Friday, December 29, 2006

Happy Festivus

Or something like that. George Castanza used to say that on the Jerry Seinfeld Show. At least that's what I "heard" him say.
Well, it's been a month. Hmmm...what's been going on? Not much for stitching. I try. I put Earth Goddess away for a while. Rather; my DAUGHTER put it away. She very nicely surprized me, by cleaning the frontroom, which means she put my stuff away and it took me a little bit of sleuthing to find where she put it. And now, since she uprooted my little stitching corner, I have barely touched a piece of material. I did start a little ornament, because I subscribed to The Gift of Stitiching and there was a darling little mouse ornament to stitch. It's like about 30 x 35 stitches big and I haven't even gotten half way done. Can you say A.D.D.???
There is a sale at JoAnn's Fabrics going on and I went up on the first day of the sale to get some organization stuff. (They didn't have what I went for) I did manage to spend $58. I bought 30 skeins of DMC...blind, I only repeated about 8 colors and 4 of those were white and ecru, done purposely. I got some skeins of yarn on sale, simply because the color grabbed me. I have no clue what I will do with it. Maybe put it with the other 100 or so skeins of yarn I own and move it around cause it's in my way. I know someday I will thank myself for having such aforethought to buy all this stuff. Or I will be thanking myself when I decide to clear out my head and house and be amazed at how much money I made at a garage sale!
My neice and her new son are doing fine. My grand nephew did have to have surgery on his heart. He is grumpy, (that is to be expected) but he will be just fine. I have only gotten to see him once. He has to stay away from germs, and since he was born, one or the other of my daughters has been sick and I didn't want to carry anything to him. There's time for snuggling with him when I know I won't share anything bad with him. I just want him to stay healthy!
I bought a new to me truck. I bought it from my other neice. She gave me a good deal. I desparately needed a new vehicle. My poor old Toyota is just about to die. My youngest daughter is using it until she gets her little truck a new clutch. She only has to drive a couple of miles to work, so it will suffice til then.
Well, I should get to bed. Tomorrow's another day. I work Wednesday through Sunday, so I am on the downhill slide of my week. I have been revamping the art department at the hardware store where I work. This week I have done a physical inventory and inputting all the products that don't scan and am now re-inventorying those. I am slightly brain dead over the numbers and hours on the computer. Happy New Year to you all! See you in 2007!

Thursday, November 09, 2006


I have been s-l-o-w-l-y working on Goddess. Haven't been there every night, but most nights. The progress is slow, because I had made a small boo-boo. I knew I had made it, but it would have taken a lot of frogging to fix. (you see, I didn't notice the boo-boo until I had made a lot of progress) I figured it would be easy to fill in and fudge here and there to fix it when I got to this point, but it is really taking a lot of thought to make it look right! I now have a greater appreciation for those that go before us to make a design and chart it.

I work for a hardware store that has a great, but small art department. The woman who was taking care of the department, is out for knee surgery. (four months) The art dept. has been a thorn in the owner's side since he bought the store. The woman who was taking care of it was either not interested enough, in too much pain, overwhelmed or all of the above, because that dept. is an absolute mess! They have asked me to clean up the dept. I went into work yesterday for a half a day (my day off) to meet with the salesman. Apparently, he was just given permission to just order and ship by the previous dept. person. We get "surprize" boxes of product. Some of which is not in our system, so he is sneaking stuff in just to make sales, and there was no one to contest the shipment. She had stuff stashed in corners and under shelving...OMG! I told him, he was not to ship anything that we don't approve of. He didn't like it. I then explained that once I get the dept. to the point where I am comfortable, then I will tell him what new (if any) products we will accept. The the owner came over and told him the same I got good backup. I got some catalogs and pricing sheets, so the next month or so, I will be really getting into deep cleaning and purging...this could be fun! Plus, it will be like doing the buying that I normally would do for myself at home. I'll get it out of my system and save a bunch of my own money!

