Thursday, March 30, 2017

Sun, Sand and Sea BOM 2017

March's block(s).
YAY! I finally got it done. Well, it was done a couple of days ago and then life took over. GAH!
I couldn't figure out how I wanted to finish it, then it got down to the wire and I had to do something. I did  a little hand stitching, and a lot of machine stitching. It's not my best, but I learned from it. One thing I learned was that I needed to throw out all of my Steam-A-Seam and get some new stuff. Then don't wait so long to use it! I had to iron, then re-iron the pieces, they wouldn't stick! So everything is sew down in one way or another!

I think I will put this up in my bedroom or bathroom to remind me of the sunny beaches I used to live by. It may help me get through these long, dark, PNW winters!!!


Dolores said...

Great looking block. Too bad about the Steam a Seam. I switched to Heat 'n Bond light.

Scrapatches said...

Pretty block. Very relaxing looking beach. Wish I was there now ... it is snowing here ... again. I also use to use Steam a Seam and now much prefer Heat n Bond Light. Good stuff. Think summer! ... :) Pat

Renee said...

I love your block! Seeing your sky made me grin, as I have a fat quarter of one of your fabrics in my stash (well... what's left of the fat quarter.) I particularly love the fabrics you chose for your VW!