Thursday, July 08, 2010

So many things

Last month was a whirlwind of stuff. Wait! Last month wasn't May!
Let's see...May and June were whirlwinds. Okay, that's better.
And here we are, in the throws of July.
I have been sick for seven of the eight days of July. Today, my oldest daughter yelled at me for not going to work. I have been at work all of fourteen hours this month. Counting today I would have perhaps 46 hours of work, if things were normal. I had taken off Saturday and Sunday so I would have four days to spend the 4th at Clearlake with my dad. I got sick Friday before I left and took part of that day off work. Wednesday I went in to work and lasted all of two hours. Today I didn't even try. So the kid is telling me she doesn't want to hear about it when I can't pay the bills. I told her I was sure she wasn't worried about me paying bills when she was off gallivanting with friends for extended weekends and camping trips to Southern Ca. or buying bridesmaids dresses when she's on unemployment, or the gifts she bought for friends and their kids when the utility bill was due. Mean words. I am feeling mean.
Then after she came out of her room, she was all, "What meds have you been taking Mom? Are you drinking water? You need to keep yourself hydrated." I replied with a "Harrumph!" and she said, "I'm only trying to help!" Yes, I feel so helped.
The lake would have been great, except that I couldn't eat much. When I did it was all I could do to get to the bathroom on time. It was hot, I didn't sleep well. But I did get to spend some time with my dad. My youngest daughter along with her boyfriend, his daughter and her friend had fun playing in the water and eating Popsicles. (Their basic diet for the weekend) Really it was a better weekend than staying here and listening to all the neighbors shoot off their illegal fireworks in an attempt to burn down the town.
The new dog had some fantastic firsts this weekend. I was really pleased at how he has come along. He was loose...actually free to run, run, run all weekend. We have an acre up at the lake. It isn't fenced in, but the dogs can roam without running into trouble. He wasn't really into swimming at first, but learned to love it. All the other dogs play in the water and fetch balls, so Trey learned what fun that was. He met a few other dog friends and got along with them all really well. I learned that at times, it does take a community to train a dog. Everyone worked at his training which made him understand that much more that he is a loved member of the family and in turn behaved as such. It even went well for him when he grabbed the whole chicken off the counter right next to my dad. He was soon surrounded by everyone as someone pryed his mouth from around it. The chicken still tasted good, and now we have another story to tell.
Oh Yea!
In other news...MD's father finally stepped up to the plate and took over parenting of MD! It only took him twenty four years. Better late than never, as they say.
She had moved out, stayed with a girlfriend, and at the beginning of May got herself into more trouble than ever. She ended up coming back here much to my chagrin. The dad stepped in. He has now moved her to New Mexico to a rehab house about an hour and a half from where he lives. She will be there for six months to a year. She seemed to be okay with it. In fact, from what the dad said the last time I talked to him, she was excited about starting her new life! I know before I took her to the bus depot on the 29th of June, she was looking up jobs that were available there and looking at housing. I am happy for her that she has this opportunity to be away from the influences of friends here who are not really good friends. I can't wait to see how her new future unfolds. She has such great potential, I just couldn't get her to see it.
I think that should be it for now. I need to go see if there is something I can put in my stomach that will stay there. Wish me luck.


stitcherw said...

Sorry you've been so ill, hopefully you're totally recovered soon. Glad you were able to get to the lake, and that's wonderful he's learning to be such a well behaved dog. Loved the story on the Chicken, to fun, dogs will be dogs and sometimes the temptation is just to much for the best of them, LOL. Sounds promising too for MD, sometimes a new start away from any of the old influence is what it takes. Hopefully for her and all of you she's able to get herself straightend out.

Lisa said...

wow, you have had a lot on your plate, even if it wasn't chicken...
hahaha!!! But I am very hopeful that MD will do much better, not because you are not in her life, but because she has taken steps to take control of HER life and like you said, get away for the "bad influences". I know this is so very hard for you, but you know it is best this way and I know you have a peace about it. Sounds as if she will be somewhere safe and she will be allowed to start going down the "right" path. We will all keep her in our thoughts and prayers.
Man, I hope you are better now. Sounds as if you had a horrible "bug" of some sort. And it is NEVER fun to have that around the holidays. But still glad you were able to get out of the house and see your family.
Hugs to you and I will try to post one of these days!!! After the grand kids go home maybe!

Dani - tkdchick said...

Claudia! You need to get yourself to the DR if you've missed that much work from feeling so poorly. A few days of not being able to eat is fine but this many has me concerned.

Of course on top of all this you've had your daughters to deal with! You're a trooper for sure!

Debbie said...

Wow. You have had a lot going on over here. Geez. I love that you got to go to the lake with your Dad but HATE you were sick! What's wrong hon?

It was so good to see you on my blog. We all have gotten so far apart. Ugh. All caught up in our boring lives. I'm glad about MD and her Dad. Glad the responsibility is taken off you. Whew...

I'm back to thinking about dogs again. Just thinking. I think you're right. It does take a community :)