Monday, December 12, 2016

Breathing a Sigh of Relief

I am one of the great procrastinators, I am sure. I started some projects for my sisters, months ago. Then I decided to do some pillowcases for my grand-niece and grand-nephews. Then decided I had to make stockings for my oldest daughter and her room mates! Why, oh why do I do this to myself? Maybe I love the rush of adrenaline towards the finish line, and there was a deadline with this one! I had to get all the stuff in the mail to reach California before Christmas.
Well, the pillows were done, I made a table runner for one sister and an apron for the other, those got done. Then the pillow cases got done. The stockings were my nemesis.

I stayed up until 9 o'clock two nights in a row to finish those. And that was after spending most of the day working on them. (Can you say my sewing room is disorganized?) Last night I got them finished, put the few little goodies I bought to stuff them with and got them packed up with my daughter's Christmas gifts and sealed the box.

I also got the other two packages sealed up, addressed and ready to go. I was so wound up from getting everything done I couldn't settle down to sleep. I didn't close my eyes for the night until around midnight thirty! I was going to get up fairly early to go tot the post office this morning, but I didn't wake up until 10:30! ACK!!! The room mate made us breakfast, I took my meds, got dressed, fed the outside critters and we finally got headed to town around 1 o'clock! Best laid plans and all...We got about three blocks away and the room mate asked me if I got the pink slips notifying us that we had packages. No. We had to turn around to go get those. No use in standing in line at the PO just to send stuff away, we wanted to get it all done at once. Then when we got to the PO, we forgot the pink slips in the truck! We were determined not to get the packages that were sent to us.

We got sent my packages off, pick up the ones that were went to us and now I can relax.

Here are the stockings I made. Colors are wrong because this was at 9 o'clock last night.

I touched it up the best I could but, I am not great at that kind of stuff!

So, today we got a little bit of snow again. I looked out the kitchen window and thought it was raining again, but when I looked closer it was coming down so softly. Tiny little itty bitty flakes. I'm enjoying this!

I'm off to make a cup of tea and put my feet up for a minute. Then I need to get in there and clean up the sewing room. Because I was rushed to get everything out, it looks like a bomb went off in there!

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BillieBee (billiemick) said... husband always says he wakes up with nothing to do and by the time he goes to bed it's only half done. Merry Christmas