Thursday, July 27, 2006 I'm a little slow...

I started to come in here early this morning to post a blog and it is now 1:25 PM (Pacific Standard Time). I just now figured out how to post another blog. AARRGGHH!!! Main thing is I got in here!

The picture above is my newest project d'obsession. Since I am currently looking for gainful employment, I have a little more time on my hands than I was previously used to. I really don't want to go stir crazy, so I took up cross stitching again. (After..oh..ten years or so) And now I am obsessed. I suppose there are worse things to be obsessed with.

This is called Earth Goddess. It is from a book I have, called Magical Cross Stitch, by D&C (Dave and Charles)

My middle daughter came and visited yesterday afternoon. She was bored. That's why she came. She drove twenty miles to see me because she was bored. Hmmm...I guess that is what moms are for. We are here to unbore the bored. I am actually glad she thought of me to visit. We got to talking about things she wants to do, classes she needs to take, etc, etc. I ended up giving her my old computer that I was going to "clean" up. Her boyfriend lives, breathes, eats, sleeps computers...he can "clean" it up. Hopefully , this will give her the enthusiasm to take those classes and do good. She's 20 and needs to get on with her education.


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