My youngest daughter is very sick. She had a nasty temperature the day before yesterday. Unfortunately, she got my work ethic and feeling of poverty, so she wouldn't stay home from either of her jobs. I finally talked her into giving up the night time job until she is better. We are going to see the doctor today, but she still insisted on going to the morning job. (working at a ranch cleaning stalls, that is after all her first love...HORSES!) Hopefully the doctor will scare her into staying home for a couple of days. She has holes in her heart and any real bad illnesses could affect that.

My neice went to the hospital the day before yesterday to give birth to my first grand nephew. I have three grand neices. We are waiting semi-patiently for news...he also has holes in his heart, so we are praying that everything goes well. Me especially, because I know what it feels like to have an infant with the holes! We won't be able to go and see him until we are sure that all the germs my daughter has is not on any of us. Sniff!

Okay, I have ranted enough. Thanks for "listening".

Saturday, October 28, 2006

I finally got the picture uploaded! And now I have more of her hair done. I have been working on the Earth Goddess a little every night since I promised I would pick her up again. Thanks for being there for me to make a promise I would not break. I find if I only work a little every night I don't get the headaches. At least this way I am making some progress, if not a lot.
I have most of her hair done now, then I will be working on her face, then on to more flowers around her neck. YAY! She's getting there! I am saving the backstitching of the branches for the last thing I do on the top third. When I get this done, I will unroll the whole thing and take a picture of what I have finished so far. The bottom third will be a lengthy process.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

As Promised.....

Well, I DID pick up my stitching, and I DID make some progress. I know now why I wasn't picking it up. My eyesight is getting just a tad worse a little at a time. I don't have benefits just yet, so I will have to wait to get my eyes checked and get new glasses. But since I picked up the stitching, I have had a headache. I have those drugstore magnifying glasses, but I think I am beyond those now. I did use my magnifying glass today. OH! I bought myself one of those OTT lights! I found a table model for $35.00. Not bad. That helped with the vision a little, but not a whole heck of a lot. At least I know why I stopped working on Earth Goddess. It's funny how your mind tells you stuff without you really knowing that it is telling you. she is. I got the Earth, the leaves around her head and some of her hair done. I have to back stitch the branches throughout the leaves. That will make it look a lot better. I don't have much left to do on the top third, then it is on to the bottom half. I'd say I was almost 2/3's done, but the top is so sparse. Maybe more like half done... Well, okay, now blogger is giving me problems uploading my image! I will try again tomorrow night. Sorry!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Today I promise....

And I don't break promises... I AM going to pick up my project and work on it. I came home from work sick yesterday. Anyone who knows me well, knows that I don't usually do that. I am a "go to work and tough it out" kind of person, but yesterday I was feeling nauseated and weak and sweaty. I kept thinking, "oh, I'll finish this little section and then see", but I just kept getting worse. So, I left. It was my "Friday" so I have the weekend to recouperate. I came home and slept from about 11 AM til 6:30PM. Hmmm, did I need that or what?!? I feel a little better today, but I am staying close to the bathroom, if you know what I mean.
I won't want to be over doing anything, so I will sit myself in my chair and proceed to stitch, that will give me some rest and peace I think. Pictures later tonight or tomorrow, so I can prove that I kept my promise.
I have been wanting to work on this project and get it going again, because I think I have told you, that I have three other projects to start, all big ones. I have also been wanting to do some little projects, just so I can claim some finishes as well. I need to organize my stuff better so I can be more like some of the other stitchers whose blogs I read. I envy their organization. (It's a good envy, it can only give me some direction)
Enough for now, I am going to amble on over to the easy chair!

Thursday, October 19, 2006


I didn't realize it has been so long since I came in and blogged! I guess I am busier than I thought. Work is getting better, except that the owner closed the store down Oct. 14 and 15, to do an inventory and clean up...which didn't really happen. We counted and we cleaned, but his store is large and he had delusions of grandeur. When I left for my "weekend" Tuesday night they were still counting at the beginning of the second half of the store. I feel bad for the GM, she is obsessing about getting the store done, maybe cause she knows the owner better than I do. This is why I gave up management positions. I do enough obsessing on my little personal stuff, don't need some big business owner guy making me that way at work too.

