they would do this. I am sooo stoked! Now, I can get the little VW out of my garage and down to the mechanic I promised it to. (He's using that car to make corn oil burning cars) I get my garage back and two spaces to park running cars now!!!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

The Lamp

This thing is great! Well, so far. I wasn't home long and had it set up and ready to go. I glanced through it at my stitching. I may find mistakes in there...WOW! I didn't know what I was missing out on. The magnifyer is great. It takes ordinary light bulbs up to 60 watts. So I bought those with the enhanced color spectrum, they are called reveal, by GE. I could see so much more with this lamp. I LOVE it! Of course, since today was crazy, I had just enough energy when I got home to go pick up some food and then come home and eat it. I will stitch tomorrow evening and see how my eyes feel after. This should really give me the means to stitch for longer periods of time. YAY!

Friday, June 22, 2007


I have been stitching again. I picked up the 18th Century Mystery Sampler again. It is very slow going, made even slower by my recent lack of interest in any kind of stitching. But I think my stitching absence may be over.
The kittens are growing...and eating me out of house and home. But they do pay their way, they keep me in giggles. That counts for something.
I found a light in my department catalog at work. It's a magnifying lamp. So I ordered it. It's only $19.50, so I may be surprised at how it is not at all what I need, but I had to try. My whole order came in today. Tomorrow I MAY get to get it out and see what it is really like. (some things look so much better in the catalogs) I say I MAY get to get it out, cause tomorrow we kick off the start of our "greener" neighborhood store. We are starting a program to collect old PC's, printers, etc. to be taken to the proper recycling place. We could be exceptionally swamped with customers dropping off their recycling and then shopping. I am a little ticked at my salesman. He left for vacation and didn't tell me he was going. I had an order for him and he didn't show up for 4 or 5 days after when he usually comes in. That really left my department lacking...stuff. Now, we have these big goings on tomorrow, the order couldn't be put up in time and people won't get what they want from me. I'd love to punish him by not ordering as much stuff, but that would only hurt me in the long run. Maybe I will order more stuff and mess up the numbers a little so he will have to work a little harder at getting the order in. (I wouldn't really do that...I know it would just come back to bite me in the butt later!! LOL)
Anyway, that is it for now. Just wanted to stop by and check in. I hope you all have a great weekend. I'm am off to stitch a little before I go to bed.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The chest...and kitties

I'm not so good at this picture posting thing. But are the kitties I got a few weeks back, or however long ago that was. They are thriving. The top picture (I hope it stays top after I publish) is Purrcy snoozing on a discarded Toaster Strudel box. (We discard it, my little dog gets it out to play with) In this case it became a lovely little bed, just for Purrcy. The second pic is of Purrcy and Chili trying to bail on me. They are not quite ready for heights it looks like! That is my very messy and disorganized book shelf I made years ago in the back ground. The kitties are so much fun now. They wrestle around with each other when they are not sleeping. Chili has his own dog and when I can't find him, I look for the dog and they are usually curled up together. Purrcy likes to bite earlobes.

On the chest progress...I am making some. I am having to make a lot of adjustments on the lining, because even though I seem to be measuring plenty of times prior to cutting/sewing, I think I am paranoid of ruining the fabric I have, so I measure/sew too large. (Better than too small in my mind) It's getting there. I have sewn the lining for the bottom. I'm putting pockets on three sides to accommodate stuff. I have the grosgrain ribbon pinned to the top part of the lining and that is where I stopped working on it last time. I have my sewing machine in my bedroom, the worktable is in the front room, so there's a lot of traveling going on, making it a little more slow going. I may have it completed by the end of my next weekend! (hope, hope)

I had been having some pain, well, okay, a lot of pain in my heel. I am on my feet all day at work and it's cement floors. I finally went to the doctor and she decided that after all that I had done to fix this myself (anti-inflammatory, icing, stretching, etc., etc.) it was time for a cortisone shot. I said okay, because I have had them before and they are a great relief. She sure gave me a shot...OUCH! But today, I was almost completely pain free. There was a little pressure first thing this morning and this afternoon, my heel was back to almost the regular pain, but not quite. I was so happy though! This is the best my foot has felt in MONTHS! I can't wait for the shot to fully kick in.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

What Kind of Flower Are You?

I am a

What Flower
Are You?

