Saturday, March 17, 2012


Yeah. I've been wanting to write, but about what? It's been far too long. Now that I am ever so slightly crippled, I write. I had a Carpal Release and Tennis elbow restrung. Or whatever they call that. My left arm is cast and in a sling. The right arm is free to do as it will. I'm off work for at least a few weeks, at most eight. The way I feel now, it won't be a lengthy time off. Cool in a way. I have had little to no pain. I took vicodin the first two days cause "they" said it would be best. My stomach disagreed, so I stopped and I'm fine. I'm hoping my OD will get home at a decent hour, so she can help me with a shower. That is all I want today. Hopefully, after I am all healed I can get back to my regularly scheduled program of weaving, quilting and all that fun stuff. So far, I have been looking at everyone else's stuff and drooling.

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Paxie said...

Well I'll be darned. Yes, a surprise! Good to see you here and happy the surgery and healing is going as planned. Most medicines bother my stomach. Can't even handle vitamins and wish I could.

Hope you got your shower!!