I have not been stitching. I want to. I sit down next to my project and look at it longingly, but I can't seem to pick it up! I know that when I actually do pick it up, I enjoy working on it. Maybe I am just too darned tired in the evening, and I know my "weekend" was not the weekend any of us wants to have. (spent my time helping my daughter who had an extrememly bad incident with her EX boyfriend, and then spent my afternoon in court getting a restraining order for my own protection) So tonight I was going to stitch, but just sat next to it again looking...details at 11. I know, there I go again! I have to get to bed. More later!
Back to work tomorrow, we'll see what happens after work.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

E-Bay Express

I just ordered a chart from this company on E-Bay Express...$9.00, for a small CD that has the chart and list of floss colors and symbols. I ordered The Horses of Neptune. I think I said something about it in my last post. Well, it came and the darned CD wouldn't work on my computer. So, I made a comment about it to the seller and she wrote back and said try this or try that. I did, still no chart. So I wrote back and told her. She is sending me the printed chart, and a new CD, to see if that will work. I was pleasantly surprised at the service this woman is giving me. She had no arguement, no hesitations, just...okay, this is what I will do for you. Not only that, but the proceeds from the sales of these charts goes to helping them pay the vet bills for animals they take in to their shelter. It is a no kill shelter for cats and dogs. I will continue to support these people in their cause. (I'm sending more money to her to cover the cost of the printing and shipping of the chart she is replacing for the CD. She didn't ask for it) I just wanted to let you all know about them. I am impressed and that is not an easy thing for me. Their store site is: HPH Cross Stitch I don't know if that will get you there or not, if it doesn't go to this address: I searched around a little on that site and found that if I clicked on the E-Bay Express banner, it will take you to their sales for cross stitching charts. They have a lot of neat charts to offer, all with permission from the artists to sell. Check it out if you are interested.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Slacking off!

I have just had no time to stitch! With my new job comes pain. I think I have probably mentioned it, so I won't go into detail except to say, I cannot wait til the feet like me again. They are starting to tolerate the long hours of standing. When I get home all I want to do is sit with my feet up and not move anything! Today, I made it til 4PM before the most intolerable pain set in, and I was off work a half hour later. Plus, it is my Friday today!

I haven't done a lot of stitching the last couple of weeks. This week I received a floor stand to hold my frame as I stitch. It was a used one that I won on E-Bay. I had to replace one bolt and wing nut. Now, I am just trying to figure out how best to place it so the stitching feels natural. Haven't quite got the hang of it. I keep wanting to take the stitching out of the stand and just hold it, but I stop myself, because I know in the long run, it will be beneficial.

I have also splurged and ordered a kit from Deminsions. (Through E-Bay) It is "The Wave". I love the picture. I think it will be a challenge for me, it has a lot of half stitches. But those are good, it will give the picture more depth and detail. I also ordered a chart called "Neptune's Horses". Hmmm...there's a theme going on here. I bought a kit from Deminsions called "Mysteries of the Deep". That one will be going in my bathroom when completed (and it will be framed with glass) I have a tropical fish theme going on in the bathroom, so this project will be great in there.

That's it for now. Lots of spending money, not so much progress, but hey! I can't keep the money all locked up...that wouldn't be any fun at all! Thanks for all your kind comments. Makes the stuff I do, that much more worth it!

Friday, September 15, 2006

The picture that was supposed to happen last night. This is the top third of Earth Goddess. It is moving along pretty quickly, as I suspected it would. Although it isn't going by that fast in the respect that I haven't got as much time to work on it. If I wasn't working, I'd probably be done with this portion. That's fine with me, I'd rather have the income rather than the cross stitch progress.

Work has been good, except the foot pain at the end of the day I mentioned the other day. I bought some inserts for my shoes. I can't tell if they hindered or helped. My feet were fine for a longer period of time, but now that the shoes are off, they hurt worse! No telling. I am just going to have to keep popping the aspirin until something works itself out in my shoes.

