Saturday, February 27, 2010

Crocheted Hats and Shawls

Well, I did get the hats and scarves finished on time...even with a little time left over. BUT...I had to get really sick to do it! I guess those powers that are bigger than me...bigger than all of us, knew I wouldn't be able to get them done on time while working full time and holding down a doctor's appointment a week and a class a week, so scheduled in some time off for me. I came down with some kind of bronchial virus thingy. Doctor told me I could not go to work until my next Monday...which gave me a full seven days with not enough energy to do anything but read and crochet. How very convenient!!!

So here are the two hats and scarves...

This is my daughter "O.D." modeling the hats and scarves. She was kind of excited that I wanted to take pictures of her wearing them to show you all...she's TWENTY NINE tomorrow...sniff, sniff!
The first set was a bugger to crochet. The yarn is beautiful, soft, but "curly". So getting the hook in the right space was, shall we say...challenging? I did it first, somehow knowing that it was going to be a little harder. The pattern itself became a challenge. I had to start over several times. The scarf was made up in my head from the pattern in the hat, so they would match.
The second was a breeze. Still super soft yarn, but not curly this time. The flowers were fun to make. We bought kind of deco patterned antique brass buttons to go in the center of the flowers. I also made up the scarf pattern from the pattern of the hat.
I am excited to find out how much they fetch at auction for my daughter's friend. I am making a hat and scarf set for her, to wear when her chemo treatments start making her hair fall out. I want to keep her warm and give her a little something soft to hang on to when times seem harsh.
In other news...I bought myself a Kindle with some of my income tax return. I L.O.V.E. That thing! I have purchased four books. They cost me $1.00! Two were free, one was $.99 and another was $.01! I have read one and a half of the books so far...thanks to having all that time off. There are a few things I would change on it...if I were smart enough to do something like that. I would suggest to the makers of this great little instrument...make the screen in color and get the voice that reads to me less robotic. I am sure someone in that company is working on those very things anyway. When they come out with it I will upgrade. Now I can rehome all my books (The ones my daughter hasn't already gotten rid of behind my back) I can fit 1500 books on my Kindle...I think that will keep me busy for a few years!
Speaking of Tsunami's.We had a two to three foot tsunami here today. It was bigger in Hawaii from what I hear. We all got to test our emergency systems that were set up after the horrible tsunami a few years back. (I have forgotten where it was) Our systems work well. I am happy about that. Now I just hope we never have to go through a bad tsunami. I also hope no one else has to suffer a devastating enough earthquake to start a bad tsunami ever again. This has been a bad year for quakes already!
Enough of my rambling. Have a great rest of the weekend!


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

You're laughing at my Jean Nate hoo-haa story???


Hallie :)

Caution Flag said...

You are so talented, girl!! SO talented. I once knitted a potholder. It took me two years and had several different sized stitches when it was done. I'm that good.

Midwest Mommy said...

So cute!

Lisa said...

I love your hats and scarves, they are beautiful. You are obviously very talented..I am jealous. I hope you are feeling better now, and I also hope things are going good for you on the home front. Catch me up to date sometime on all your "house guests" ok?

Dani - tkdchick said...

Wow great shawls and hats! I hope they fetch a nice price!

Cool beans, you got a kindle!

annette said...

Wow so cute! I wish I could Crochet I have tried a few times but it frustraits me so I give up! great job Love them.