Thursday, March 29, 2007

A Little Sunshine

I haven't quite finished my sun yet. It was supposed to be a quick stitch and has turned into a major project. Oh well, what else do I have to do? I did a little work on my garage cleaning project. I need to get a car out of there that I just realized has been in there since 1998! I have been talking about doing that since...probably 1998. It's my dad's car and getting him to let go of it has been like pulling teeth. It's not like it's a trophy car or anything like that. It's a '79 VW Rabbit that has been broken down since I parked it there. I found someone who wants it and got my dad to okay the exchange, and now, I just have to un-bury it. It's been a great shelf and cupboard. LOL

Hopefully, my next weekend I can get it out of there and then I only have two more dead cars to get rid of. The guy who is taking the VW said he'd give me the card of the guy who picks up junkers for nothing. YAY! I'll have a driveway and a garage.

That means, I can hook up my kiln and set up the countertop that I have had for years and start my ceramics again. I have plans. Plus with all the festivals we have that come up around here, I could start making money to add to my retirement fund!

It also means I can get back into my glass mosaics and stained glass. I just met a gentleman today who does gorgeous stained glass pieces for a living. He told me I could pick his brain any time for suggestions and tips. Another YAY!

I'm tired, I had a doctor's appointment today, so there was much more driving than I usually do and it wore me out. I'm gonna go put my little feetsies up and stitching, no cooking (my late St. Paddy's Day dinner is in the crock pot already) Til next time...


The Silver Thistle said...

I feel your joy at having a garage and a drive, lol.

I just recently got myself a microwave kiln to have a stab at beadmaking.....haven't tried it out yet, still have to get the glass to go in it, lol.

Looking forward to seeing what you do with yours though :)

Isabelle said...

Happy Easter, Claudia!
Those ceramics plans sound exciting. Looking forward to seeing your creations. Looks like you're multi-talented! :)

Thank you for the wonderful comment. You couldn't have touched me more. I sew because I used to watch my own grandma sew. I decided to start sewing so the skill and sewing love would be passed on in our family...
Thank you so much.

Have a happy, happy day!

BeckySC said...

Hi Claidia :) Thanks for visiting my blog :) Hope you had fin with the ceramics :)

Micky said...

Thanks for the lovely comment.
And that sun is looking very nice.