Friday, April 20, 2007

My Mission should I choose to accept it...

I'm on a mission. My last post brought a couple of great ideas for me. And I thank those who answered my call for help. I went to work with a thought in mind and all day, I couldn't wait to get off work to go to Ross Stores to find a chest that I could use to store my WIP's in, so I could leave them safely in the front room with me. Then I remembered we have what we call a "garage sale aisle" in our store, so when I had a moment or two I sneaked off to go check out what was there. Well, lo and behold...there was my future chest! A little beat up and in need of some (No, quite a bit of) TLC. It had a tag of $20 on it, but I figured I could get some taken off of that. Well, the department head in charge of that aforementioned chest took $20 off of it! Then my girlfriend at work said to me..."Well, come over to my house tonight, I have some really pretty tapestry material you can have to line your new chest with!" So, after work, I packed up my new treasure, and went to my girlfriend's and we had tea and looked at ALL her material. This is the first time I have been to her house. Boy did I get a treat. Her house is big. Did I say huge, cause I meant huge? It's comfortable and she has the biggest stash pile of material I ever laid eyes on outside of a fabric shop. I was drooling! And do you know what she said to me??? Come over anytime, and get what ever material you need for your quilts! OMG!!! So, thanks to you my blogging friends, and my friends at work, I have a new project I am excited about. I will take before during and after pictures, so you can see what you got me into. I wish it wasn't rude to take pics of my friend's house and stash, cause I would sure love to show you! LOL!


Vonna said...

Can't wait to see it!

The Silver Thistle said...

OMG! What a bargain! They took $20 off of a $20 chest?!!! lol. Whoo Hoo! Hopefully you'll be picking up your needles again very soon.

Can't wait to see the B/D/A pics of the chest.........and I'm just THAT nosey that I wish it wasn't rude to take pics of your friends house too, hahah.

Margaret said...

This is so exciting Claudia and this chest will be extra special because of the TLC you and your friend have given it.
Looking forward to pictures.
Hope you are having a good Sunday.

Denisa said...

Hi... I passed here for only announcing that in my Blog it has new things and that I am waiting its visit!
Its blog is pretty! Congratulations!
It has an excellent week!
Kissis for Nisa!( BRAZIL)