Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Other Shoe ALWAYS Has To Drop


Why?!? Why?!? Do I need to put up with this? O.M.G.

I just got a call from MD back in New Mexico. She was crying. She's been calling Saturday nights to check in. That's when the calls are free. So I thought it was odd that she call me in the middle of Tuesday. I should have known. Things blew up for her and her dad back there. Of course, dad was at the helm. He is always at the helm when things blow up. That is why he is my EX.
Apparently, he got into it with the people they were staying with over the people's dogs. (I'm a if you are being put up in my house, you deal with my fixtures, even if those fixtures are my dogs kind of person) You don't "get into it with me about my dogs" Unless of course, my dog(s) piss on your tuxedo jacket a half hour before you are going to a piano concert...in this case, that isn't the case.
He got kicked out of the house...to the tune of the cops would be called if he showed his face. Ever. Again.
He told MD to sit tight, he'll drum up some other poor souls who will take them in. (not his words exactly) Well, now, one of the people at the house where they were living, had told MD that she would drive her to a job interview this morning, but decided she was a dink and couldn't be bothered because of the aforementioned high drama from MD's dad.
MD went ballistic and packed up their toilet paper (? - don't ask) Then gave a portion of it back when asked, but proceeded to go and tear up a stuffed animal that belonged to one of the residents there. (don't laugh, you are getting the story exactly as I was told it)
Now, she is kicked out.
Dad secured a place temporarily with a couple who are friends of his. They used to live here close to me. They are retired and had moved to New Mexico to RELAX.

Well, the phone call went downhill with MD. I told her to get to the post office and put in a change of address to here and have her dad get her back here. She's trying to sober up and doesn't need to learn his stupid ass dry drunk ways. I really don't need or want to deal with her, but I cannot for the life of me figure what else to do. I told her to do the change of address because she JUST got her unemployment straightened out and was going to be getting her first checks from them. ACK!!!
Now, she will have to wait some more. It's been two months since she started her claim.

The dad calls me back and started in on his, "Oh did she tell you this, and that and I told her this and that." "She's not the victim here, we are all responsible. We know this." "I told her to keep her mouth shut."
I wonder why someone didn't tell him to keep his mouth shut...where does anyone think she is learning this from?

Well, let me tell you. After listening to the same freaking bullshit I listened to for eight years when we were married I BLEW UP!
I told him I was sick of him giving up every time things got a little tough. I told him he needed to grow the eff up and deal with it. I used some very colorful language here and there.

MD just called me back to tell me that she will be in San Francisco tomorrow night at 7:30, the dad had just gone out and bought her a bus ticket here.
I feel so bad for her. Yes, I know that a lot of what has happened to her in the last six years is her bad choices, decisions and actions, but she had nothing to go by but what her dad had taught her. She idolized him before and especially after he and I divorced, so she would never listen to me.
I am so done with him and now I think she is too.


Stacie's Madness said...

hopefully getting away from him will be helpful for her...but don't forget YOU...don't forget to take care of YOU and don't become the co-dependent to her antics.

(said with so much love and understanding)

Debbie said...

I'll apologize first for laughing so hard. It's the way you wrote it, which was hilarious, GF!!

Now..shit. This is sad, but hopefully just an itty bitty setback? Hoping? Praying?

I agree with Stacie. You keep on your roll to stay as calm and relaxed as humanly possible due to the situation. You still have your humor LOL LOL

Hang in there sister...we are all trying. Here, take my hand......


Lisa said...

sounds as if we are all on the same page....watch out for YOU. I know you love her, we all love our kids, and I know I have bailed my kids out more than I should have. So just be careful...I trust you will be fine, you have a good head on your shoulder, and you know the good life so to speak, so take charge will ya? Hugs and love coming your way!