Tuesday, May 25, 2010


After much searching and pressing buttons and linking to www help sites, I finally called India and they helped me. I have to say Ashish Kumar was a wonderful woman who took me through the problem of why my computer was not talking to my camera. It was all on the computer side. Some fouled programs or something. Ashish took over my computer remotely (this feature still blows me away) and cleaned up the little glitches here and there and my computer is running fine now.

The picture above is the little Kindle cover I made a few months ago.

I've been busy with many things lately. I manage to read everyone's blogs, and comment on most. I just haven't been able to sit and type out anything.

One of the things keeping me busy these days is this little guy...

Meet Atreyu.
My YD and I were looking at a car in San Jose for her boyfriend. (A car that we immediately decided against) The family who had the car also had this dog who was chained up and going nuts. I kept going over and petting him and talking to him. The kid who was selling the car said they were moving and couldn't take the dog..."Do you want him?" Of course. I never think these things through to the end...I just jump at the chance to have a new cute little guy in my household.
Yes, he is cute, little he is not. He has never been socialized. Never had his shots. Was never neutered. All he was trained to do was sit. ACK!!!
Next week we get to go get him "trimmed" if you know what I mean. He will have to get all his shots before then. I think once that is done and he doesn't hate me anymore for it, he will calm down a bit. Then we can start the real training. He is learning some now. He no longer jumps on us. He has learned to hop right into the back of my truck. As long as the days are cool, he will be sitting in the back of my truck while I am at work. It sounds cruel, but it's that or he spends his day howling in a small kennel at home. This way he gets to walk a few times a day and I am there to give him fresh water and loving. I have to cleanout the big kennel so he can live in there when the weather warms up. (Can you say, I gotta get it done today?) He just can't be loose to do as he pleases at home. He likes to find things and chew them up. So far, he has eaten some of my yarn, a few pairs of socks and a wrist brace.
He's about thirteen months old. Since he is of the Shepherd (Belgium) line, he will reamin immature for another few years. It will take a bit of work to get him to stop eating stuff. I am thinking that he will be a good service dog...maybe search and rescue.

Other things to keep me busy are many, many DR appointments. I am still seeing the Psycologist, and then my regular DR because of some allergy and breathing problems I am having. I had chest XRays last week. Still waiting for the results there. And then I had the regular Women's checkups which turned out all clear. (Yea Good!)

My MD is still making bad choices. Actually her bad choices got worse. She is begging me to let her move back home, but I can't do it. She needs to learn that her choices directly affect her life and I should not have to deal with the consequences.

I had better get going on that kennel. That is while it is still cool and hasn't started raining...nice spring we are having here, rain, cold, wind. I think there is going to be a very short summer here this year.

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Fort Bragg, California

May 1st was my birthday. So I gave myself a birthday present and took two extra days off from work. My oldest daughter and I drove up to Fort Bragg. (CA) We spent Sat., Sun., and Mon. morning there. We camped. We borrowed my dad's (new to him) 1982 VW Vanagon Westfalia. Talk about road trips!!!
It was fun, relaxing and I got more exercise than I have in a while. We basically looked for places to look at...walked on Glass Beach, which is a long stretch of beach that is literally sea glass tumbled over and over until it is just bigger than regular sand. There are bigger pieces of it too. We are not supposed to take any, so we (ahem) didn't.
We took in an old historic lighthouse. We had to walk a half a mile to get to it. Which meant I walked a mile longer than I normally would. Nice lighthouse.
It was windy the entire time we were there and cold, but it was still more pleasant than working through my birthday!
Today I feel all rested up from my vacation. There's a million and two things to catch up on at work, so I am busy doing that now.
I wish I could tell you I had pictures, but the damned batteries in my camera went dead on me the first day and wouldn't you know, I didn't have spares with me!!!
So typical...