Tuesday, May 15, 2007

I could never say NO

Little baby! Here's how this started:
Youngest Daughter: "Mom, I saw kittens at the ranch yesterday!"
Me: "Aw! Are there any orange ones?"
YD: "No, there's a white one with gray striped spots, and a black one with a little white under it's chin, and a gray striped one"
Me: "Oh good, I really don't need a new baby in the house anyway." (I love orange kitties)

We went on about our business of the day. She had her appointment, which so far is good signs of a healthy non-cancerous cervix. We went to PetCo and bought the pumps for my aquarium. Then to Dairy Queen for some DQ goodness, then off to Michael's for some odds and ends I wanted. Came home around 4PM, she got a call from her girlfriend about having to go excercise someone's horses and needing some help with one of them. So off my YD goes to help (she can't say no to riding difficult horses). She came home around 6:30 - 7PM, looking slightly up to something. She gave me this look. And I knew. It turns out that she went by her ranch (where she works) to check on the horses being properly fed, etc. and heard a kitten just screaming it's little lungs out. She said it startled her because the aforementioned kittens were so little, she didn't think they would make that kind of racket. So she went to investigate and there was this little orange kitty sitting on top of a bag of grain all by itself!

This little kitty was abandoned by it's momma. It is slightly older than the litter my daughter told me about in the morning. He definitely needs some TLC. She picked up a bottle and some kitten formula on her way home. We got him all settled in and fed him...he was so hungry! And cold. So, I now have my new baby. (Whether I thought I needed him or not) We're taking him to my vet today to see what all he is going to need, besides my putting in a few sleepless nights of feedings, and changing the household schedules to make sure he has the feedings he needs throughout the day. My other cat is an abandoned kitten from the same ranch, two years or more ago. I told my daughter that we are going to trap all the cats and take them in for spay/neutering. They do need the cats there, or else the rodent population gets crazy with all the hay and grain around.


Isabelle said...

Awwww... I love orange kitties, too. Don't know why, but they're always so sweet-tempered.

Glad that your daughter's appointment went well!
Nothing can be better to celebrate than a new kitten :)

Vonna said...

My granny had a little red kitten she called "Little Red", at the time I was a toddler and I called him "Diddle Red" so the aforementioned kitty was called "Diddle Red" his entire life. He was a sweetie :)
Your's looks like a handsome boy too :)

Carol said...

Aw, God Bless You for rescuing the little baby! Sooo cute!

tkdchick said...

What a kind heart you have to take in a helpless kitten!

Thank you so much for yours support through my Cancer scare!

Stephanie said...

Oh, so cute!!! Be sure to make a sling so you can keep it warm!

Good news about your daughter too!