Thursday, November 09, 2006


I have been s-l-o-w-l-y working on Goddess. Haven't been there every night, but most nights. The progress is slow, because I had made a small boo-boo. I knew I had made it, but it would have taken a lot of frogging to fix. (you see, I didn't notice the boo-boo until I had made a lot of progress) I figured it would be easy to fill in and fudge here and there to fix it when I got to this point, but it is really taking a lot of thought to make it look right! I now have a greater appreciation for those that go before us to make a design and chart it.

I work for a hardware store that has a great, but small art department. The woman who was taking care of the department, is out for knee surgery. (four months) The art dept. has been a thorn in the owner's side since he bought the store. The woman who was taking care of it was either not interested enough, in too much pain, overwhelmed or all of the above, because that dept. is an absolute mess! They have asked me to clean up the dept. I went into work yesterday for a half a day (my day off) to meet with the salesman. Apparently, he was just given permission to just order and ship by the previous dept. person. We get "surprize" boxes of product. Some of which is not in our system, so he is sneaking stuff in just to make sales, and there was no one to contest the shipment. She had stuff stashed in corners and under shelving...OMG! I told him, he was not to ship anything that we don't approve of. He didn't like it. I then explained that once I get the dept. to the point where I am comfortable, then I will tell him what new (if any) products we will accept. The the owner came over and told him the same I got good backup. I got some catalogs and pricing sheets, so the next month or so, I will be really getting into deep cleaning and purging...this could be fun! Plus, it will be like doing the buying that I normally would do for myself at home. I'll get it out of my system and save a bunch of my own money!

My youngest daughter is very sick. She had a nasty temperature the day before yesterday. Unfortunately, she got my work ethic and feeling of poverty, so she wouldn't stay home from either of her jobs. I finally talked her into giving up the night time job until she is better. We are going to see the doctor today, but she still insisted on going to the morning job. (working at a ranch cleaning stalls, that is after all her first love...HORSES!) Hopefully the doctor will scare her into staying home for a couple of days. She has holes in her heart and any real bad illnesses could affect that.

My neice went to the hospital the day before yesterday to give birth to my first grand nephew. I have three grand neices. We are waiting semi-patiently for news...he also has holes in his heart, so we are praying that everything goes well. Me especially, because I know what it feels like to have an infant with the holes! We won't be able to go and see him until we are sure that all the germs my daughter has is not on any of us. Sniff!

Okay, I have ranted enough. Thanks for "listening".

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Trish said...

Hope your daughter and your grand nephew are doing fine. Goddess looks like a lot of work!