Tuesday, August 28, 2007

A Finish!

So here is my Celtic Knot Heart "Anything Bag" for my friend. I was hoping to finish it before last week was up, but that was not in the stars for me. Aw well...tomorrow I can give it to her. I did the entire finish this afternoon. I always have an idea in my head, but never really know how it's going to come out til it's done. Plus, I have to fudge what I am doing a lot, cause I don't know how it's going to go together. I like it, I hope she does! I want to do more of these Celtic Knot Hearts in different colors. They aren't bad to stitch. I think the stitching itself took me about 12 - 15 hours. I am SLOW!!!!!

Here's Purrcy doing what kitties do best...hanging in the backyard in the sun. I got a great laugh because of him today. I looked out in the back just in time to see him carrying around a little stuffed animal that one of the dogs had taken out there. He looked so proud that he had hunted down this prey and caught it. I wish I had my camera at that time. He is going to be a great hunter though I think. He's big and seems to have the hunter attitude in him. Chili is just going to hang out and be purty.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Small Stitch...hey, it's something!

I am stitching this for a friend. It's a thank you for a kindness. I won't say which friend, just in case she is reading this blog. Sorry about the blurry picture.
It's called Celtic Knotwork Heart by Alodi Wolfsong at FeildAnForset. I was searching for the most appropriate stitch to do and came across this, it's a freebie. I love it. The original colors were yellow outlined with black. I had this fat quarter of material next to it, in mind when I was looking for the design. My daughter helped me decide which of my threads would go best. I am making it into a small "anything" bag, with a drawstring. I have to go get the cord today, I am hoping to find a silk cork in the darker color. This stitch is easy and fun...a little challenging at times to make sure I had the stitches in the right places. I should be finished with it today or at the latest tomorrow night. I'll post it when it's finished.

Here's a past picture of the babies, and you can see Purrcy and Chili are getting quite big. This was actually a few weeks back.

This is the two of them pretending to surf! (I think they got it upside down though) They are quite adventurous and fun. They are almost always together, they eat and sleep together. And they tear up the house together. They knocked that ship off the shelf in the top picture and broke it. I had to quit blaming the dogs for messes in the house when I get home from work, because 90% of the time it's Purrcy and Chili. Purrcy is the cuddly one Chili is very independent. They are four months old now.