Tuesday, August 23, 2016

What a difference (Almost) A Month Makes!

I'm still at those TWO squares! and my other sister's birthday is coming up!!! ARGH!
But so many things have pulled me away from my sewing room. Still a tad depressed, but things are better.
Who would have thought?
My former husband, who I have not been married to for several years needed a place to live, so, I rented him the loft in my house. I am not comfortable with having strangers in my home and I wanted to rent it. It's extra money and then I have someone here besides me just knocking around in this house. I never ever go up there, it has a spiral staircase and those are extremely hard on my knees and hips. I figured why not? Plus it helps to have someone around who is willing and fairly able to do some of the heavier work around the farm. We have been friends for years. There was just no reason to not be, after all, we share a family, and I adore his mom and dad, they love me, so instead of being the typical divorced couple, we have worked out a good relationship.
Besides, our adult daughter (who lives on my property)  has a boyfriend who seems to listen better to "dad", so things that have aggravated me are getting replaced with things that are more productive to my peaceful frame of mind!
Okay, well...since other things are getting done, not so much the things in my sewing room. The stuff that is getting done, is stuff that had gone by the wayside since the aforementioned boyfriend is listening now, and I have been catching up on other things that I struggled with because of my physical limitations, now that I have help.
My daughter and her boyfriend are spending a couple of days at his folks house to help out his disabled dad. She has promised when she gets back we will start organizing my house room by room. So I hope that in a few weeks, maybe less, I will be getting some sewing done.
The "boys" will be putting together a pallet barn for my horses, and fence in a smallish area for the horses to hang out in the winter. My poor old mare doesn't do well in the PNW winters. (She's a California girl!) Then they will be putting a roof on my chicken coop, so I don't play mud slip-n-slide when I go out to feed and clean the coop. There are other farm chores to be done, but I won't spring those on them until we get the critters taken care of.
Also, no pictures for now. I had to get a new computer, because the other one is tired and shuts down in the middle of stuff. I need to transfer the stuff from there to this new computer and then download what I have on my camera...actually, there really is nothing new to show!
Tomorrow I should be getting my farm truck back from the mechanic. I bought this truck and it had noises when I drove it. We did get to use it for a few farm type errands (like gathering pallets for the barn) When I bought it the woman told me it needed wheel bearings, so I was aware of the need for a fix up. I have now spent $5000 on buying and fixing it! It better be worth it! We do have a huge dump run to do since we are rebuilding the mobile that my daughter will be renting from me. I need to buy a trailer to do that more efficiently too. It never stops, ya know?
Okay, I have gone on and on. I'm sure you are bored with it. Next post, hopefully will have pictures, and pillows!!!