Friday, September 08, 2006

A Finish...

Dylan's Quilt
I finally finished the quilt, I tried to take pictures of it earlier, but failed to add the html on the file, so it wouldn't upload. Doesn't matter now anyway. Sunday this will be presented to my neice in honor of her baby, Dylan who is due to come into our famiily in late October, early November. I am so glad I got it finished. I had the time, but as usual, work better under pressure so I waited til the last minute. I still have to wash it and then can pack it up to go to the baby shower...which I do not get to attend! I must work. My new job put me on all weekends all the time. Can't argue...I looked for this job for six months.

Speaking of jobs. After looking for work and then getting this one, I got a few other offers of interviews. Naturally...I get hardly any bites for the whole time and then when I get a job, a bunch of nibbles. One I am going to seriously look into. It is only a few miles from my house, instead of 16...and it pays $4 more an hour! is not as labor intensive as the one I have. Wish me luck.

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