Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Slacking off!

I have just had no time to stitch! With my new job comes pain. I think I have probably mentioned it, so I won't go into detail except to say, I cannot wait til the feet like me again. They are starting to tolerate the long hours of standing. When I get home all I want to do is sit with my feet up and not move anything! Today, I made it til 4PM before the most intolerable pain set in, and I was off work a half hour later. Plus, it is my Friday today!

I haven't done a lot of stitching the last couple of weeks. This week I received a floor stand to hold my frame as I stitch. It was a used one that I won on E-Bay. I had to replace one bolt and wing nut. Now, I am just trying to figure out how best to place it so the stitching feels natural. Haven't quite got the hang of it. I keep wanting to take the stitching out of the stand and just hold it, but I stop myself, because I know in the long run, it will be beneficial.

I have also splurged and ordered a kit from Deminsions. (Through E-Bay) It is "The Wave". I love the picture. I think it will be a challenge for me, it has a lot of half stitches. But those are good, it will give the picture more depth and detail. I also ordered a chart called "Neptune's Horses". Hmmm...there's a theme going on here. I bought a kit from Deminsions called "Mysteries of the Deep". That one will be going in my bathroom when completed (and it will be framed with glass) I have a tropical fish theme going on in the bathroom, so this project will be great in there.

That's it for now. Lots of spending money, not so much progress, but hey! I can't keep the money all locked up...that wouldn't be any fun at all! Thanks for all your kind comments. Makes the stuff I do, that much more worth it!

Friday, September 15, 2006

The picture that was supposed to happen last night. This is the top third of Earth Goddess. It is moving along pretty quickly, as I suspected it would. Although it isn't going by that fast in the respect that I haven't got as much time to work on it. If I wasn't working, I'd probably be done with this portion. That's fine with me, I'd rather have the income rather than the cross stitch progress.

Work has been good, except the foot pain at the end of the day I mentioned the other day. I bought some inserts for my shoes. I can't tell if they hindered or helped. My feet were fine for a longer period of time, but now that the shoes are off, they hurt worse! No telling. I am just going to have to keep popping the aspirin until something works itself out in my shoes.

I decided last night that I would try really hard to put money aside for my daughter's car purchase. I mean, I have lived on much less than I have coming in right now. Aside from the cost of gas that is. So, I will continue to live like I was on unemployment benefits and put the rest aside. Than she can get her car faster, I can get some sleep sooner and she can pay me back. (Well...at least that is what it says in my book!) She is giving me cash every week to stash for her, hidden in a deep dark secret place. So I will just stash what I can in a separate envelope until the day we have put aside enough to get the car, registration and insurance. Hopefully , I can shear off a months worth of saving on her part.

Work is working. Yes, I love it! It is busy still, there's plenty of variety, and I get a kick out of helping people fill their needs for hardware things. I am Ms MacGyvwer after all.

Anywho...got to get on to something...even if it's wrong. Good night all!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Pictures at 11

I know, I know...it's supposed to be story at 11, but I have the story, too lazy to do the pictures right now.
I have worked a total of two complete weeks now. I like the job, it is busy work, there are various things to do, so it will never be boring. This hardware store seems to be consistently busy, so it looks like no down time with the customers. I like that, I hate being at work when it is slow, it gets me to thinking about what I could be doing elsewhere. I have run into so many old friends and acquaintances. I am sorry to say I have not thought about some of these people for a while. I guess one cannot think of all people all the time. Yes they do cross my mind at times though.
Because I have been working, I have not had the time to work on my cross stitching much. It is a back handed good thing. If I was finding more time to work on it, that would mean that I am not happy at work. Well, that and I am recuperating my feet at the end of the day. I move quite slow when I get home. I am hoping that this will go away sometime in the near future. I know some of the pain is because I put on too much weight over the unemployed period of my life...and ate away a lot of my frustrations. When I get my bills back in order, I am joining Weight Watchers again and getting the weight off. I am so sick of myself right now!
I think I will start one of those lists I see on other blogs...100 things in 1001 days. That will help me get on task and get some stuff done that has gone by the wayside. I will start working on the list and then post it, so I can keep track of my progress.
That's all for now...picture of cross stitch progress later!

Friday, September 08, 2006

A Finish...

Dylan's Quilt
I finally finished the quilt, I tried to take pictures of it earlier, but failed to add the html on the file, so it wouldn't upload. Doesn't matter now anyway. Sunday this will be presented to my neice in honor of her baby, Dylan who is due to come into our famiily in late October, early November. I am so glad I got it finished. I had the time, but as usual, work better under pressure so I waited til the last minute. I still have to wash it and then can pack it up to go to the baby shower...which I do not get to attend! I must work. My new job put me on all weekends all the time. Can't argue...I looked for this job for six months.

Speaking of jobs. After looking for work and then getting this one, I got a few other offers of interviews. Naturally...I get hardly any bites for the whole time and then when I get a job, a bunch of nibbles. One I am going to seriously look into. It is only a few miles from my house, instead of 16...and it pays $4 more an hour! AND...it is not as labor intensive as the one I have. Wish me luck.