I started working on the chest that I got a few weeks (months?) back. The bottom wickering had detached itself from the main body on the front of the chest and I had a hard time reattaching it. There is a LOT of hot glue and wire brads holding that baby on now! I also found out that I can be a contortionist. Today I will be figuring out how I want to get the lining in there. Unfortunately, I have to unbury my sewing machine. I have a plan in my head (for the lining), but sometimes, well, a lot of times, what is in my head isn't necessarily what happens. I will try to remember to take some "along the way" photos. Our weather is a little gloomy today, so I hope I can get some decent ones.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Me and "The Girls"

I am admittedly hooked on the "Gilmore Girls". The season is over, the show is more Gilmores. I did something I have never, ever done before...I panicked. Target had all six seasons on DVD and on sale...half price, so I swooped in and bought them all. Now all I have to do is wait for the seventh and final season to become available, and I will be complete. I'm sick I tell ya...I really have never done something like this before, but I just couldn't let the "girls" fade into nonexistence.

Friday, May 18, 2007

And then there were two...!

First I would like to thank you for the sweet comments. That last post is too true, I could never say no...except well, if I was getting just a tad too many babies to take care of. This first picture is not the most glamorous, but it is a cute shot of Purrcy's face. I had just washed his poor little eyes. He is already getting better and fattening up. The second picture shows Purrcy with his new brother. That would be Chili. Chili is maybe a week or so older than Purrcy, but came from the same ranch. We got Chili, because my daughter's friend is a puppy/kitty rescue person and foster mom to all creatures who can't speak for themselves, and she went to the ranch and cleaned up the sick/abandoned kitty population. She had one too many to foster, so we got him. I have already found homes for those kittens she got. They will go to their new homes as soon as they reach an age where they can be moved again. Amanda has already set up the vet care for all of the kittens. What energy that kid has! I am glad we got Chili too, because Purrcy seems a lot calmer and they already play. Chili also has decided he is the bath giver and cleans up his new brother. I'm not sleeping much. And I think I got my other daughter's cold! Just what I needed! Oh well, this too shall pass.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

I could never say NO

Little baby! Here's how this started:
Youngest Daughter: "Mom, I saw kittens at the ranch yesterday!"
Me: "Aw! Are there any orange ones?"
YD: "No, there's a white one with gray striped spots, and a black one with a little white under it's chin, and a gray striped one"
Me: "Oh good, I really don't need a new baby in the house anyway." (I love orange kitties)

We went on about our business of the day. She had her appointment, which so far is good signs of a healthy non-cancerous cervix. We went to PetCo and bought the pumps for my aquarium. Then to Dairy Queen for some DQ goodness, then off to Michael's for some odds and ends I wanted. Came home around 4PM, she got a call from her girlfriend about having to go excercise someone's horses and needing some help with one of them. So off my YD goes to help (she can't say no to riding difficult horses). She came home around 6:30 - 7PM, looking slightly up to something. She gave me this look. And I knew. It turns out that she went by her ranch (where she works) to check on the horses being properly fed, etc. and heard a kitten just screaming it's little lungs out. She said it startled her because the aforementioned kittens were so little, she didn't think they would make that kind of racket. So she went to investigate and there was this little orange kitty sitting on top of a bag of grain all by itself!

This little kitty was abandoned by it's momma. It is slightly older than the litter my daughter told me about in the morning. He definitely needs some TLC. She picked up a bottle and some kitten formula on her way home. We got him all settled in and fed him...he was so hungry! And cold. So, I now have my new baby. (Whether I thought I needed him or not) We're taking him to my vet today to see what all he is going to need, besides my putting in a few sleepless nights of feedings, and changing the household schedules to make sure he has the feedings he needs throughout the day. My other cat is an abandoned kitten from the same ranch, two years or more ago. I told my daughter that we are going to trap all the cats and take them in for spay/neutering. They do need the cats there, or else the rodent population gets crazy with all the hay and grain around.

Monday, May 14, 2007

This is the chest I got from work a few weeks ago. I got it because a few of my fellow blogger/stitchers suggested I get a trunk, chest or some type of lidded box to put my stitching in, so that it could be kept safe in my front room where I want to do my stitching. I still am very appreciative of all the good suggestions! This is the chest, has a few boo-boos, minor ones, and I want to line it. My girlfriend at work gave me the tapestry material to line it with. I think that will work out just perfectly. I also purchased some green grosgrain ribbon to tack along the edges to finish the lining. (and I am using some decorative furniture tacks to hold the grosgrain on. The wicker is coming off on the lower front of the chest, so today while I am out and about, I will get some small quarter round, that I will stain to match. I'll use that to re-attach the front. I think there may be a lot of hot glue and brads in use for that. The whole process is in my head in the planning stages. I am hoping to start working on the chest this afternoon or evening. I am really not quite sure of how to go about this project, and will be working it all out as I go along...we'll see how it turns out! I will take progress picture as I go and share with you. Soon, I will be stitching again *in my front room* where I am most comfortable for stitching. Wish me luck!