I decided last night that I would try really hard to put money aside for my daughter's car purchase. I mean, I have lived on much less than I have coming in right now. Aside from the cost of gas that is. So, I will continue to live like I was on unemployment benefits and put the rest aside. Than she can get her car faster, I can get some sleep sooner and she can pay me back. ( least that is what it says in my book!) She is giving me cash every week to stash for her, hidden in a deep dark secret place. So I will just stash what I can in a separate envelope until the day we have put aside enough to get the car, registration and insurance. Hopefully , I can shear off a months worth of saving on her part.

Work is working. Yes, I love it! It is busy still, there's plenty of variety, and I get a kick out of helping people fill their needs for hardware things. I am Ms MacGyvwer after all. to get on to something...even if it's wrong. Good night all!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Pictures at 11

I know, I's supposed to be story at 11, but I have the story, too lazy to do the pictures right now.
I have worked a total of two complete weeks now. I like the job, it is busy work, there are various things to do, so it will never be boring. This hardware store seems to be consistently busy, so it looks like no down time with the customers. I like that, I hate being at work when it is slow, it gets me to thinking about what I could be doing elsewhere. I have run into so many old friends and acquaintances. I am sorry to say I have not thought about some of these people for a while. I guess one cannot think of all people all the time. Yes they do cross my mind at times though.
Because I have been working, I have not had the time to work on my cross stitching much. It is a back handed good thing. If I was finding more time to work on it, that would mean that I am not happy at work. Well, that and I am recuperating my feet at the end of the day. I move quite slow when I get home. I am hoping that this will go away sometime in the near future. I know some of the pain is because I put on too much weight over the unemployed period of my life...and ate away a lot of my frustrations. When I get my bills back in order, I am joining Weight Watchers again and getting the weight off. I am so sick of myself right now!
I think I will start one of those lists I see on other blogs...100 things in 1001 days. That will help me get on task and get some stuff done that has gone by the wayside. I will start working on the list and then post it, so I can keep track of my progress.
That's all for now...picture of cross stitch progress later!

Friday, September 08, 2006

A Finish...

Dylan's Quilt
I finally finished the quilt, I tried to take pictures of it earlier, but failed to add the html on the file, so it wouldn't upload. Doesn't matter now anyway. Sunday this will be presented to my neice in honor of her baby, Dylan who is due to come into our famiily in late October, early November. I am so glad I got it finished. I had the time, but as usual, work better under pressure so I waited til the last minute. I still have to wash it and then can pack it up to go to the baby shower...which I do not get to attend! I must work. My new job put me on all weekends all the time. Can't argue...I looked for this job for six months.

Speaking of jobs. After looking for work and then getting this one, I got a few other offers of interviews. Naturally...I get hardly any bites for the whole time and then when I get a job, a bunch of nibbles. One I am going to seriously look into. It is only a few miles from my house, instead of 16...and it pays $4 more an hour! is not as labor intensive as the one I have. Wish me luck.

Thursday, August 31, 2006


I will be working again starting tomorrow morning! I guess I was wrong in the last post, there is someone who wants to hire a person my age. I have aquired a position at a hardware store a few towns over. I used to be a customer service manager at our local hardware store. It had been my favorite job ever, and when I got laid off I was devastated. I was looking through some online ads (again) and saw this ad for the hardware store, so I emailed them. I got a call from them the next Monday (I sent it in on Friday). They asked me to come in so we could "get to know each other better". I went in a few hours later, and a half hour later I was an employee! I will send my previous hardware employer a thank you note, because he gave me a high recommendation. I am excited. I love working in hardware. I always kid, and say my Dad raised me in the garage...well, he and I used to putter out in the garage together, so I learned a lot about hardware and I am very comfortable with it. So I am going back to my element, that was something that was missing in my last job...yuck, laundry I can start working on my house again!

