Monday, June 29, 2009

Speaking of YD

Things are starting to look up once again for YD.
Last year about this time she had fallen in a bucket of shit (figuratively speaking) and wasn't coming out smelling like a rose.
This year she is turning everything around for herself.
A few weeks ago, she and one of her friends went over to "Pick ur Parts" and got a "new to her" transmission for her old classic truck that she bought a couple of years back (It has been sitting in my driveway for a long while, since the tranny died) They labored under the truck for two days getting the new transmission in place. After a couple of days one of the mounts slipped. It didn't cause any damage, so they are replacing that today or tomorrow. At least this time the truck is in her driveway and not mine.
About three weeks back, I had a customer come in the store and as per the way I do business, started chatting it up with the customer. She was buying various things that I recognized as being part of barns and fencing for large animals. Of course I asked her what she was doing with them. She told me she had seven horses and ten big dogs and that one or more of those critters had broken through their fencing and it all needed to be repaired.
I asked her further about her horses. She told me she wasn't really the horsey type, but she owned seven in various ages all of which needed training, because she didn't know how and she didn't have the time. Of course I mentioned that this is what my daughter does for a living. She immediately gave me her number and told me to have my daughter call her.
YD called her that night, but the woman had to be in court and couldn't meet her the next day, and took YD's number. But YD never heard from her. So on a whim yesterday, YD called her back. The woman was so happy! She had forgetten to save YD's number in her phone and had lost it. And then asked if YD could come right then. She went.
The husband was at the gate to their property when YD pulled up. He asked her what she was there for and YD said, "Well, I'm not really sure, but to talk to someone about the horses." He asked her if she was a handler and YD told him..."of sorts". He told her she was hired!
They went on a tour of the property, met all the horses and dogs. Discussed the horses diet and experiences so far. The woman met them at the barn. Talked to YD about her past experiences with animals and asked how much she wanted to be paid. YD has always been told what she would be paid, and told them that. So they said how about 20 hours a week at $XX/hour? YD said she got really light headed and almost fainted. Then they asked if that was enough. O.M.G.!!! They also asked YD to make a list of everything she would need to train their horses and she would have it all in a few days.
She has a three month old, a six month old a yearling, two stallions, two brood mares and one eight year old mare to work with. One of the stallions is two and barely green broke. She told me she was starting with him. (Apparently the owner has a little trouble with him)
YD called me last night to say thank you for hooking her up with this woman. I'm just so happy to do that. I know that YD is a great trainer and with the right people and references she can make a fantastic living at what she loves to do.
It all has to do with an old mare I bought 18 years ago to keep my kids away from the front of the TV. That mare trained YD in the ways of horses.


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

So nice to hear good news!!


Evansmom said...

All I can say is YEAH! Good for your daughter. Don't you wish that when you do something that will have long term significant effects (ie buying the old mare) a little bell would ring so you would know that it is an important thing? :) I am sure that all those years ago, you had no idea that your YD would end up where she is. Very very cool.

Coffee Bean said...

How cool!!! I love hearing stories like that. You just never know what each day will bring or how those days will change your or someone else's life. Cool Cool Cool!!!

Caution Flag said...

That is a really neat story! What a great liaison you are :)

Dani - tkdchick said...

People always come into our lives at the right time for a reason!

Way to go for YD!!!!

Mary Ellen said...

Yeah! That is just awesome. I love to hear of people who can do what they really love to do!

Niki RuralWritings said...

Great news! It's wonderful to be able to work in something you love.
Happy 4th!

Lisa said...

Yeah!!! Sounds like things are looking pretty good for YD. Would you send some of that good luck to my daughter. That is a whole other story!