I hope you all had a great Mother's Day. In reading your blogs this morning it looks like it was a nice day for all. My daughters and one of the boyfriends surprised me, by taking me out to my favorite Mexican restaurant for dinner. The boyfriend paid for it all! (Yes, he's a keeper) I did panic when I thought he hadn't spent time with his own mother...but he assured me that she had a wonderful brunch, provided by him...WHEW! I couldn't stand it if I thought she was left out. (She is a sweetie, although I think he has a hard time being around her.)

I had better get going on my day. My youngest daughter has an appointment with Planned Parenthood to get a follow up check up for her from last year for her cervical cancer. Hopefully, that has stayed gone! (Please Lord let this be a thing of the past) I am going with her for support. After the appointment, we are going to Michael's to do some Mommy spending; I am in the mood to let go of some of my money, even though I probably shouldn't.

See you all in a bit!

Friday, April 27, 2007

Zakk the lion hearted

FINALLY! Blogger let me upload my other wall hanging. I am so excited. I'm sorry it is so dark, but by the time I got a minute to take the picture it was late and well, I didn't want to jinx it any more. I already had enough trouble getting him on here. So there he is, Mr Lion Wall hanging.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Here it is

Not! Again blogger is not letting me upload images. Oh well, perhaps when I get home from work.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

For Zakk...

I was going to show you the wall hanging I did for my grandson, but blogger is being a booger and won't let me up load my picture tonight. At least I have a picture of it and I can post it tomorrow night or even later tonight if blogger will let me. I finished it by about 5:30 yesterday evening and then put all my "toys" away. Then layed down for a short nap. I didn't wake up til 11PM, so went right back to bed and sort of slept through til 5:30 this morning! I should have felt completely rested, but I was a little groggy til about noon. Hopefully, I will be able to sleep all through tonight!
Thanks for stopping by. And OH! Thank you for the nice comments on my wall hanging from yesterday. You all encourage me to do my best and then show it off! LOL!

Monday, April 23, 2007

I can't believe I did the whole thing!

I did this whole thing today! It was so much fun! I just forgot to take a picture of the backing, but I did show it in the last post. I cut out individual animals from the backing and put them in the corners of the wall hanging. I was also going to use the backing to do the binding but changed my mind when the material slipped a little on one side and I didn't have a big enough edge to wrap it around right. But sometimes mistakes make way for better ideas and I just cut the center green material on the bias and used it to bind the hanging and I like it so much better.
I got the front part done for my grandson's wall hanging. I'll finish that tomorrow.

The pictures aren't all that great and I apologize for that, but I don't have the best of cameras. a good way.

My grand-nephew's christening is next Sunday. I requested the day off from work. (Which I got, because there is a big event going on north of town and there won't be much business) I wanted to make him something to commemorate the occasion, so decided to make a wall hanging for him. My niece's theme for his room is mainly giraffes and I found these little Fab-liques last week. I also got the lion one, because my grandson's room theme is safari-y kind of stuff. I thought I might as well do two of them. The green fabrics are for my grand-nephew, since my niece has greens going on and the yellow's are for my grandson, since his room is in yellows and browns. And then of course I found the perfect backing material with both elements involved. I'm so excited. Yesterday I was home from work, because my stomach was not happy with me and as soon as I got it kind of stabilized I went out to find the fabrics. I spent my morning washing, drying and ironing the material. (And of course, catching up with the blogs I read.) I should be able to get these done by tomorrow, barring any dramatic stuff happening. I'll update the finishing, maybe even some in progress, if I make good time.

Friday, April 20, 2007

My Mission should I choose to accept it...

