Friday, April 27, 2007

Zakk the lion hearted

FINALLY! Blogger let me upload my other wall hanging. I am so excited. I'm sorry it is so dark, but by the time I got a minute to take the picture it was late and well, I didn't want to jinx it any more. I already had enough trouble getting him on here. So there he is, Mr Lion Wall hanging.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Here it is

Not! Again blogger is not letting me upload images. Oh well, perhaps when I get home from work.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

For Zakk...

I was going to show you the wall hanging I did for my grandson, but blogger is being a booger and won't let me up load my picture tonight. At least I have a picture of it and I can post it tomorrow night or even later tonight if blogger will let me. I finished it by about 5:30 yesterday evening and then put all my "toys" away. Then layed down for a short nap. I didn't wake up til 11PM, so went right back to bed and sort of slept through til 5:30 this morning! I should have felt completely rested, but I was a little groggy til about noon. Hopefully, I will be able to sleep all through tonight!
Thanks for stopping by. And OH! Thank you for the nice comments on my wall hanging from yesterday. You all encourage me to do my best and then show it off! LOL!

Monday, April 23, 2007

I can't believe I did the whole thing!

I did this whole thing today! It was so much fun! I just forgot to take a picture of the backing, but I did show it in the last post. I cut out individual animals from the backing and put them in the corners of the wall hanging. I was also going to use the backing to do the binding but changed my mind when the material slipped a little on one side and I didn't have a big enough edge to wrap it around right. But sometimes mistakes make way for better ideas and I just cut the center green material on the bias and used it to bind the hanging and I like it so much better.
I got the front part done for my grandson's wall hanging. I'll finish that tomorrow.

The pictures aren't all that great and I apologize for that, but I don't have the best of cameras. a good way.

My grand-nephew's christening is next Sunday. I requested the day off from work. (Which I got, because there is a big event going on north of town and there won't be much business) I wanted to make him something to commemorate the occasion, so decided to make a wall hanging for him. My niece's theme for his room is mainly giraffes and I found these little Fab-liques last week. I also got the lion one, because my grandson's room theme is safari-y kind of stuff. I thought I might as well do two of them. The green fabrics are for my grand-nephew, since my niece has greens going on and the yellow's are for my grandson, since his room is in yellows and browns. And then of course I found the perfect backing material with both elements involved. I'm so excited. Yesterday I was home from work, because my stomach was not happy with me and as soon as I got it kind of stabilized I went out to find the fabrics. I spent my morning washing, drying and ironing the material. (And of course, catching up with the blogs I read.) I should be able to get these done by tomorrow, barring any dramatic stuff happening. I'll update the finishing, maybe even some in progress, if I make good time.

Friday, April 20, 2007

My Mission should I choose to accept it...

I'm on a mission. My last post brought a couple of great ideas for me. And I thank those who answered my call for help. I went to work with a thought in mind and all day, I couldn't wait to get off work to go to Ross Stores to find a chest that I could use to store my WIP's in, so I could leave them safely in the front room with me. Then I remembered we have what we call a "garage sale aisle" in our store, so when I had a moment or two I sneaked off to go check out what was there. Well, lo and behold...there was my future chest! A little beat up and in need of some (No, quite a bit of) TLC. It had a tag of $20 on it, but I figured I could get some taken off of that. Well, the department head in charge of that aforementioned chest took $20 off of it! Then my girlfriend at work said to me..."Well, come over to my house tonight, I have some really pretty tapestry material you can have to line your new chest with!" So, after work, I packed up my new treasure, and went to my girlfriend's and we had tea and looked at ALL her material. This is the first time I have been to her house. Boy did I get a treat. Her house is big. Did I say huge, cause I meant huge? It's comfortable and she has the biggest stash pile of material I ever laid eyes on outside of a fabric shop. I was drooling! And do you know what she said to me??? Come over anytime, and get what ever material you need for your quilts! OMG!!! So, thanks to you my blogging friends, and my friends at work, I have a new project I am excited about. I will take before during and after pictures, so you can see what you got me into. I wish it wasn't rude to take pics of my friend's house and stash, cause I would sure love to show you! LOL!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


I haven't been stitching. That's apparent. I've been trying to figure out why. I guess there are several reasons. One is I just can't get comfortable to stitch. I used to have everything out here in the front room on a TV tray table and all ready to go when I have a chance to sit and stitch. Well, my daughter's puppy chews up everything in sight, so I am NOT taking that chance. I was carting everything I needed back and forth from my room to the front room, but that got old fast. If I had a chance to sit and stitch, by the time I get everything out and into the front room, either the mood was gone or the time was gone. So...I started stitching in my bedroom. That worked for a little while, but I got to feeling isolated, and would spend time getting up and coming in the front room to visit with who ever was home at the time. Another reason is that I was organized for a little bit, but then things got disorganized. Don't ask me did it I suppose. I need to feel organized to sit and stitch. I try to reorganize, then stitch, but by the time I get to a point where I can stitch, I have other things I need to do and the stitching goes by the wayside once again. I also can't get comfortable enough to sit long periods of time to stitch. Believe me, I would love to sit and do that, but I just can't. I sat yesterday and slept for two hours, if I could do that, why then can't I sit and stitch?!? That's another thing, I am doing a lot of sleeping during my days off. That bothers me. What a waste! Yes, perhaps I need the sleep, but if I can stay awake just fine during the day at work (and not even feel sleepy) then why is it different when I am at home? I try to stay busy, but if I sit for a rest after doing some chores and errands, I fall asleep! Sorry for the boring, sleep inducing post, but I need to know if anyone has any suggestions for me.