Needless to say, my posts will probably be shorter and fewer and farther between. As well as my stitching projects. Both have served me well, during my forced vacation. It's okay, with winter coming up and the nights dropping in on us earlier in the evening, I will again pick up the stitching to while away the evenings. During the summer months I tend to play with the dogs outside in the evenings!

I will be finishing the quilt I started for my neice as my sister informs me the baby shower is in just a few weeks...what happened to the time?!? I just have two sides to bind, and a lttle touch up on some of the quilting. I will get a picture of it posted. I have also made some more progress on my Earth Goddess. Pictures there too. I made a bid on a floor frame holder from ebay. I had been watching it and it was successfully bid on, I lost. Then for some reason it came back in, so I bid on it again! I hope I can get it this time, it'll make my stitching so much faster. Wish me luck!

Later all! Hope to see you soon!

Monday, August 28, 2006

Los Lonely Boys

Saturday was an eventful day! In the morning I went to my daughter's friends' wedding shower. That was fun. It was a mixed shower, the guys were there. It always adds interest when the groom and friends attend. I like those better than the traditional "girls" only showers. After all it is the guys wedding too! These are some great kids. They have been in my life for several years now. My daughter has some wonderful choices of friends.

In the evening my girlfriend, her daughter, neice and her nephew's girlfriend and I went to Concord (a fifty +mile drive) to see Los Lonely Boys. I was excited to go see them when my girlfriend first told me she was getting me a ticket too, then as the date got closer, I was a little more reluctant. This reluctance I now believe is a direct result of my getting more and more depressed over the joblessness in my life. At 4:45, fifteen minutes before we were to leave for the concert, I was getting ready to back out all together. But they came and picked me up, now I am so glad I went. They were excellent. We had a blast! We did the lawn seating area, sat on a blanket under the stars. My bottom was flat and numb for a good hour and a half. It is good to have a girls night out like that.

My youngest daughter came over yesterday and spent the day with me. When I went to pick her up, we stopped by her work "for a minute" (She works at a Safeway grocery store) We ran into my dad and his girlfriend. I live five miles from my dad, by rarely get by to see him, so it was nice to run into them. I love his new girlfriend. She is down to earth and very loving. She has been really good for him. Besides, she raised five girls by herself, so completely understands me. (I raised three girls, by myself)

Today, we go pick up a mattress, box springs and frame from my afore mentioned girlfriend. Then my youngest can come and move back home. Being on her own was not all it was cracked up to be and the boyfriend (now ex) is being stupid. (Not just, "oh we had a fight" stupid, stuff that can get him in trouble with the law stupid and my daughter doesn't want to be involved). I told her to come home, save up for a car and her schooling that will cost her an arm and a leg, and be done with the guys for a while.

I need some sleep. We got home at 1:30 AM after the concert and then my daughter and I stayed up til almost 2 AM last night (this morning) just hanging out. I had to get up at 6AM Monday mornings to put the garbage out (So, I don't have to clean up after the raccoons) I am going to have a nice nap for myself later this afternoon maybe. If not, I will hit the hay early tonight. Maybe I will get stitching done today!

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Things change so quickly

My ducks apparently are not in a row...those aren't even my ducks! I'm freaking out cause I cannot find employment. No one wants a 50 something y/o working for them, I don't have a higher education, I have some skills, but nothing anybody wants to hire! Crap! I got the local paper today, the pizza parlor is hiring in store personnel, maybe I'll be a pizza lady...I don't know. All of my confidence is gone, the last job took care of most of that, the 6 months of searching for a new job has gotten rid of the rest. I was going to do doggy day care, but the company I was going to go with on that has decided they want someone in different towns, and with having to get permits, licensing, insurance etc., it's not happening on my own.

My youngest daughter is moving back in with me for a while. Until she can save up enough money to buy a car, she will take the bus to work and then I will pick her up after work. She works 15 miles away and she gets off work at 11 PM some nights, Midnight on others. I would rather do this than to make her stay in the situation she is living in now, sounds like it could be getting a little dangerous for her.

