Monday, August 16, 2010


Here on the central coast of "sunny" California, summer is as it was years ago when I was in school. Foggy most days and then on the other days it was drizzling. Our summer weather comes in September and October, when, for me, it is unbearably hot.
My OD has abandoned me for warmer climates. She went to Clearlake in between semesters. I love it! My house is quiet and drama free. Except for the DOG DRAMA. There's plenty of that
YD and her boyfriend have been by the house almost every day. I think she doesn't trust me alone. I might get into trouble. I like when they stop by. Her boyfriend gets out the lawn mower and mows my weeds for me. Then he waters them.
Work is slowing down again. People are spending their hard earned bucks on back to school supplies, not hardware. Although I did upgrade my newest department. The office and school supplies. I brought in pencil boxes and pouches, and some brighter colored binders. I have every conceivable style of pen and pencil imaginable.
I also brought in sewing stuff. Just a little endcap's worth of goods. Stuff that if you were to sit down to do a project and found you were out of something...hand needles, thread, crochet hooks or knitting needles, snaps, hooks, etc. I had fun deciding what to bring in.
Next week I am adding Testor's Model paints to my list of art supplies in the art department. (I'm just having a great time spending my boss' money!)
Today I plan on altering my OD's new scrubs for her. She had to buy a larger size to fit every where it needed they fit, but they are a little too big in some places. She needs to scrubs for the next semester.
Since she has been gone I have done a little deep cleaning in places around the house. Now the house is absolutely cleaned and I can sit down and do the sewing. I may even get to some sewing that is more fun than necessary
It just cracks me up, because she is always telling me that "I" need to pick up after myself more often. It seems since she isn't here the house stayed clean once I cleaned it. Hmmm...wonder who needs to pick up after herself more often??? (Hint: Her dirty clothes are still in the bathroom, mine are all washed, dried, folded and put away)
WOW! What a long and boring post this has turned into. Oh well, it is the way things are around here. I am loving the peacefulness of this house right now. It's nice.


Dani - tkdchick said...

I'm glad to hear youre drama-free these days!

Debbie said...

This was a happy & content post, my dear. Wow. No drama, no overwhelmed, got my sh&t together, life is good post. I loved it.

LOL, don't you wish it would just stay that way for awhile???? Long enough to REALLY enjoy it.

Sounds like work is going a lot better and you're getting to do some fun stuff. I'm ready to shop in your "little world" cause I need some sewing needles. Really.

Big ole hugs to you hon!!

sweet locus lane farm said...

Drama queens! When my eldest comes around Dearest calls it " the circus has arrived" Yes and leaves the mess behind. Just think how quiet life will be in a few years when there is no one to pick up after. Okay thought about that now head to the sewing room. Thanks for visiting my blog. I enjoy your comments.

Lisa said...

I am really behind on reading so I am reading the oldest post first. Don't want to go to the end of the book and read the last chapter if you know what I mean. So sounds as if you are getting some R&R since the kids have moved out. Isn't the peace and quiet wonderful? Scott is going on a hunting trip for 10 days and I am soooo looking forward to it! Sounds as if you are doing good...then I have to read the other posts and I will see how you are doing in current day and time.
I am a little bit scared!