Monday, October 21, 2013

Doing Time

One day a long time ago I was bored. So I started searching aimlessly on Google. I found fractals. Please don't make me explain fractals. I kind of know how to explain them, but I am no scientist, so it would be hard. There is an explanation...
I really liked the fractal pictured above and thought, "Wouldn't it be fun to make a real clock like that?" Which lead to more searching on Google. I'll be darned if I didn't find the cross stitch chart for that very clock!
I ordered the chart and when it came in, I promptly made copies of the 100 or so pages that came with it and bought all the DMC threads I needed to stitch it up. (Approximately 5,000 miles worth of threads) Do you know that there are 1500 shades of Gray, not just 50? This clock has all 1500 shades I think, some are only used for one or two stitches.
I started the clock a long time ago, then things got switched around in my household and the clock got put on the back burner. I picked it up again, only to have to set it back down. That was over a year ago.
I have been thinking I should start working on it again lately. Today I went to my house in Pacifica and just happened to see the bag that holds the aida cloth, page one of the chart and all the DMC threads. I tossed it in my pile of take home stuff, which included a circular saw, a clip on lamp and some eye screws. What I didn't realize is that the rest of the chart and copies are somewhere else in that room I left behind with all my crafty things in it. I'm sure there is still plenty to do on page one. I know I will be back in Pacifica before I need page two.
Still not managing to get the quilt mojo back working. I just don't have the space to get stuff out to work on a quilt and leave the stuff out. I would have to unpack everything, then pack it all back in when I get done. I like leaving things out until the whole project is done. Someday, I will have that room...some day.
Until then, I am doing time...

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