Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My Big Brave Dog, Trey

I know, that for about the first three years of a shepherd's life, that they are not the bravest of creatures. The ones that the police have are trained while they are young, to go into dangerous situations and to not react adversely when they hear loud bangs and such.
Well, my dog is a sheherd. He has not been trained. Much. He sits and lays down. He drops things things he is not supposed to have on command. He's getting good. But brave? I can't teach him brave. He will have to grow into that.
Last night, some of my "favorite" neighbors decided to celebrate the 4th of July again. For about an hour, we would hear the loud popping of firecrackers and the shrill whistles of Piccolo Pete. I hate it. Apparently, so does Trey. The other two dogs barked to ward off the big bad noise. But Trey? He disappeared. I didn't see where he disappeared to for a while. But then...I spotted him.
(Please don't judge the mess in these pictures. I have animals...they make messes. And kids, who don't believe in cleaning.


Debbie said...

Awwww the poor little baby! I never judge. Looks like mine.

July 4th in friggin October? Actually we have a few idiots around here that do this too. Makes me think of gunshots until I figure it out.

How did I miss this post for ??? days. You are showing up in my reader though :)

How are you doing my sweet CA friend? I hope "hangin in there" which is what we all seem to be doing :)

xoxoxox and big hugs!

Dani - tkdchick said...

Poor thing!

Midwest Mommy said...

OMG I am laughing and I feel really bad for laughing, lol