Monday, May 13, 2013

Finally and Hopefully

I have been in this house with my Dad since October 28. Two weeks after he turned ninety. I am glad I am here, but the move and the living here has put the "me" on hold. I am not ungrateful.
My Dad is somewhat of a hoarder. Not bad, it really could be worse. I am not a "neat-nik" but I could do better. I think I am a tad lazy too, which does not help.
What I am getting at is that there is this lovely bright and airy yellow bedroom that sits (ahem) empty right next to my bedroom. Are you thinking what I am thinking? Quilters I know all think basically the same. We do what we can with what we have and then sometimes we go out and add to our stash. I am not worried about my stash. I have been faithfully adding to it since I got here. I am just not using it. I want to mind you. I just don't have the space. Except that damn "empty" bedroom.
Um yeah...
Can you see that I spent five freakin hours in there today? I worked the entire time. Was I got done was to fill a box of papers that are older than the hills. I consulted with my Dad's accountant to find out what exactly I need to keep. He said throw out all the utility bills, credit card bills, and anything older than seven years. (I didn't touch any of the current billing statements, paid or unpaid, those are in another room anyway)
When I get this room cleared it will be Quilt Central. I will be in there. IN THERE! And not hunching over a bunch of all stinky paperwork. I will be hunching over some lovely fabrics and my stash and my quilty things and, and, and...
So, my finally and my hopefully is that I have finally started tackling the mess that will someday be my quilt central and hopefully, I can keep at it. I didn't realize how much work it is to purge!

In other news:

For my birthday I went to see two of my kiddos. The youngest daughter has a ranch (ette) down by Fresno, CA. The middle daughter just moved down there with her, because there are work opportunities for her and her boyfriend and a safety net (Her younger sister).
I went horse back riding for the first time in twenty years and for the first time with my younger daughter where we were both riding out own horses. She put me on her most gentle mare. A horn could have gone off next to that horse and she wouldn't have even flinched. Thankfully.
It was absolutely wonderful to wake up to horses outside the bedroom window. A ranch where my daughter used to work up by me just gave her fifteen horses that were going to end up at a slaughter house. They gave them to her so she could make sure they are all sound and then find good homes for them. She also has a few of her own horses. She told me she is keeping the mare that I rode. (YAY!)
Meet Tilly, or Matilda. The heart on here leg is from when she went through another horse rescue called the heart of the horse or something equally romantic sounding. Tilly is in her forever home now. My daughter loves her, so do I.
It was nice sitting in the cool evenings and watching the colors form in the sunsets. Gorgeous I tell you, just gorgeous!
Just a little slice of Heaven right here on earth. Not to mention I got to spend some quality time with my girls and their fellows.


Quilting Nonnie said...

Your ideas for a quilty room sound wonderful. We quilters must have our "things" around us.

How great to be around horses. I bet you are sore from your first ride. I haven't ridden in 40 years...I have you beat. And I probably won't ever ride again in my life, but I'm hoping.

I see in your previous blog that you are practicing Leah Day patterns. Me too. I tried to pick the easiest ones to put on my Spiderweb quilt. I'm practicing and I still haven't gotten the first one right. Of course it would help if I practiced daily. :-)

Paxie said...

Beautiful horses and so glad you got to spend time with the girls :)

Paula @ Sewy Stuff said...

Ha! I have a couple of those 'empty' rooms. Only I cant un-empty them. I turned my daughter's room into a playroom for my four year old niece (who often stays with me) and I'll soon have a grandbaby too. My son's room (tiny) has the niece's half bed, and now a bassinette in it. I sew/quilt on my kitchen table and coffee table! Yikes!!

Thanks for stopping by my blog today!

jan said...

I know exactly how you feel about that room. I wish I had a room I could clear out to make into a quilt room. I cut on a board on my bed, iron on a dresser in my daughters room and sew on a desk in the family room. Sometimes when I am on a roll quilting, I get dizzy from running room to room. lol Here's to hoping you get a quilting room soon. Glad you got to spend time with your daughters.
ttyl jan

Karen said...

I'm pleased to see the possibility of a quilting room in your future too! It looks like a lovely sunny room. The photo's of the horses and ranch look great :-)