Sunday, March 04, 2007

I've calmed down now...

So sorry for that last post. I was so angry!

But it's my Friday and life is back to normal, whatever that may mean. I'm home from work. I did inventory all day. There were enough employees to take care of the needs of our customers that I was able to concentrate on my department. I had a few questions from customers, but that was okay too. I enjoy helping them find what they need and solve any problems there may be.

Tonight I may (or may not) start back up on my stitching. I am still a little stress tired from Friday's drama in the courtroom. But it is over and that's that! Oh yea...the judge excused me from jury duty, I forgot to say that. The second day I was in court for jury selection, two women were excused for the same reason I gave the judge. I couldn't state my anger to the judge, and when I can't express myself, I I cried the courtroom. Couldn't stop myself. Well, after a little secretive coaching from someone in the know, I wrote a note to the judge and gave it to the baliff after lunch. The judge finally understood that I could not afford a stint with the trial at this time, so he let me go. I could not get out of there fast enough! I hope the defendant gets what he deserves, what ever that may be. Only he and God knows what really happened.

Life is good again here in my little world!


Stitch Wizard said...

Hi Claudia:

Oh I can sure relate to not wanting to get jury duty!! I would just hate that! I have wondered if it would work to say something like, "this person must be guilty or he(she) wouldn't be here", but so far I have been able to say " Hope they plan on coming to get me everyday as I have no transportation". That is the truth as my husband takes the car every day. I can sympathize with you lots!! Glad things are better. Thank you for your kind words in my blog!! You are very thoughtful! Also I love the doggie on your blog here!! Take care and I hope things go well for you!! Hugs Debby :)

The Silver Thistle said...

Hello! Just doing my blog crawls and popped in to send some virtual hugs {{{hugs}}}

I've been called to jury duty only once before and from what I remember, I somehow managed to come out of it better off........that'll give you an idea of the pittance in wages I was making at the time, lol.

Take care (and you MUST get your stitching back out, lose yourself in the little crosses for an hour or so)

Micky said...

Thanks for the cute comment. But unfortunately, hubby only has sisters.