Monday, February 08, 2010

A Nice (much needed) Day Out

So, last week, my oldest daughter asked me if I would crochet a few hats and scarves for a benefit auction. I am never one to turn down an opportunity like that. I love to give, I love to help out, but I am not one to go out and look for something to give or donate. If it falls in my lap I will take it on. (Is that wrong? Or am I being sensible in a weird sort of way?)
I am making two fairly simple hats and matching scarves to be auctioned. Then I will make a third hat and scarf more special. OD has a friend with breast cancer. All the people who know her are doing a benefit dinner and auction. Everyone is donating something to auction off. Since I can make these hats and scarves this will be my contribution. The hat and scarf that I am making special will be for her friend, so that when she has her chemo therapy, she has a nice hat and scarf to keep her warm after her hair starts to go.
OD is buying the yarns that I will use. She got her check so we went to the city (San Francisco) today to her bank. Then she took me out for breakfast at a small restaurant at the beach. I had a Veggie Bagel and coffee, she has a Pesto bagel and coffee. We had a great conversation. I met a friend of hers that she had met at this restaurant a few years ago. He is a local man who hangs out at the restaurant. His speech was slow, but he had a great smile and welcomed me to his home town. OD explained to me later that he had an accident when he was three ears old and had brain damage. He told me a little about his job and a lot about the home he lives in with his parents. It has a mural painted on the outside so that it looks like a jungle. I have often seen the home on my trips down that road. Now I know who lives there.
We had done a little research earlier this morning to see about some yarn shops in the city, so we could go check out the yarns there. We did end up getting the yarn for her friend's hat in the city and I got some Egyptian Cotton thread to experiment with making a grocery bag type project. But we just couldn't find the right colors or sizes of yarns we wanted for the other two sets of hats/scarves. We ended up going to my favorite store...where else? Joanns. We found exactly what we wanted there at a reasonable price. (The yarn we bought in the city was $25 for one set, what we got at Joanns was about half that for two sets!)
We were going to check out the other two stores we found out about in the city, but I started my anxiety crap half way through browsing the first store and we decided not to spend any more time there. On the way back to MY store I relaxed some and being in Joanns is familiar, so I was fine after that.
I did have a fun time. We had some good conversations and I met Peter (who put my life in prospective). I like the city a little, and I haven't been there except for a few minutes in the last 6 - 9 months. It was nice spending a little more time there today. It helped me out, because I am supposed to be planning fun time for myself. I think I could consider this fun time.
The weather cooperated too. Cloudy, but no rain...which now has started. I just heard the dripping outside. At least it waited til we got home and warmed up the house!
I'll post pictures as I get the hats and scarves done.


Evansmom said...

Can;t wait to see the photos of your projects!

Niki said...

looking forward to seeing them! I'm glad your enjoying my book choices, love to hear about some of yours...

Dani - tkdchick said...

I look forward to seeing your hats and scarves for the auction, that is a great cuase. I'm like you I don't go looking for things to donate my time, but when I ask I don't often say no.

Despite the start of an anxiety attack, it sounds like you had a great day with your daughter.

Lisa said...

I am soooo glad you had some quality time with OD. That is the MOST important thing that occured that day. The yarn is great, the hat and scarves will be wonderful, but nothing, NOTHING is better than YOU have time with your girl. I am just so happy for you. I know this month is going to be tough for you...I am here for you. Hugs.

Evansmom said...

Check out my blog. I left some sunshine for you!

Anonymous said...
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Coffee Bean said...

I'm looking forward to seeing what you make!

stitcherw said...

Looking forward to seeing pictures of the sets you are making. I'm so glad you had a fun day out. I enjoy going into nice specialty yarn stores and looking at and feeling all the lovely yarns, but almost always end up at JoAnns or Michaels to actually by them. Just can't get over the price differencial, and JoAnns has some really lovely ones too. Combine their original price with either a sale or using one of their coupons and I'm good to go.

Loved the pictures in your earlier post, the afghan is looking gorgeous, and your quilt will be so lovely and warm when it is finished. Just the thing to snuggle up under.