Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Time Suckers

Can a house suck time away? Could I possibly be in a realm that time fast forwards without a hint of it's doing so?
I seem to not have time to do anything I want. That sounds selfish as I type it. I don't mean it selfishly. I just want time to myself to do what I want and when I want. It's not happening.
Yesterday I had an appointment with the dentist. It's a group that gives really good discounts and let's you make payments. Which we all know are a good thing. because who can afford a dentist these days. I wanted to get "started", not go to the finish line immediately. I have a lot of work to be done. Extractions - 2. Fillings - 4. Partials - upper and lower. Can we say my mouth is a mess. It's because I never learned to take care of my mouth. We won't go into that history.
I am paying for it now. Yesterday, full mouth X-Rays, today that deep cleaning that is HORRIBLE, the 2 extractions, and they will do the castings for the partials.  The fillings will have to wait.

My coworker friend and I had planned on going to see The Hobbit to day as well. I had not planned on being shoved into the dental chair so soon, but in order to save bunches of money I allowed the shove. Which means, early movie, bring friend back home and then off the  torture  chamber  dentist!
I am now frantically doing my laundry, so I have clean clothes for the week. Nothing like cramming 72 hours of errands into a 24 hour period!

In other news...I did stop by JoAnns Fabrics yesterday and managed to only spend $7.00! I think that may be a record for me. Of course, the big dentist bill is a factor in that.

Oh well! Onward and upward. More fun news to come!


Amanda Cutler said...

Claudia, this is Amanda from www.weave-away.blogspot.com and my mom has a sheep painting ready for you! The only problem is that the email keeps bouncing back, so please email me with one that will work: cutler05@gmail.com

Paxie said...

Wow. The dentist got a hold of you! I've got to get a partial and I'm holding off on it. Chicken here!!
I detest that deep cleaning :(

I'm proud of you!! ((hugs))

Quiltstory said...

Claudia, I have been trying to contact you because you won our giveaway from Southern Fabric. Your email has been rejecting emails from me and Southern Fabric. Could you email me your mailing address and I will forward it to them? Thanks!