I'm on a mission. My last post brought a couple of great ideas for me. And I thank those who answered my call for help. I went to work with a thought in mind and all day, I couldn't wait to get off work to go to Ross Stores to find a chest that I could use to store my WIP's in, so I could leave them safely in the front room with me. Then I remembered we have what we call a "garage sale aisle" in our store, so when I had a moment or two I sneaked off to go check out what was there. Well, lo and behold...there was my future chest! A little beat up and in need of some (No, quite a bit of) TLC. It had a tag of $20 on it, but I figured I could get some taken off of that. Well, the department head in charge of that aforementioned chest took $20 off of it! Then my girlfriend at work said to me..."Well, come over to my house tonight, I have some really pretty tapestry material you can have to line your new chest with!" So, after work, I packed up my new treasure, and went to my girlfriend's and we had tea and looked at ALL her material. This is the first time I have been to her house. Boy did I get a treat. Her house is big. Did I say huge, cause I meant huge? It's comfortable and she has the biggest stash pile of material I ever laid eyes on outside of a fabric shop. I was drooling! And do you know what she said to me??? Come over anytime, and get what ever material you need for your quilts! OMG!!! So, thanks to you my blogging friends, and my friends at work, I have a new project I am excited about. I will take before during and after pictures, so you can see what you got me into. I wish it wasn't rude to take pics of my friend's house and stash, cause I would sure love to show you! LOL!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


I haven't been stitching. That's apparent. I've been trying to figure out why. I guess there are several reasons. One is I just can't get comfortable to stitch. I used to have everything out here in the front room on a TV tray table and all ready to go when I have a chance to sit and stitch. Well, my daughter's puppy chews up everything in sight, so I am NOT taking that chance. I was carting everything I needed back and forth from my room to the front room, but that got old fast. If I had a chance to sit and stitch, by the time I get everything out and into the front room, either the mood was gone or the time was gone. So...I started stitching in my bedroom. That worked for a little while, but I got to feeling isolated, and would spend time getting up and coming in the front room to visit with who ever was home at the time. Another reason is that I was organized for a little bit, but then things got disorganized. Don't ask me did it I suppose. I need to feel organized to sit and stitch. I try to reorganize, then stitch, but by the time I get to a point where I can stitch, I have other things I need to do and the stitching goes by the wayside once again. I also can't get comfortable enough to sit long periods of time to stitch. Believe me, I would love to sit and do that, but I just can't. I sat yesterday and slept for two hours, if I could do that, why then can't I sit and stitch?!? That's another thing, I am doing a lot of sleeping during my days off. That bothers me. What a waste! Yes, perhaps I need the sleep, but if I can stay awake just fine during the day at work (and not even feel sleepy) then why is it different when I am at home? I try to stay busy, but if I sit for a rest after doing some chores and errands, I fall asleep! Sorry for the boring, sleep inducing post, but I need to know if anyone has any suggestions for me.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

A Little Sunshine

I haven't quite finished my sun yet. It was supposed to be a quick stitch and has turned into a major project. Oh well, what else do I have to do? I did a little work on my garage cleaning project. I need to get a car out of there that I just realized has been in there since 1998! I have been talking about doing that since...probably 1998. It's my dad's car and getting him to let go of it has been like pulling teeth. It's not like it's a trophy car or anything like that. It's a '79 VW Rabbit that has been broken down since I parked it there. I found someone who wants it and got my dad to okay the exchange, and now, I just have to un-bury it. It's been a great shelf and cupboard. LOL

Hopefully, my next weekend I can get it out of there and then I only have two more dead cars to get rid of. The guy who is taking the VW said he'd give me the card of the guy who picks up junkers for nothing. YAY! I'll have a driveway and a garage.

That means, I can hook up my kiln and set up the countertop that I have had for years and start my ceramics again. I have plans. Plus with all the festivals we have that come up around here, I could start making money to add to my retirement fund!

It also means I can get back into my glass mosaics and stained glass. I just met a gentleman today who does gorgeous stained glass pieces for a living. He told me I could pick his brain any time for suggestions and tips. Another YAY!

I'm tired, I had a doctor's appointment today, so there was much more driving than I usually do and it wore me out. I'm gonna go put my little feetsies up and stitching, no cooking (my late St. Paddy's Day dinner is in the crock pot already) Til next time...

Sunday, March 04, 2007

I've calmed down now...

So sorry for that last post. I was so angry!

But it's my Friday and life is back to normal, whatever that may mean. I'm home from work. I did inventory all day. There were enough employees to take care of the needs of our customers that I was able to concentrate on my department. I had a few questions from customers, but that was okay too. I enjoy helping them find what they need and solve any problems there may be.

