Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Farm Life

I love it! I do! I hate winter though. I have been depressed. Things have happened that weren't fun. My daughter moved out which is what threw me into the depression. Well, that and the winter weather. And unfortunately, we had to have our oldest mare put down today. She was 30+ years old and the winter was not kind to her. We didn't want to have her suffer any longer. So my daughter has no more horses. I doubt that she will get any more any too soon. Losing this one was very hard on her, she's been around that horse most of her life.
Spring is here. Or close...I see buds coming out on the trees. One tree is in it's early stages of blooming. I think it's the Pussy Willow. Those soft looking little fuzzy buds, and now there's a hint of yellow coming out. The daffodils are sending up their leaves and there are buds on a few. Two crocus have showed me hope. A white one and a golden yellow.

I love these signs!

Other signs that I love...

Born Feb. 16 and Feb. 17

I think they may both be little girls, but I am not absolutely sure. They are not letting me get too close of a look at their undersides. Both were a surprise. I knew we were getting babies, but I thought I had another month.
The first baby's Momma is a Nigerian Dwarf/Nubian Mix and the daddy is Nigerian Dwarf. The second baby's Momma is Nigerian Dwarf, and the daddy is the same Nigerian Dwarf. The second one is a jumper, from the get go. Can you say CUTE!!! They made me a little happier, but now I'm even more confused, because I have been thinking about selling my farm and going back to California and buying a smaller place that I can handle on my own. I don't know.

Sewing and quilting haven't been happening at all. My friend is having a baby and I have picked up some fabric to make a quilt, I just hope that I can get my quilty mojo back. I have even picked out a cute pattern for it. It's not a baby-ish pattern, it will be a quilt that the little girl can use to have tea parties and picnics on later when she's "older" too. And ACK! I owe her big brother a quilt too. So I better get to mojo-ing!

I have done some crocheting. I had purchased some gem colored skeins of yarn and it sat here for a while I wondered what I was going to do with it. At one point I was going to make a gypsy kind of sweater shawl with it, but it was too thick for that. I found a cute pattern for an afghan and my living room is a colorful place, I decided to make the afghan for the living room. It's easy to sit and watch/listen to TV and crochet afghans. I've also started a cross stitch along, but I'm not doing as well on that. It's a design for each of the months. I haven't finished January yet!!!

I hope everything is good in your neck of the woods. If we all wish at the same time, maybe we will wake up tomorrow to SPRING!!! Let's do it on the count of three. 1...2...3!


Selina B said...

so sorry to hear about your old mare! always sad when we lose a loved one
i remember going into depression when my first left home too, then my 2nd one left & i fell deeper, then not least but last my son left home & i plummeted! didn't know what to do everything became a blur, was like that for several years, felt like i was drowning. it gradually got better but still down til last year when i got into doing a lot of knitting (cos of my beloved pet losses) then it just 'broke'. i seemed to be ridiculously happy, it was so weird.
do what you enjoy most, it will help.

love those baby goats, too cute! animals always help too :))

thanx for sharing

LA Paylor said...

how are the little goats? I'd like to see another picture