The weekend after next, I am going to have a garage sale. Hopefully, I can get enough money together to carry me another week or two past the week my unemployment runs out. This weekend, I have a concert to go to. My girlfriend bought the ticket for my birthday for me. We are going to see Los Lonely Boys. I hope they do a good concert, I am in the mood for good music live.

In the meantime I have my stitching...I need to finish my neice's baby blanket soon. The baby is due Oct./Nov., but I do not like waiting til the last minute. I want it finished, washed, packaged all pretty and ready to go. I have a baby afghan that I need to tie a couple of ends on, then wash it, pack it up and send east to my girlfriend's daughter before her baby gets here. Another Oct./Nov. baby...and both boys! My neighbors just had a baby boy yesterday or the day before, must be in the air! Okay, I am really rambling on here. It's late, obviously I need sleep. Thanks for listening!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006


It's been a while since I took a picture of what I am working on. I have thought about it a lot, but just never grabbed the camera and took the picture. That is such an easy task too! (I love digital cameras!!!) So, this is the middle section of Earth Goddess, all it needs is the vines backstitched. Then it is on to the top section. I couldn't decide if I wanted to go up to the top or down to the lower section, but the middle was very labor intensive (as stitching goes) and the bottom is the same intensity, so I opted for the top to take a "break". It's been a fun project so far. Can't wait til it's done.
The big dog helped me out on it a lot today...NOT! He was getting off the couch and bumped my storage box of floss. Of course, as in the Laws of Murphy, it landed upside down. I had to dust it all off, (dog hairs on the floor) and re-establish where everything goes. Actually, it helped a little, cause I really needed to organize the floss in a more workable way. Thanks Big dog!
No employment yet. I actually got a case of cabin fever today. Still didn't do anything about it. Well, I did do a little something. My youngest daughter had put a huge hole in her bedroom wall that I didn't know about til after she moved out. Those big posters sure come in handy, don't they kids??? I know I would just flub up an excellent looking patch job so...ya know, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade? I am making a little shadow box type of shelves in there. I know I can do that. I went in and cut the drywall out and squared it up. (I also found out that there is not one ounce of insulation in the outside walls.) Now, I just have to get the wood to make the shelves. My oldest daughter is moving into that room, so she will be able to place her collection of small fairies on the shelves!
Well, I am in the middle of making a carrot cake.I took a little break from it, because I am grating the carrots the old fashioned way. Now I know why my grandparents never gained weight! They had to work harder than we do to get the food prepared and on the table. More later!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

This is where I live. No, not in the water, but just the other side of the buildings you see in the background. I went kayaking in the ocean right down the street from my house. This was my first time out there. My daughter surfs there all the time, and kayakers go there all the time, but I have been too chicken until today. It was fun, til I came in. Then a bigger wave caught up with me and pushed my boat over! I got to go swimming! YAY!!! NOT!!! I asked advice from one of the veteran kayakers and he told me, it'll take time, just practice and know that I will get rolled from time to time until I have practiced enough. At least I know now, that I am not the only one. I was a little embarassed. Not anymore. Now I have a new adventure to talk about. It was on my want to do list, so that is good!

Sunday, August 06, 2006

It's a beautiful morning

The big dog let me sleep in until 6:30 this morning. How kind! It is beautiful and peaceful here. Sun is shining, neighbors aren't out and about yet, so no traffic noises. I have a list a mile long of to do's today, but I think I will be lucky to get 1/4 mile into it.
My dad helped me fix my chain saw the other day, so I really need to get outside and chop up some wiley looking bushes and the tree that is threatening to push the eaves up on the front of my house. I'm a little nervous about that is big, I don't even know what it is, it volunteered to grow years ago. I love it, but it is going to do some damage.
I got lots of stitching done yesterday, since I didn't feel like doing anything but sit. The little dog loved that. She slept on my lap the whole time.I will get ambitious about taking pics of the stitching I did and the progress on my neice's baby quilt that I am making for her. It only needs the binding done on two sides and a good washing. is ready to present to her.
I have been catching up on other blogs this morning and got to thinking to myself that I really need to make my pages more appealing. I will start messing with that project one of these days. I do want it to look good. I have a lot to learn there.
On with the day...see you all later!