Tonight I may (or may not) start back up on my stitching. I am still a little stress tired from Friday's drama in the courtroom. But it is over and that's that! Oh yea...the judge excused me from jury duty, I forgot to say that. The second day I was in court for jury selection, two women were excused for the same reason I gave the judge. I couldn't state my anger to the judge, and when I can't express myself, I I cried the courtroom. Couldn't stop myself. Well, after a little secretive coaching from someone in the know, I wrote a note to the judge and gave it to the baliff after lunch. The judge finally understood that I could not afford a stint with the trial at this time, so he let me go. I could not get out of there fast enough! I hope the defendant gets what he deserves, what ever that may be. Only he and God knows what really happened.

Life is good again here in my little world!

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Anybody got any cheese to go with my whine?!?

I am at the end of my rope! I got jury duty! YAY! I went in for my first day today at jury duty. Usually that means I spend a day doing nothing special for no reason at all, cause I get cancelled before the day is all done. Well, no, not today. I am in the jury box. The judge doesn't care that I WILL NOT be able to meet my financial responsibilities at the end of this two week trial, because I will have NO income except the pittance the court gives you for doing your civil duty. I will be bankrupt again...Second time in two years. Except that I can't go bankrupt for another eight years. I have a black cloud hanging over my head. I lost a three and a half year job, in 2003, because of the boss's indiscretions. Lucky for him, the business was saved by his wife and the previous business owner. So they still have a cushy income. Then, the next job I got I lost after two years because the company did cut backs, leaving me and my boss to do the work of five people, only my boss was doing his work behind closed doors leaving me to look like the stupid idiot who couldn't get any work done...they decided to go e-commerce...letting me go...thank God, I really hated that job. Now, I have a job that is good, but like I said in a previous post, I am not able to make ends meet. I was in the process of finding more lucrative employment. (I took this job at the zero hour, just before my unemployment ran out) I am making $3.50 less than the first job I lost and $2.25 less than the last one. I am seeing a pattern here. Soon I will be making the same amount I was making at my very first job! ($2.75 an hour!)

I know, I know...there are a lot of people in dire straights right now. Ladies...I cried over the price of ORANGES today!!!!! $1.49 per pound for the cheapest ones.

Can someone stop the planet, cause I want to get off! Sorry, I'm just a little butt hurt right now.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Slowly but Surely

I have been making some progress. I feel so slow on this thing! I worked on it most of yesterday and part of the day before. I want to do some stitching every night when I get home from work, but a lot of nights I am so tired I can't see straight. Tonight we had a meeting after the store closed (at 6 PM) I got home at 7:30 or so and figured I would just vege out instead of stitching. We had to do some training at work for the meeting. Stuff I thought I would never want to do, because it seemed so complicated. I think the hardest thing is cutting and threading pipe, and now I want to learn it better. The best thing is, that the more we learn, the higher our wages can become. (Of course, I know that is the same for most companies) I now know how to cut shades, blinds will be next, I learned how to cut glass, and of course the pipe stuff. Can't wait for my training to be signed off, so I can see how much more valuable I am to them.

I applied for a Merchandise Sales Rep position. They sent me, via email, some quick questions to see if I further fit into what they are looking for. The position is going to take a little more commuting than I like, but they have flexible scheduling four days a week and I can go in before all the traffic starts, so the commute would be only about 45 minutes. I asked for a lot more money than I am making now. I figure since this new position requires some traveling overnight, it should pay more. We'll see. It's not like I don't have any income now and have a desparation going on...if I get it, it's a plus, if not, I'll try somewhere else. It's totally out of my comfort zone, but something I can do. We'll see...

Monday, February 12, 2007

Oh yea...

I'm looking for another job, cause I cannot live on what I am making...the bills are seriously behind and there's no catch up in sight. I used to do the ebb and flow thing throughout the year depending on what season it was...winter costs more cause of the heating bill, summer costs a little more cause of the watering thing, spring and fall are level, but this is getting SCARY!!!

Then I feel bad becasue of...well, read the next post.

