Tuesday, February 05, 2013

The Trouble With Hearing

When I moved in with Dad back in October, he was, let's say, a little hard of hearing. It has progressively gotten worse. Since I am here all the time I was not all that aware of the fact that he was turning the TV up a little higher each week. I know it finally got to the point that I had to stand to the right of him and facing him, mute the TV and tell him whatever it was I thought he would need to know. He has hearing aids but always said with a wave of his arm, "Aaaa, those things don't work!" In other words, don't bug me about it. Being the obliging daughter that I am, I heeded his (ahem) warnings. I just dealt with the yelling speaking up.
Today my sister took him to an appointment with the hearing aid doctor. Dad's been putting us off for a few months, my BIL had a talk with me about getting Dad over the hill to see the doctor about it. In my mind, I want to keep the peace with Dad more than my BIL because, well, I live with my Dad. And if it bothered my BIL that much, why doesn't HE take my Dad! Well, the doctor called and made the appointment. I had an appointment, so it fell to my sister to take him. Which is good. He listens to me, then her and usually defers to her. She's older, that doesn't bother me. Especially times like this.
So. They came back with hearing aids cleaned out, fresh batteries, rules of the hearing aids, cleanings, when to change batteries, etc. DAD CAN HEAR AGAIN!!!
The trouble with hearing is...he can hear!!! The neighbors dogs barking, a bump on the wall, water running, a mouse sneezing. Oh Lord help me! He's been telling the neighbors dogs to shut up all afternoon.
This could be very interesting!