Friday, December 29, 2006

Happy Festivus

Or something like that. George Castanza used to say that on the Jerry Seinfeld Show. At least that's what I "heard" him say.
Well, it's been a month. Hmmm...what's been going on? Not much for stitching. I try. I put Earth Goddess away for a while. Rather; my DAUGHTER put it away. She very nicely surprized me, by cleaning the frontroom, which means she put my stuff away and it took me a little bit of sleuthing to find where she put it. And now, since she uprooted my little stitching corner, I have barely touched a piece of material. I did start a little ornament, because I subscribed to The Gift of Stitiching and there was a darling little mouse ornament to stitch. It's like about 30 x 35 stitches big and I haven't even gotten half way done. Can you say A.D.D.???
There is a sale at JoAnn's Fabrics going on and I went up on the first day of the sale to get some organization stuff. (They didn't have what I went for) I did manage to spend $58. I bought 30 skeins of DMC...blind, I only repeated about 8 colors and 4 of those were white and ecru, done purposely. I got some skeins of yarn on sale, simply because the color grabbed me. I have no clue what I will do with it. Maybe put it with the other 100 or so skeins of yarn I own and move it around cause it's in my way. I know someday I will thank myself for having such aforethought to buy all this stuff. Or I will be thanking myself when I decide to clear out my head and house and be amazed at how much money I made at a garage sale!
My neice and her new son are doing fine. My grand nephew did have to have surgery on his heart. He is grumpy, (that is to be expected) but he will be just fine. I have only gotten to see him once. He has to stay away from germs, and since he was born, one or the other of my daughters has been sick and I didn't want to carry anything to him. There's time for snuggling with him when I know I won't share anything bad with him. I just want him to stay healthy!
I bought a new to me truck. I bought it from my other neice. She gave me a good deal. I desparately needed a new vehicle. My poor old Toyota is just about to die. My youngest daughter is using it until she gets her little truck a new clutch. She only has to drive a couple of miles to work, so it will suffice til then.
Well, I should get to bed. Tomorrow's another day. I work Wednesday through Sunday, so I am on the downhill slide of my week. I have been revamping the art department at the hardware store where I work. This week I have done a physical inventory and inputting all the products that don't scan and am now re-inventorying those. I am slightly brain dead over the numbers and hours on the computer. Happy New Year to you all! See you in 2007!