Friday, June 19, 2009

Why I love my YD

*Now with an update*

Ring, ring. Ring, ring. (that's my phone, ringing)
Me: Hello?
YD: Hi Mom! Whatcha doing?
Me: Hi Binks! I'm hobbling. How are you?
YD: Hobbling?
Me: Yea, my feet, can't walk after work.
YD: I'm sorry, that's not good! Well,I'm good. Mom?
Me: Yes.
YD: I have a great idea! Ya wanna hear my great idea?
Me: (Hesitantly) Yeasss...
YD: You know how I'm moving to a house in July? On July 5th?
Me: Yeasss...
YD: Well, I was thinking,
Me: That's always good!
YD: Well, what I was thinking is that since my room here at the ranch smells just like a shit hole, (she lives right next to the sewer clean out that always needs to be cleaned out)that it would be a good idea for me to come and sleep on your couch until the 5th of July! How do you like that idea??? Isn't it a great idea Momm...You know I love you and well, it sure would be great to spend more time with you and I'll clean out the kennel and the dogs can sleep out there and there won't be lakes and islands on the frontroom floor form Fatty (Trixie), cause she'll be outside, and you know.

Me: Okay. Fatty isn't going to chew up any more furniture is she?
YD: No.
Me: Okay, when are you coming?
YD: Tonight. Thanks Mom, I love you! MUAH!

YD came back...for a whole day!
She brought her clothes and when her new landlady heard that she was staying here until the 5th, told her to just move in there and wouldn't charge her for the extra days. It isn't like she was going to make anything from the space in the meantime anyway. So, one of YD's friends helped her load up her belongings at the ranch and she is all moved in now. She just has to unpack. I know she is going to love it there. The landlady is only four years older than YD. Her friend that helped her move in has been helping take care of her for YEARS. He has known her since she was 8 or 9 and is almost like a dad to her. He lives at the house too. The house is a big one and is in horse country about five miles from here. She'll be happy there.


Mary Ellen said...

Sounds like a great situation for her - and what a nice mom you are!

Evansmom said...

How nice to see you so happy for your daughter. It sounds like a great place for her to live.

Evansmom said...

Everytime I see your photo, I want to dust off my kayak and head out in Chauncey Creek. That might be a good idea for 4th of July weekend. Thanks for the inspiration.

Carrie said...

Great post!

I just had to tell you while I was reading my chickens were enjoying "Tainted Love" out here! I'm in the backyard with my laptop. They cocked their heads for a while then went on pecking!

Midwest Mommy said...

How great for her! No one wants to live in the smelly room.