Sunday, November 09, 2008

What Gives?

A few things to note here about what gives.

I went to a party yesterday. It was for my two great nephews. One of them turned two (today) and the other was christened. My neice had a party for both at the same time. Good idea I say! I took the day off of work. It was a great opportunity to see my family, I don't see them that often. And I live and or work within five miles of them all. Sucks, but we all have odd and different hours, so this doesn't happen much.
I sat and thought about my relationships with my sisters. The oldest is nine years older than me, the other is seven years older. The relationships have finally evolved to a level playing ground. Last year not so much, I was still the baby. Now, it is like we are all the same age. (Maybe they are wishing they were my age.) That statement cracks me up.
Then what gives with the hour here? I was wide awake and not wanting to sleep another minute this morning. Four AM!!! I don't have to be at work until nine AM!!! Five hours. Five hours that I need to entertain myself. And this after having a couple of glasses of wine, last the party...
I have a full day ahead of me at work. My huge order finally came in. It was late getting there. It came in on Friday afternoon, around one. I leave at 3:30, so I wasn't going to break into it and have it scattered across the warehouse to get picked through and lost. Today I get to play receiving and stocking. That is fine, I would rather do that all day than to wait for customers to need me. It will probably be quiet at work, the weather is not so good today...wet and windy.
I got a message on my phone yesterday from my wonderful girlfriend. The one who had cancer, who is generous to a fault...TO A FAULT.... I was going to give up my cell phone last year, because I really couldn't afford it. I wanted my daughter's to get their own if they wanted them, and I wanted to loosen the ties to technology somewhat. My girlfriend said I had to have a phone regardless, and set me up on her family plan. She didn't want money for it, she just wanted me to have a phone. So, I said okay. Then, I got this message from her. I just wanted you to know the phones are back on. (I never noticed they were off) So, I'm thinking okay...whatever. It wasn't that part of the message that bothered me. She said in this meeky kind of little voice, (maybe like I wouldn't really hear it) "I don't understand, I have control over this thing, only I can never get through." Now how would you take that? I took it negatively. What I heard in my brain, was that I have no control over you, even though I have suppied you with this device. I don't want to say anything to her about it, because I KNOW it will be taken wrong. I know if I don't say anythng it will fester inside of me. No one controls me, but ME. So now what?!?


stitcherw said...

Sounds like the party could have been quite hectic with celebrations for a two year old and a christening. I'm glad you were able to get time off to spend with your family. Seems like a lot of people have a difficult time making work and life work together to have time to spend with extended family.

What a pain to be so wide awake before you needed to be, I hate it when that happens. Hopefully the lack of sleep didn't catch up with you to badly later in the day. Our weather today was not so nice too, it snowed, yuck! I'm so not ready for winter.

Loved the kitty picture in your earlier post, they're adorable, and what a perfect pose.

Stacie said...

I don't know what she meant...and if you really don't know how to take it or what she meant, maybe you should just ask her.

Say, What do you mean...before you jump to any conclusion negative or not negative.