Vegas Bay-bay

This is strange. After the lecture on how much is spent for me to staighten out a department the owners don't like, they are sending me to Las Vegas to the Ace Show (as in Ace Hardware). Perhaps they are trying to get me into a more "hardware" frame of mind. Hey! I love hardware, I know hardware, I live and breathe hardware...I tease and tell everyone my dad raised me in the garage...I understand hardware. They are sending a bunch of us to Vegas. Cool. They never really said anything to me; a co-worker handed me a sheet of paper that said what flight and what time I am leaving and coming back. I love the communication at this place. I suppose they will say something at our next meeting (Feb. 21) This is going to be a very busy month for me. I have that aforementioned meeting, then March 1st (maybe) jury duty (YAY), March 10th grandson's first birthday, in Sacramento, then off to Vegas the 16th and 17th of March...I swear, I go along for months on end with nothing special jumping out at me, and then all of a sudden one months time I do more than I do all year! We'll see how this one plays out. I'm kind of excited, but also kind of wondering how I will do. I hate flying...this will only be the third time in my life I have flown. (and I am not young) I'll have to get some of that anti-anxiety medication my neice told me about the last time I flew. It worked. More later, maybe a post tomorrow with pictures.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Oh yea...

As a kind of funny add on to the post before tonight's first post...(okay that was a weird description)

I have a LOT of sketch books in various sizes (from 24" x 30" on down to 9" x 12") all laying on their shelves for display. I don't like that because the more expensive big ones are laying along the bottom shelf getting dusty and bumped and ruined by people walking by. So I started moving them all yesterday. I stood them all up and starting at the top of my area, placed the biggest ones, working my way down to the smallest. I freed up about 3/4 of the space these sketch books took up. The icing on the cake? (snicker, snicker) A customer came through with her dad and literally exclaimed..."Oh wow, I didn't know you had sketch books, Dad we don't have to go to Michael's anymore!!!" Okay boss man, I just earned that $50 an hour you are supposedly wasting on me.

Some progress

It ain't much, but I have been doing a little every night, or almost every night. I just realized last night that instead of using DMC color #3354, I am using DMC color #3854! It's the light pink in the carnations. I'm hoping that it won't be a problem down the line, cause I have come a little too far to frog it now! This just makes this stitch that much more "mine". I have no clue why this is taking me so long to get across. I have spent hours some nights and it just doesn't seem like I am getting anywhere. I do change out the colors a lot. I am afraid to do all one color at a time(the borders would be okay), 'cause I know that I will miss count and have to frog a lot, so I wouldn't make that much more progress anyway. Oh well, I will just plug's not like there's a deadline or anything. I am enjoying this very much, I still like working with the linen, and I will probably do a lot more projects with linen. Sorry about the quality of the picture, it's a little fuzzy. I think I just noticed a stitch I missed in the top biggy, I will just have to add it in...

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Where to from here...?

Okay, I have to do it...I am really, really, really upset! So, I am going to complain. I will apologize now, cause I know I will need to.

After giving me the Art department in the store I work in to clean up and organize, I have been told that I spend way too much time there, cleaning and organizing. I was told that it is costing the owner $50 an hour to have me working in a departmant that doesn't bring in that much money. Okay...1) given that the department has been neglected for ten years, I think the time I spend fixing it, divided over the ten years is not costing him $50 an hour...if I were to divide that, maybe, just maybe, I am spending ten minutes a day. 2) I am not making that much I don't think with "all" my benefits and taxes, etc. that it's costing him $50 an hour to have me around. Plus, the fact that I am making the department so much more presentable, he'll be making more from it and since it is organized, he won't be spending as much to stock it.

I owe the freakin' federal gov't $537 dollars for last year. I was unemployed for 6 months of it. DAMN! And I know there are those who make hundreds of thousands of dollars a year that aren't paying anything, or close to nothing.

My tooth is absessed and I have no dental insurance and no money for a dentist...!

My daughter just came in, after she punched my front door and broke a panel in it, because she was so angry at her girlfriend for doing a really stupid thing. I won't go into that...believe me it was very stupid!

Okay, I'm done ranting. Sorry again!

I need a cup of tea. Ew..I think I started brewing a cup just before I started this rant.