Friday, August 04, 2006

Open for business

F I N A L L Y !!!!!
After about four months, the road between my family and me is OPEN! YAY! The road closed the beginning of April, and they have been working on it day and night for the last three months. The first month they hemmed and hawed about how to go about making the road safe for us. They ended up blasting a few huge boulders and knocked them down off the side of the hillside, so they wouldn't just roll down inadvertently onto a passing motorist. Then they drilled into the lower hillside to insert some big ol' metal pipes that attatch the lower hillside to the upper hillside. They graded and paved the road. I gotta hand it to these men and women who worked on the road so long. It was dangerous work, but they got it done. I, for one, am eternally grateful! Now I don't have to go 32 miles out of my way to get 5 miles from my home! (Not that I wouldn't do it...but have you seen the gas prices lately?!?)

I am taking a trip down there today; not because I have to, but because I can. Oh, and I am taking my dad's mail to him and my chainsaw, to see if he can help me fix it and my camera, so I can get pics of his pooches. (I have a killer idea for a Christmas present for him) Then I am going further down the road to see my daughter. I saw her for about five minutes on the first, but you know young adults...always in a rush to get to the next thing. She is packing up to move today, so I want to go by and watch her pack!

I'm off. Things to do, places to go.....

Saturday, July 29, 2006

It's night time.....

I love my digital camera.
That's the moon outside my back door. It's clear, decently warm, nice & quiet around my neighborhood. I love it!

I have been working on my neice's baby to be's quilt. I took pictures of it, but they wouldn't upload, so I took a picture of the moon.

Hopefully, I will get the items I need tomorrow to finish the quilt and then I will try another picture to share. In the meantime, enjoy the moon!

Thursday, July 27, 2006 I'm a little slow...

I started to come in here early this morning to post a blog and it is now 1:25 PM (Pacific Standard Time). I just now figured out how to post another blog. AARRGGHH!!! Main thing is I got in here!

The picture above is my newest project d'obsession. Since I am currently looking for gainful employment, I have a little more time on my hands than I was previously used to. I really don't want to go stir crazy, so I took up cross stitching again. (After..oh..ten years or so) And now I am obsessed. I suppose there are worse things to be obsessed with.

This is called Earth Goddess. It is from a book I have, called Magical Cross Stitch, by D&C (Dave and Charles)

My middle daughter came and visited yesterday afternoon. She was bored. That's why she came. She drove twenty miles to see me because she was bored. Hmmm...I guess that is what moms are for. We are here to unbore the bored. I am actually glad she thought of me to visit. We got to talking about things she wants to do, classes she needs to take, etc, etc. I ended up giving her my old computer that I was going to "clean" up. Her boyfriend lives, breathes, eats, sleeps computers...he can "clean" it up. Hopefully , this will give her the enthusiasm to take those classes and do good. She's 20 and needs to get on with her education.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Another day in Paradise

Well, another new beginning. I love new beginnings. I have been reading other blogs and think to myself, I should do that. And then my self kicks in and says, why do you want to tell every one what is going on in your life? Well, it's not so much telling everyone is more joining a group of people who have something in common and getting feedback and learning from others! So, please, feedback, feedback, feedback!

I am on a learning curve here, so it will take me a while to get this blog set up the way it should be and comfy for you all to come and visit. I have a lot of pics I want to share. Especially the ones of my little dog Tootsie, (that;'s Tootsie up on the top) who is my companion in all that I do. She sits on my lap when I stitch, follows me from room to room as I do my chores, goes kayaking with me and chastises me when I've gone out of the house to do chores and left her behind.

Well, that is it for now. I'm going to go play with my new toy and figure out all the fun stuff I can do! Hope to hear from you!