Sorry again!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Mystery Sampler

Today I am hoping to get a chance to work on my mystery sampler. Yesterday, I spent the entire day cleaning my room and organising everything. There's more to do, but I ran out of steam around 7 last night. Believe me, I had a mess going on in there! It's amazing that I could even get to the bed to sleep in it! Today, I will do some more organizing and putting more things away. Hopefully, then I can just come home from work and do my stitching like I want.
I finally found a quilt pattern that I like and want stitch up for my grandson's birthday. A-hem...I hope to stitch up for his birthday. That is not all that far away. And since the shortest month of the year is between now and then, I have even less time. I kind of know which fabrics I want to use, that will be the hardest part of the whole thing...just deciding on the fabric! And that is the reason I have been doing all the I have space in my little corner of the house to get it done. If I work in other parts of the house, I would have to get everything out to work on it and put everything back each night I finish...too much time wasted.
I heard a rumor from my daughter that my next door neighbor passed away. The rumor was; that she and her husband had gotten sick and she ended up in the hopital and then died. I wanted to go to their house yesterday to ask them to tell me the truth, but I couldn't bring myself to do that. I don't want to know the truth unless it is that she is actually recovering. She and I are friends...she is a very private person and would occasionally come outside and visit. In the eleven plus years I have lived here, I have only been in their house three times. I always wanted to respect their needs. I don't know what to do...I am very afraid of the truth. The person who told my daughter would have no need to embellish or outright lie. I like this woman so much. She is a retired police officer from a long line of police "people". She has a great sense of humor. She is only in her late 40's! I guess I just need to get over myself and go find out, then offer her husband my help. If this rumor is true, I am sure that there are things that need to be done that he won't want to do. I don't know...this just bites...

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Mystery Sampler

This is the start of Mystery Sampler, Part 1, from The Gift of Stitching, January Issue. It's an 18th Century Band Sampler by Long Dog Samplers. I am stitching it on the recommended linen 28 count, with all the colors recommended. I will tell you, I was very nervous about stitching on the linen, because I haven't done very well with the Aida cloth. I don't have much time to practice and I do okay, but I can see where I need lots of improvement! But, I LOVE stitching on the linen! It's been very smooth and easy, and my work looks a lot better on the linen than on any Aida I have ever used. I am hooked! So far (which isn't far at all) I love this! I hope I can get enough stitching done on this before the next installment comes out. I did just start it yesterday and that was setting up the linen to be stitched and getting out all the floss, etc. I couldn't wait to get home from work to work on it!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Road Trip Done

This is what it is all about. My grandson, being entertained by his auntie. Seeing my grandson was the first stop on our two day road trip. My youngest daughter hadn't met her nephew yet...and he will be a year old in March.
We visited for a little over three hours and then went on our way to Fresno. We made good time. What a difference a good car makes on a road trip. All my other cars have been kind of barely doing it types of cars...this one is actually a luxury car compared to them! (It's a pick up, with a shell to match) It's the newest auto I have owned in a long time.
We got to Fresno and our hotel room around 4PM...not bad. Looked up a friend we wanted to visit with while there. We met up with him and spent some time shopping at WalMart for stuff to entertain us at the hotel know, snacky things, a couple of puzzle books...stuff you don't get at home. We got back to the room around 7:30. I felt like it was 10PM! We settled in, got comfy, and passed out. I woke up at six in the morning, took the dog out for a walk (26 degrees outside!!!!!) Came back in took a, hot, hot...made coffee and sat and watched my daughter sleep til her alarm went off. Do you know how long it's been since I watched my daughter sleep?!? She hasn't been a baby for a long time...well, 17-18 years! I probably did watch her sleep when she was around 4 or 5 though too. I forgot what that means to me. And even though she's 19 + now, I can still see the child like innocence in her face. Once she got up it was whirlwind moves. We packed up, checked out and went over to her storage unit to hopefully get her belongings. Thank God it was all still there. There had been a possibility that her girlfriend (no longer friends) had taken out everything, but she didn't. In fact the other girl left a lot of her own stuff in there, so I guess she has to make another trip. We loaded up everything of Erica's and checked out of the storage place. Erica has been paying storage for both of their belongings for over a year and some of the stuff she had in there was priceless stuff. Hundreds of pictures, her stuffed koala bear that she got when she was hospitalized around Christmas when she was two...things like that. I wish I had a camera to get the look on her face when she found that koala! That was priceless!
We got back on the road and drove about a half hour til it was time to find a place to eat breakfast. After that it was drive, drive, drive til we came across a Super WalMart and had to stop to pick up things that we wanted, but wouldn't afford ourselves unless it was at the WalMart! We arrived home around 5PM yesterday. Whew!
I guess I am not much of a traveler anymore. I am still disoriented. I am so grateful that I don't go back to work til tomorrow.
I haven't done any stitching the last couple of days.. But today I think I will make up for it. We'll see. I have to catch up with laundry, then re-straighten out my bedroom. I kind of just plopped everything down and put just a few things away. Naw...I think I'll get some stitching in...